Twitter Reacts to Adam Levine Affair While Wife’s Pregnant

Yesterday morning, Instagram model Sumner Stroh dropped a bombshell confession on TikTok. She admitted to having a year-long affair with singer Adam Levine while he was married to Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo.

Tattle Tale

Sumner came forward with her confession after revealing that someone she considered to be a friend attempted to sell her story to the tabloids. In an attempt to do some damage control, Sumner decided to post her story on TikTok so that she could tell her story first.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

Sumner provided screenshots in her video showing Adam Levine sending her flirtatious messages over Instagram. She said they were seeing each other for about a year. She also claimed that he exploited and manipulated her because she was young and naive.

Guess Who's Back Again

She then shows another screenshot of a DM she received months after cutting ties with the singer. In it he says “Ok serious question. I'm having another baby and if it's a boy I really wanna name it Sumner. You ok with that? DEAD serious.”

Clearing Things Up

After receiving thousands of comments on her original video, Sumner made a follow-up video clearing the air on some of the claims people were making. She said she only came forward because she wanted to kill whatever story the tabloids were going to print. She also claimed that she was under the impression that Levine's marriage was over when their affair was going on. She thought that they were simply keeping it quiet to avoid the negative press and thought that keeping a split quiet was just how it was for “celebrities of that caliber.” She said that she cut him off as soon as she realized she had been deceived.

She said that she wished she had questioned things more and not been so naive, but admits that being naive is “not an excuse for the role I played in this.” She said she is not looking for sympathy and does not see herself as a victim in this situation.

Twitter Reacts

The internet exploded after Sumner's confession was posted. Social media users were quick to give their two cents on the situation, and none of it was good.

A common theme in people's reactions has been to point out how easy it was for Sumner to see that Levine was still very much married. This user noted that a simple search on Instagram would have revealed the truth.

The discussion about Sumner's morals, or lack thereof, has been another buzzing topic on Twitter. This user used her own personal experience to emphasize Sumner's decisions had more to do with her nonexistent moral code rather than her own naivete.

While many Tweets condemn Sumner's role in the affair and her knowledge of his marital status, there are a few, like this one, who place the lion's share of the blame onto the man. This user shifted attention to Behati and her children and the effect that this very public confession would have on them.

Christian Walker, a popular creator on TikTok, also gave his two cents on Twitter. He made it very clear that the only real victims in situations like these are the “loyal spouses and children.”

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