Aes Sedai vs Jedi

The worlds of Star Wars and Wheel of Time don't have a lot in common. They're both fictional universes (one's a fantasy series, the other takes place in space) and share some character archetypes, and they both have a central source of power or magic. Star Wars has the Force, and Wheel of Time has the One Power. The Jedi use the Force, and the One Power is wielded by Aes Sedai and, eventually, Asha'man (the male users of the One Power).

The One Power and the Force are very much alike. They're both sort of out there to be grabbed and channeled by those possessing the right genes… or midi-chlorins. Both have a Light side and the Dark side. They each have ruling councils and training programs. Becoming a Jedi starts with being a Youngling; the Aes Sedai training starts with being a novice. The Jedi have the temple on Coruscant; the Aes Sedai have the White Tower in Tar Valon. A member of the Black Ajah using the One Power is just as terrifying as a Sith using the Force.

Given the similarities, it begs the question: would you rather be an Aes Sedai or a Jedi?

Aes Sedai have much cooler outfits (the Asha'man have a uniform, so we're ignoring them for this argument). They can choose an Ajah depending on their strengths. They do have to like the color of the Ajah though since it's common practice to dress in the color of your chosen division. Attachments aren't forbidden, and it's not uncommon for the Green Ajah to take husbands. They get rings and shawls and have the freedom to travel. The use of saidar (the female side of the One Power) gives them a quality of agelessness. They still age, but their appearance doesn't show it. They can use One Power to make themselves uncomfortable with heat or cold. Imagine never sweating. It's a beautiful thing.

But Jedi have lightsabers and that alone counts for a lot. I'd rather have a weapon at my side if something goes wrong. The politics within the Jedi order are nowhere near as deep as they are within the halls of the White Tower. The Jedi don't struggle for power the way the Aes Sedai do. I'll admit it could have something to do with the Aes Sedai being all women. Emphasis on could. The Jedi can influence the weak-minded; I think the Force is more powerful. It's less like magic. The Jedi are more selfless. They serve the ultimate good of the galaxy, or at least they strive to. I never feel like they're trying to rule or manipulate the galaxy. The Aes Sedai are masters at twisting truths (Obi-Wan would fit right in).