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Adidas Product Testing Program

Adidas product testing is everywhere online. You've probably heard your favorite influencer, blogger, or podcaster talking about it. Still, testing products for Adidas isn't precisely what it seems. So before you apply, you need to know if the program is right for you.

You may want to know what product samples Adidas might send you. Or if you can get freebies or get paid for your product reviews. But first, you need to understand what the product testing program is.

What is the Adidas Product Testing Program?

Adidas originally created the testing program in 2015 to get honest customer feedback and real-life data on their unreleased items.

Until that point, focus groups did most consumer testing. The company would introduce a product to a consumer panel and ask them if they liked it, if they would buy it, etc. But focus groups offered no way to test real-life usability because they had never lived with the product.

So the Adidas product testing program was born. Like beta testing, the program allows regular people to test new sample products and offer feedback. The Adidas group uses the feedback to improve or market its new product releases.

What Do Product Testers Do

Once signed up, product testers receive items from Adidas, like a new product line, to try out.

They use the piece for a predefined period (usually 4-6 weeks), then provide feedback on the goods that Adidas can use for market research. Consumer opinion is king for new product development.

Finally, testers send the items back to Adidas to analyze them for wear and tear.

What Items Do Testers Recieve

Product testers can join either the footwear or apparel programs (or both.) If you enter the footwear program, expect to receive sneakers, sports shoes, lace-up trainers, athletic shoes, running shoes, sandals, or other Adidas shoes.

However, suppose you specified a particular sport, such as skateboarding or trail running, when signing up. In that case, you might be sent a related item, such as a running shoe instead of a regular sneaker, to test out.

If you join the apparel program, you can expect to try sportswear from Adidas' Originals, Three Stripe, and Outdoor product ranges. Jackets, tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, and sweatpants are all commonly tested.

Cosmetic products from Adidas' cosmetics line are not included in the program. So don't sign up expecting to try out free makeup, lotion, deodorant, toiletries, or other beauty products.

What Are the Requirements?

Before joining the product testing program, you must know the requirements. If you can not comply with these requirements, more product testing programs are listed below that may be suitable for you.

You must:

  • Live in the US or Europe
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have German or English language ability
  • Have internet access and a valid email address
  • Not join competitor programs
  • Do not share any information related to the consumer product you are testing, including on social media, personal messaging, or your Blogger site, etc.

How to Signup for Adidas Product Testing

To make the application process quicker and easier, you should have the following information ready. The application requires all the information below. So if you want to be accepted into the program, fill out all the required fields.

Information you must supply:

  • Division Preference (Apparel or Footwear)
  • Gender
  • Sizes (Chest, bra, hip, waist, thigh, and underbust circumference)
  • Footwear Sizes (Shoe Size and foot width)
  • Category Interests (Which sports you play)
  • Category Interests Details (How often you play, performance level, playing surface, etc.)
  • Personal Details (Name, address, email, etc.)

Step 1

Go to Adidas' official product tester application page to start your application.

Step 2

Select your location, either America or Europe.

Step 3

Select your preferred division (footwear or apparel or both) and gender.

Adidas consumer products for men and women are sent out separately, so you must select your gender.

Step 4

Enter your sizes and body measurements.

Ensure you supply the correct information. Giving incorrect information may mean you receive products that don't fit. Use the sizing chart provided if you need more clarification on your body measurements.

The following sizes are required:

  • Top size
  • Bottom size
  • Bra size & underbust circumference (female only)
  • Chest, hip, waist, and thigh circumference
  • Shoe Size and foot width

Step 5

Select your category interests.

Ideally, you want to test products for activities you frequently do. Therefore, filling out exact details, like how many hours per week you do each sport or activity, is necessary.

If you don't lift weights, the last thing you'll want to test is weightlifting gloves, so make sure all the information you enter is accurate and current.

Step 6

Give more detail about your interests.

In this section, you will enter the details of your interests. For example, what position do you play? Are you a professional, college-level, or enthusiast? Where do you usually play? On concrete, astroturf, or grass?

These questions are designed to understand the usage intensity and how much wear and tear the prototype may encounter.

Step 7

Enter your Details.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address

Now you know the information you need to supply and hopefully have it all at hand. If you want to test a product, the next step is to head over to the Adidas Product Testing site to sign up.

What Happens if I'm Successful?

If you are successful and accepted into the program, your name will go into a database of testers. When Adidas has a new product, they will check the database for relevant testers based on location, body size, and sporting preferences.

If you are a match, the company will invite you to join the testing period for the item. The process has five steps.


The invitation will be sent to you via the email address you supplied during the application survey. The email will provide you with a link and instructions to accept the invitation.


After accepting invitations, Adidas will send out the item or items via post. Within the package, you will find instructions for using the product, including how often and how long to test the product each week. For example, it may ask you to “wear an Adidas Originals shirt for 10-20 hours per week.”


Use the product as requested throughout the testing period, which usually lasts 2-4 weeks.

You won't need to use the test product daily as long as you wear it for the total duration requested in the instructions.


You then provide feedback via Adidas' online product review site. The better the feedback you provide and the more valuable it is to the company, the more likely you will be invited for more product testing.


No, you don't get to keep the items you try. Instead, once the testing period is complete, you must return the product to Adidas using the labels provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Product Testing Legit

Yes! You can try unreleased Adidas products for free by joining the product testing program.

Do I Get To Keep The Items?

In some circumstances, you may be rewarded and keep the tested item. However, most of the time, you will be required to return the items tested. Returning the item is part of the testing process. Only then will you continue to receive items for testing. So if you're looking for free samples, this program is not for you.

On the other hand, if you're happy testing new products like the latest basketball shoes, you'll love being a beta tester.

Do I Get Paid for Product Testing

Unfortunately, you will not be compensated or getting paid for your testing.

Testing new products for Adidas is not a way to make money from home. Therefore, don't believe anyone claiming to receive cash from Adidas for their testing or invite you to join if they say you can make extra money.

There are plenty of ways to make money online and get free samples. So if you just want a free product or to make money at home, the product testing program isn't for you.

Although testing websites exist, only the official program is Adidas branded. Avoid scams, join the program through Adidas' official website and receive a legitimate product.

From the Adidas testing website:

 “Please note: Adidas does not pay money to its wear testers. Some people on social media are claiming to have been financially compensated to be wear testers for Adidas. These claims are false and not sponsored or endorsed by Adidas.”

Why Become a Product Tester

Now that you know you don't get paid to test new Adidas products, you might wonder why you should join the program. Here are three good reasons:

  • Becoming an Adidas product tester is the only way to get your hands on unreleased sneakers, running shoes, or other prototypes still in product development.
  • By reviewing products, you can contribute to a brand you love. Help make those three stripes tennis shoes the best product they can be. Your feedback could change the way they produce the next pair.
  • You get free products to test out sent to you! It's hard to turn your nose up at free stuff.

What's the Catch?

If you've read through this article and understand that you can get free shoes and Adidas clothing to try out, you might wonder what the downside is. Here are the most common complaints about the program

  • You don't get paid. Unfortunately, this is not a paid side gig, so if you want to make some extra cash, this might not be for you. Try online surveys instead!
  • You don't get to keep the products. Instead, you must send most of the items back to Adidas for analysis, so if you want to get free stuff, find another program.
  • You must supply Adidas with your personal details. If you prefer to avoid handing over your personal information, including your body measurements, address, email, etc. This might not be for you.

Sign Up To Be a Product Tester With Other Similar Programs

The Adidas product testing program isn't the only one around. If you prefer Nike Air to Three Stripe, you can find similar programs for the most prominent brands. The easiest way to find these programs is to Google the brand name + “product testing.”

Here are five similar programs that might interest you.


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