Your City Too Expensive? These 7 Cities Are Becoming More Affordable

Inflation has caused the cost of living to be unbearable for many Americans. The rise in prices is nearly unavoidable no matter where you are, but there are still places all over the country that are more affordable to live in than New York or San Francisco.

Although some locations around the country are becoming more expensive to live in (Seattle and Boston), there are others that are slowly becoming more affordable, especially for families. While this does not necessarily mean housing will be cheap, the cost of living in certain locales is dropping a bit.

1. Detroit

Joshua Haley, the founder of Moving Astute, has this to say about Detroit's cost of living:

“Detroit will become more affordable as employers continue to offer remote work options and people realize they don't need to live in major metropolitan areas to have access to good jobs. The city's low cost of living and abundance of cultural amenities make it an attractive option for many people looking to save money.”

The cost of living in Detroit is around $3,648.57/mo for a family of four*.

2. Austin

“Austin will also become more affordable as the effects of the pandemic linger and people continue to work from home,” Haley says. “The city's lively music and food scene make it a desirable place to live, but its high rents have long been a source of frustration for residents. This fall, however, I think Austin will become more budget-friendly as landlords lower rents in order to attract tenants.”

The current cost of living in Austin is around $3,422.46 for a family of four.

3. Phoenix

According to Haley, Phoenix has been one of the most affordable cities in the country for a long time. He says that with the fall weather and amount of outdoor space, people will seek it out. Although the desert climate might not be for everyone, its sunny days and warm nights make it an appealing option for those coming from the cold of the north.

The current cost of living in Phoenix is around $3,580.08 for a family of four.

4. Atlanta

Atlanta has always been a relatively affordable place to live. But as businesses relocate from New York and San Francisco, living in Atlanta will become an even better deal. The city has a diverse population and a strong economy, which makes it an attractive destination for many people.

The average cost of living in Atlanta is around $3,689.75 for a family of four.

5. Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is predicted to become more affordable for people as they look to relocate from expensive east coast cities like Philadelphia and Boston. The downtown area has been revitalized and the growing tech industry makes it an attractive location for people looking for a more affordable living situation.

6. Des Moines

Brittney Mendes, vacation rental expert and CMO of Florida Panhandle, has this to say about Des Moines: “Des Moines is becoming more affordable to live in as the year goes on. In fact, Des Moines' cost of living is lower than the national average, with a median home cost of a little over $100,000. Regarding affordability, public transportation is also a cheap but quality way to get around in this city. Des Moines is not only affordable, but it's a medium-sized city that offers brewery tours, fairs, and sights.”

The average cost of living in Des Moines is around $3,433.05 for a family of four.

7. Boise

Anton Radchenko, travel expert and co-founder at Air Advisor, has this to say about Boise:

“Boise is all set to become an affordable city to live in by the end of this year. The real estate market in Boise has started to cool down. Competition is decreasing, and overvalued homes can't stay so high for long. 61% of sellers in Boise have already cut down the asking price to find buyers. As the market further cools, we will see more houses fall off their high horse in the coming weeks. Rents in Boise have also fallen by 19% year-on-year.”

The average cost of living in Boise is around $3,297.68 for a family of four.

*All values exclude rent

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.