12 Actors That Are Always The Best Part of Bad Movies

Movies can be a mixed bag of entertainment, with some being instant classics and others ending up in the “so bad it's good.” However, some movies are universally panned by critics and audiences alike. Still, one shining light always manages to salvage the film: the actors.

These talented performers often bring their A-game, delivering memorable performances that stick with us long after the credits roll.

1. Nicolas Cage

The Weather Man Nicolas Cage
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Cage is a real mystery. He catches our hearts and piques our curiosity despite having a reputation for doing awful movies. But this passionate and brilliant actor manages to be the saving grace for films completely destroyed by critics.

2. Christopher Walken

Domino Christopher Walken
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

Christopher Walken is a fascinating actor with such a unique persona that he is entertaining to watch in any role he plays. Although he possesses extraordinary talent, he pops up in the most random films.

3. Rebel Wilson

Pitch Perfect Rebel Wilson
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Every single film that Rebel Wilson is in features her hilarious antics. Her delivery is spot on, and there's something about the way she speaks with an Australian accent that gives her a little something more.

The Hustle may not have amused many, but her entertaining performance in the picture can't be rebuffed.

4. Samuel L. Jackson

The Sunset LimitedSamuel L. Jackson
Image Credit: HBO.

It's difficult to picture a dull Jackson in any movie capacity. Critics point to Snakes on a Plan as one example of Jackson bringing life to an otherwise stale motion picture.

5. John Goodman

Pope Joan John Goodman
Image Credit: Constantin Film and Medusa Film.

John Goodman has demonstrated his abilities in various roles throughout his career. Vanity Fair calls him “among our very own finest actors.” A review website feels his skill merits an Academy Award nomination. However, his upbeat performances are still a joy, even in critically panned movies.

6. Morgan Freeman

Going in Style Morgan Freeman
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

The soothing quality of his unique baritone brings about the calm and patience required to sit through some of his below-par movies. Yet his many acclaimed films keep his reputation within the industry well above water.

7. Melissa McCarthy

Spy Melissa McCarthy
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Two Primetime Emmy Awards, Nominations for Two Academy Awards, and Two Golden Globe Awards, and you know why she can afford to infuse fresh air into an otherwise tiresome script.

8. Jennifer Coolidge

The Watcher Jennifer Coolidge
Image Credit: Netflix.

Not a stranger to accolades (23 nominations, 14 wins, and one honorary award), Coolidge's fans can always look at her trophy shelf and be confident that she will always pull off a beauty, even in an average-low-rated movie.

9. Tom Hardy

Bronson Tom Hardy
Image Credit: Vertigo Films.

A hardy perennial in the industry, Hardy is one of the most versatile and gifted performers that Hollywood currently has to offer. He has been in a wide variety of films and played many characters, including villains, heroes, and everyone in between. You can always count on Hardy to give stellar performances — even in bad movies.

10. Donald Pleasence

The Advocate Donald Pleasence
Image Credit: Miramax Films, BBC Films, and CiBy 2000.

In the course of his career, Pleasence has appeared in several films that are widely considered to be among the worst ever made. Still, he always manages to give the best performance possible.

11. Adam Driver

Silence Adam Driver
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Adam Driver doesn't stop turning in good work. Even though the force is not very strong in certain movies he features, Driver has been able to walk away from the carnage with his reputation in pristine condition.

12. Micheal Caine

Going in Style Michael Caine
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Unbelievably, Michael Caine has the misfortune of starring in movies that are so terrible and should be included on the list of those embarrassingly poor movies. Even in these films considered to be of weakest efforts, Michael Caine has delivered a consistently strong performance.

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