Active Campaign Review – Is it Worth All the Hype?

Are you looking for an Active Campaign review?

Marketing has become a major force of the online Ecommerce world. You need to teach yourself how to succeed and make money in this industry with the help of some advertising.

There are basically two options: You can hire someone to run the marketing campaigns for you or you can take advantage of the various marketing platform online.

Hiring someone means that you have to pay for their time and services without you learning anything. The alternative would suit you better.

Using a marketing platform helps you learn the best way to reach your customers. There are many marketing platform and one of them is Active Campaign.

In this article, we shall explore everything there is to know about the platform and see whether it is worth your time.


What is Active Campaign?

active campaign

Active Campaign is an online marketing platform that uses email marketing software plus sales customer relationship managers.

The best thing about the platform is that it gives you a lot of great features to connect with your users so that you can make targeted email marketing easy.

The platform is available in over 6 languages that include English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian.

You can access the platform by downloading the mobile application available on the App store or on the Play store.

You can also access the platform online by visiting You can choose from six types of email marketing which include: standard, automated, RSS triggered, split testing, date based and auto responder email marketing.


Features of Active Campaign

They include:

1. Email Marketing.

This is the most attractive feature on the platform. You can use the email creation wizard to select a template to send to your contacts.

You can personalize the email by adding the customer’s name, company name and anything else you want.

You can select a campaign from any of the following: standard, automated, RSS triggered, split testing, date based and auto responder email.


2. Active Campaign CRM.

This feature allows you to make new contacts and deals based on specific sales automation.

You can use this to apply scores to your potential clients to see who your best prospects are.

This machine learning makes it easy for you to focus on the people that you could actually turn into paying customers.


3. Marketing Automation.

This feature supplements all the other tools on the platform. You have the ability to automate and edit all the messages associated with an automated marketing campaign.

You also have access to an automation map that shows you how each automation interacts with the other.


4. Messaging.

You can create an Omni channel messaging experience to improve your support and conversions. You can use text messages, SMS, on-site chats, conversations and Facebook audiences.


Active Campaign Pricing

The platform has three main packages for its customers. The prices of these packages depend on the number of contacts you have.

Keep in mind that the platform offers different packages for different business types i.e., B2C, B2B and Ecommerce.

Here, we shall only discuss the pricing plans for the B2C model serving 1000 contacts.

1. Lite.

This plan costs $30 per month. When you pay for it annually, the figure reduces to $29 per month saving you $12.

The features of the plan include:

  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • 125+ email templates
  • Send newsletters
  • Subscription forms
  • Segmentation
  • Site and event tracking
  • Campaign and automation reporting
  • Import leads
  • Sales emails
  • Lead capture forms
  • Segmented outreach
  • Customer newsletter
  • Customer analytics
  • Single user support
  • Import contacts
  • Chat and email support
  • Unlimited access to online resources library
  • Mobile contact management and marketing access
  • 500+ automation recipes
  • Unlimited inactive contacts
  • Integration with over 870 CXA partners


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2. Plus.

This plan costs $70 per month. Billed annually, you only have to pay $49 per month. This saves you $252 if you choose to pay annually.

The features of the plan include everything offered in Lite and:

  • Landing pages and over 50 landing page templates
  • Custom Facebook audiences
  • Contact scoring
  • SMS marketing
  • Automations map
  • Conditional content
  • Advanced performance reporting
  • Custom branded forms and landing pages
  • CRM with sales automation
  • Lead scoring
  • Sync inbox with CRM
  • Mobile CRM app
  • SMS prospect nurturing
  • Task reporting
  • Sales CRM sync
  • SMS service follow-up
  • Deal assignment
  • Customer success pipelines
  • Account management
  • Customer health scoring
  • 25 users
  • Advanced mobile reporting
  • Custom user permissions
  • Advanced integrations with leading ecommerce applications


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3. Professional.

The plan goes for $187 per month. When you opt to pay annually, you only pay $149 per month totaling up to $1788.

This saves you $456 per year. The plan’s features include everything in the Plus package and:

  • Website personalization
  • Predictive sending
  • Predictive content
  • Marketing attribution
  • Split automations
  • Attribution reporting
  • Site messages
  • Sales engagement automation
  • Win probability
  • Conversion reporting
  • Split automations
  • Personalized product experiences
  • Conversion reporting
  • In-App messaging
  • 50 users on the platform
  • Dedicated onboard specialist
  • 1 on 1 trainings
  • CXA strategy consultation and access to quarterly business reviews


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4. Enterprise

This is the last plan available on the platform. There is no listed price for this program.

However, you can contact the sales team to get you a price quote to suit your needs.

The features include everything in the Professional package plus:

  • Custom reporting
  • Custom mail server domain
  • Free design services
  • Unlimited email design testing
  • Social data enrichment
  • Custom objects
  • Custom reporting for the sales suite
  • Contact enrichment
  • Custom objects for the sales suite
  • Custom reporting, contact enrichment and custom objects for the service suite
  • Unlimited users
  • Onboarding and training for custom product functionality
  • Phone support
  • Customize your application URL
  • Customized branding within application
  • HIPAA support
  • Single sign-on.

The packages are all subject to various conditions that include:

  • 2-year price lock
  • Payment made for only marketable contacts
  • Free migration
  • Free online learning
  • Ownership of data
  • Free support for every customer.

This is done to improve the customer experience for its users. There is no setup cost for any of the packages and you can cancel at any time.

If you are not sure about the platform, you can start with a free trial or you can request for a demo.

They might be limited in features but you can see how the platform operates.

You can also get access to a conversation feature that helps you have real-time conversations with your customers at $19 per month per agent.

If you are a non-profit organization, you’re in luck. As long as there is proof of non-profit status, you are entitled to a 20% discount on the price of the package.

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Who Should Use Active Campaign?

Active Campaign is best suited for advanced marketers. They are the ones that need high level automation features and those that want to leverage machine learning.

For those starting out as marketers, the platform can be overwhelming.


Active Campaign Affiliates.

active campaign affiliate program

You have the opportunity to grow your business with the Active Campaign affiliate program. This is done by teaching your customers, followers and friends how they can grow their own businesses by marketing with Active Campaign.

The minimum reward for your work is 20% of the subscription price paid.

Keep in mind that this fee is recurring. This means that as long as they remain customers of Active Campaign, you shall keep receiving 20% of the subscription fee paid.

This can rise to 30% if you keep bringing in customers over a relatively long period of time. According to the platform, the average earnings for an affiliate are $1,350.

For you to tap into this income stream, you have to follow the steps below:

1. Sign up for Active Campaign affiliate program.

Anyone can join this affiliate program as it is not limited to paying customers. You can easily create an account by filling personal and billing information like your name, physical address, email address and phone contact.

The platform deals with VISA, Master card and American Express for payments.


2. Access your referral link.

With an account, you can access the exclusive Active Campaign affiliate portal. Here, you can generate a unique referral link that works as soon as you get it.

This is the only advertisement material you get for promoting the website’s content to your customers.


3. Get the starter pack with tips for success.

The platform gives you access to resources like graphics, video assets, webinars and business papers to assist you in your affiliate marketing campaign.

All you have to do is bring in the customers and the platform sells them the ideas.

You also get ongoing support including access to new resources, information about the latest Active Campaign products and a community of other influencers where you can learn new practices and share success stories.


4. Earn a commission.

Whenever a person uses your link to access the platform, you can track them using your personalized dashboard.

Every person that uses your link to access the website shall reflect on your dashboard so that you can make that 20% commission off any subscriptions.

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Active Campaign Agency Partner.

The platform also has a partner program for resellers. There are over 3000 agency partners. Unlike an affiliate program, you can only make money when you resell the packages for use by other final consumers.

This plan is highly dependent on the number of people you intend to serve. At the moment, the platform has the option to give you between 25% – 55% discount on any plan basing on the volume of businesses or people you intend to serve.

You can also receive partner commissions of up to 20% – 30% for a lifetime. A company not an individual can register for this program because of its setup.

The features include:

  • Product certification opportunities
  • Access to marketing development funds
  • Sales support
  • Industry leading revenue share
  • Dedicated onboarding success

You can join the agency partner program by creating an account for your company. It is important to note that it might be challenging for you to get access if you do not represent an organization.

You have to include other kinds of information like location, email address, phone number and website.

The platform mainly uses PayPal for its transactions.

As such, you must bring a PayPal account for all your commissions to be easily processed.

You also have to include billing information for VISA, MasterCard and American Express.


Active Campaign Integrations.

The platform has an open API. This means that you can integrate any software thus allowing for the numerous integrations on the platform.

You can also go beyond the surface and pull in extra contact data, apply tags, add extra fields to the contact’s record and get purchase history.

There are over 100 integrations and they are divided into categories such as online course software, CRMs, lead generation software and others.

The most popular app integrations on the platform include:

  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Calendly
  • Sales force CRM
  • Basecamp
  • Google analytics
  • Salesforce
  • JotForm
  • Zapier
  • ClickFunnels
  • Postmark
  • Call rail
  • Loke
  • ApiX-Drive
  • Product fruits
  • Shopify, WooCommerce and Big commerce.

You also have access to some free tools from the platform that include: subject line generator, webinar templates, Holiday marketing toolkit, freelancer resources, SaaS homepage audit worksheet, CRM template, calculate cart abandonment, content templates, social media calendar templates, buyer persona template, “No” generator, sample ecommerce integration and automation starter pack, email automation template starter pack, pre-written email copywriting templates, free marketing strategy template, consulting proposal template, creative brief template, company profile template, storytelling template, email sequence template and other useful templates.


Pros of Active Campaign.

There are great benefits to be enjoyed by the users of this platform and they include:

a) Wide range of features for users.

There are a lot of great features for you to use in marketing. Even though the company is listed as an email marketing company, it has several features that help you personalize your email campaigns, integrate with other applications, landing pages, automation, unified inbox and a live chat feature.

This package helps you reach your customers in a better way.

It also has DKIM authentication. You also get access to detailed statistics and campaign reports.


b) Machine learning to improve your marketing results over time.

The platform gives you access to educational material so that you can integrate email marketing over time.

Being new to email marketing, you are shown how it could potentially help you reach your customers better.


c) Customer support.

There is a customer care representative ready to attend to your needs 24/7. This is in addition to the live chat support feature that enables you to get help when dealing with difficult features on the platform.

You also have access to a blog section that addresses the most common query on the platform.


d) Good reporting.

The platform gives you reports in areas such as click-maps, geo-tracking and page visits. Purchase tracking can also be done when you have access to a higher plan that gives you access to Shopify, WooCommerce, Big commerce etc.

The reports help you revisit and revaluate your marketing campaign.


e) Free migrations.

There are several companies that are involved in the same line of work as Active Campaign. If you opt out of another service to join Active Campaign, the platform allows you to import all your account information from the other platform at no cost.

This offers another opportunity to save as other companies charge you for importing your data.


Cons of Active Campaign.

The platform also has some downsides as discussed in customer reviews.

The major talking points were:

a) Can be complicated for someone new to email marketing automation.

If you have never done email marketing, this is the worst place to start. However much the numerous features make it a good platform, new customers usually complain about the number of advanced features on each paid subscription.

They can be overwhelming thus making it difficult to find what you want to use for your marketing needs.

One can say the learning curve is pretty steep.


b) The conversation feature is an upsell.

The real time-conversation feature is not available for any on the packages.

You have to buy it separately like an add-on so that you can make use of it. This has proved challenging to customers since they prefer having to pay for all the basic features when paying for the package.


c) Limited features for the free plan.

The platform allows potential users to check out the platform by signing up for a demo or joining a free trial.

However, the free plan has very few features even when compared to the Lite package. This makes it almost useless when gauging the functionality of the platform.

Customers have been agitating for more features in this plan. This helps them see whether the platform is of use to them or not.


d) There are charges for client previews.

You can use the platform to preview how your letter looks like on various email clients.

This helps you see whether the email needs some adjustments for it to become more attractive to customers.

However, this service is costly.

You are charged $1 per test per client. This stands for an extra and unnecessary cost for your marketing campaign.

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Conclusion: Active Campaign Review- Is it legit?

Active Campaign is legitimate and I recommend you try it out. When it comes to marketing automation tool, you do not need to look far away.

Active Campaign gives you the best tools for reaching your leads through automated email.

With hundreds of integrations, you can also use the app in unison with social media, payment platform and Ecommerce platforms.

This puts you ahead of other businesses. You can also create an Omni channel messaging experience that improves support and conversions.

The platform is best suited for experienced marketers since they know what to do with all the tools available on the platform.

However, you can still join up as an amateur. There are many ways that the platform supports you so that you can learn.

There are seminars, tutorials plus online communities that assist in your learning journey. All in all, it’s a very resourceful platform.

I hope you found this Active Campaign review helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Do you have any concerns or questions about Active Campaign?

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