Saving Money With Legit Airbnb Hacks and Coupon Codes

Traveling is a luxury for most people when there is a list of expenses to think about: food, place to stay, transportation, and miscellaneous. Traveling doesn't have to be expensive since there are many hacks to save money, like Airbnb. Whether you are planning a trip to a different state or country, people tend to book Airbnb as vacation homes, apartments, and rooms worldwide.

Before Airbnb, people used to stay at expensive hotels. However, you have Airbnb now that could provide you with many accommodations like security, comfort, and amenities like hotels. With how expensive things are, Airbnb makes traveling more affordable so you can spend money on other things like food, transportation, and other miscellaneous.

Here are Airbnb hacks to save you money in the future.

Airbnb Coupon Code for New Users

If you are a new user of Airbnb, then you are in luck because when you sign up for Airbnb as a first-time user, you can save up to $35 or more on your first stay. Only first-time users can do this. The promo code can work differently depending on how much you are spending.

How does it work? You sign up and book your first stay, and the discount is deducted from your trip when you checkout. Like an Airbnb coupon, you are getting money back in your pocket. If you are already an existing user, do not feel discouraged because there are other hacks to save on Airbnb.

Please note that Airbnb can offer different promos for up to $20, $25, $40, or $55 on your booking.

Share Your Coupon Code

When you share the love and refer friends, they'll get a $40 coupon for joining, and you get travel credit when they make their first booking. You both get to save money, so it is a win-win situation for everyone. You can invite friends by using your Airbnb coupon code or unique link when you create your Airbnb account. This link is your personal Airbnb coupon code custom to your account. By using your link, you can start earning credits for future bookings. Once you save enough travel credit, it ends up being a free trip.

Book Longer Stay

Did you know hosts love it when you stay longer for an extra day, week, or month? Sometimes they offer discounts if you add an extra night or week to your stay. They can reduce your nightly price to rock bottom when you stay longer. For example, your $70 per night can be $900 per month when you stay longer. You might think that is out of your budget, but it's not when you do the math.

Early Bird Discounts

For those of you who are organized and love to lock in all your travel planning, this tip is for you. Some hosts give discounts if you book ahead of time if you are booking a few months to a year out. If you are booking far in advance, like one or two years, you should be familiar with the cancellation policy before booking an Airbnb. Even though you can save around 5%-10%, it is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy. There is usually a flexible cancellation policy if your travel plan change, but you should always double-check the policy when in doubt.

Redeem Gift Cards

You can exchange points for Visa Gift Cards to book Airbnb if you have free cashback apps like Swagbucks, Fetch, or MyPoints. The best part about gift cards is that there is no expiration date. You could redeem a gift card by using your credit card because most credit cards have a reward program that lets you collect points. You can exchange those points for gift cards when you have enough points. Whatever credit card you have, you should check out what they offer.

Another thing you can do is buy discounted Airbnb gift cards. Usually, these gift cards are 3%-20$ off the original price. The most popular site to find daily deals and the best discounts on Airbnb gift cards is Raise. The best part is that these gift cards are a gift that you can use after you purchase them. Not only does it offers Airbnb gift cards, but a variety of brands, retailers, and restaurants,

Negotiate with the Host

There is nothing wrong with negotiating for a better rate. The Airbnb website allows anyone to communicate with the host with just a button click. When there is a holiday or you have questions about the property, you can always ask the host for a special deal. The price for Airbnb is not set in stone yet until you pay. You'll be surprised how many hosts are willing to negotiate the price. By using your negotiating skills, you can surely score a sweet discount.

Travel Off-Season

Most people tend to go on vacation during the holiday season, which is often expensive because there is a lot of demand for these properties or rentals. You always want to check different dates to see what deals you can get. It makes sense to travel off-season and get a lower price when you might have other things to worry about like flight, transportation, and tourist attraction.

Frequent Questions

Does Airbnb Offers Coupons or Discounts?

Airbnb doesn't usually give out vouchers, coupons, or promo codes. However, you can use many tips and hacks above to save money on your Airbnb stay.

Is there a discount for military, student, or healthcare workers?

There are usually discounts for certain places for military, students, and healthcare workers. However, there are no discounts for military, student, or healthcare workers. However, you can always communicate with the host to see if you can lower the rates.

Do coupon websites work?

You may probably see many Airbnb coupon sites or forums that give out promo codes to save money. Those websites are often scams; you just need to be careful when you are on those websites.

Are there extra fees when booking an Airbnb?

People often miss this, but yes, there are extra fees. These extra fees are often cleaning fees or service fees. Before booking your Airbnb, you want to check the price. Sometimes you can be charged for extra person or parking.


Traveling and having multiple vacations in a year don't need to be expensive if you find many useful hacks. There is nothing wrong when it comes to finding Airbnb coupons or discounts. No one wants to spend a lot of money when traveling. Everyone wants to travel comfortably without breaking the bank. Finding smart ways to save a penny or two can make a difference in your financial journey.

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