Censorship Gone Wild: Hilarious AI-Generated ‘Seinfeld’ Spoof Banned for Outrageous Reason

An artificial intelligence-fueled Twitch sitcom received a temporary suspension from the streaming service just days after it spiked in popularity.

Nothing, Forever has been slowly climbing up the Twitch stream charts in recent weeks due to its innovative premise: the show is entirely generated by AI and runs continuously 24 hours a day. It loosely follows the format of the hit NBC classic Seinfeld, which ran from 1989 to 1998. The show suffered its first stoppage on Monday, as Nothing, Forever earned a two-week ban Twitch ban due to transphobic comments made by the lead character Larry.

The character, on stage during his stand-up routine, begins to wonder why nobody is laughing at his jokes. Larry goes on to threaten the audience with telling transgender and gay jokes before ultimately deciding against it – since nobody in the audience was laughing.

It is arguably the first time AI-generated content has ever been suspended from Twitch, and social media cannot stop commenting on the news.

Many Think the Cancelation is Funny, Although Not Surprising

This user thinks it's funny that the show passed the Turing test by being transphobic, which shows it undoubtedly can pass as human:

It was only a few days ago that the internet fell in love with the show, only to collectively witness its untimely demise seemingly “5 seconds later,” as Twitter user jasonschreier notes:

The AI sitcom wasn't scheduled to ever end, as its programming enabled new content to continuously stream, although this user thinks the manner in which the show got banned from Twitch “might be the funniest conclusion.”

User PepperTroopa is not surprised at all, calling this “the exact kind of headline” expected in the year 2023:

Other Users Aren't Surprised at All

This user brought us back to the 90s, sharing an old NBC graphic containing the words “will he say it?” It turns out to be eerily prescient with the news of the AI sitcom's banning:

Parallels have been made between the show's artificial intelligence and real-life comedians. Twitter user conureCC notes that it “feels like it's making fun of comedians who turn to bigotry for cheap laughs when their career dips.”

Not everyone is lamenting the show's temporary cancelation. User MaxKriegerVG thinks that since the laughs are over, “maybe it's best if they stay banned.”

Even though the show's future is in jeopardy, many users, like jimmynixx, declares the show as being “relatable” as he passes along a harmlessly funny clip from the AI-generated show:

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