15 Akame Ga Kill Deaths Ranked

Akame Ga Kill does not shy away from killing off some of their main characters, some might die heroically while some died in vain. It’s just the reality of how war was supposed to be, and in this list, we have ranked the tragic deaths of Akame ga Kill characters.

Akame ga Kill Deaths Ranked

15. Sayo 

Sayo from Akame ga Kill

Despite the little screen time provided for Sayo, we know that her death was tragic. Sayo was one of Tatsumi’s friends. They set out to the capital city to find money for their village. On their way, they were attacked by bandits and separated from Tatsumi. She was brought into a rich girl’s house, who drugged her meal. 

From there, she was tortured by their youngest daughter to death due to her jealousy of Sayo’s nice hair. She never once submitted to her torturer proves that she’s stubborn and stronger than she seems. It’s just a shame that she died tragically before Tatsumi managed to find her. 

14. Ieyasu

Ieyasu from Akame ga Kill

Ieyasu, along with Sayo, is also Tatsumi’s closest friend with the same goal of travelling to the capital. His fate in the hands of the family isn’t as great either,being tortured and infected by an incurable disease that gives the infected a slow, painful death. Though in the end he managed to meet up with Tatsumi, who told him what had happened to them. 

In the end, he thanked Tatsumi for avenging him and Sayo. Before he eventually succumbed to the last stage of the disease after staying alive through sheer willpower.   

13. Liver

Liver from Akame ga Kill

Liver was Esdeath’s personal bodyguard leader called Three Beasts. He used to be an accomplished General in the Imperial Army. He’s imprisoned for being framed on false charges after he didn’t accept the Prime Minister’s bribery. After being left to rot in prison, Esdeath approached and freed him; since then, he has become a loyal bodyguard to Esdeath only. 

His death fell on Bulat’s hands, his ex comrade and junior in the imperial army. He eventually dies due to blood loss and his injuries, but not before poisoning Bulat and killing him too as a result. Regardless, his loyalty to Esdeath was something to be admired for. 

12. Bols

Bols from Akame ga Kill
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Bols is the oldest member of Jaegers, the elite team formed under Esdeath. While he appears a little bit odd and scary, he’s actually a kind and caring person. He even has a wife and daughter whom he loves and they love him too. Bols is one of the characters in the anime who feels guilty for the villages he has burned to ashes and believed that karma will come to him. 

Karma comes in the form of a small girl, whom he helped after finding her scratched leg. Turns out, it was Chelsea disguised as one of the children from the village he had burned. As he’s dying, he sought out to crawl back to his home where his wife and daughter are. 

11. Seryu Ubiquitous

Seryu from Akame ga Kill

While she’s one of the least likable characters in the series, you can’t deny that she’s kind and compassionate to those she sees as ‘good.’ After killing two dearest Night Raid members, she comes face to face with Mine, who desires to avenge her fallen comrades in her hands.

Her death isn’t that tragic but rather satisfying. As her quest for defeating evil went beyond to the point she allowed herself to be experimented on and have a bomb implanted in her brain. In her last attempt to bring Mine down, she activates the bomb in her brain. Though it failed as Tatsumi carried Mine away from the explosion range, letting Seryu’s sacrifices to justice in vain.    

10. Kurome 

Kurome from Akame ga Kill
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While she wasn’t the least likeable sister among Akame, her death in Akame’s hands managed to pull some heartstrings. We have seen this coming, as two sisters from opposing sides eventually come face to face with each other to kill each other.

Despite that, there’s a part where it would’ve been better if neither died. But it’s Akame ga Kill, and one of them eventually has to die. Even if fans don't sympathize with Kurome at all, they might feel something for Akame, who killed her own sister. 

9. Esdeath

Esdeath from Akame ga Kill
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Despite Esdeath’s reputation, she’s still one of the most well liked characters in the anime. Her death comes after the final battle, a stab in her heart and she passes away with one regret that is Tatsumi. 

We all know her obsession with Tatsumi, it’s scenes with him that we get to see Esdeath outside her sadistic nature. Her love for Tatsumi is one of the factors that causes her death, reminding us that there’s still a human side to this ice-cold general.  

8. Susanoo

Susanoo from Akame ga Kill

Susanoo joined the Night Raid much later in the series. He’s a living weapon, one of the Imperial Arms. Throughout the series we have seen the might of an Imperial Arms, seeing how tedious and difficult it is to break one so of course, Susanoo is one powerful ally the Night Raid could count on. 

He initially has difficulty understanding human concepts such as friendship but slowly understands it through the bond with the members. Which makes his last moments difficult to watch, as he sacrifices himself to fight on Esdeath one on one so that the rest of the team could escape from her death clutches. Even Esdeath herself respects and honors him as a legendary warrior rather than a weapon. 

7. Sheele

Sheele from Akame ga Kill

A member of the Night Raid that departs from the series early on. Her death caught many fans off guard, as Sheele has slowly warmed up to their hearts only to have died a few episodes afterwards. It happened when she and Mine were ambushed by Seryu one night.  

While it seemed that they both had prevailed, Seryu caught them off guard by shooting Sheele. The two were forced to retreat but Seryu wouldn’t let them and Sheele sacrificed herself to give Mine some time to escape.

6. Bulat

Bulat from Akame ga Kill

It’s no surprise that Bulat would eventually be the first member to depart from the series. He seemed to have taken the mentor figure for Tatsumi, inspiring him to work harder and act as a brother figure for him too.

Bulat in general is a good person with dedication to the Night Raid. In his last battle, he’s shown to be a formidable opponent. It’s a heart wrenching moment when he passes down the torch to Tatsumi in his last moments.  

5. Mine

Mine from Akame ga Kill

Behind Mine’s bubbly and girly side, there’s a strong resolution to protect and win against the empire. Her resolution in the end is what saved Tatsumi from death, at the cost of her own life.  While she doesn’t have any combat prowess like Akame, she proved to be a genius marksman with her Imperial Arm called Pumpkin. 

In her last moments, she managed to kill Budo, the second strongest to Esdeath with a powerful blow that destroyed Pumpkin. She confessed her love to Tatsumi, sharing their first and last kiss before she finally succumbed to her wounds. 

4. Lubbock

Lubbock from Akame ga Kill

Lubbock often serves as the comic relief of the show, though his resolve is not one to be questioned either. The fight with Shura, the captain of the Wild Hunt, with his Imperial Arms that’s able to teleport anyone at will. While it seemed that everything seemed to play perfectly to Lubbock’s side, it didn't last long. 

Thanks to Lubbock’s quick thinking and movement, he managed to successfully kill his opponent. Of course, it doesn’t mean he survives. As he’s teleported back in the sky and with his Imperial Arm destroyed, Lubbock fell to his death smiling with no regrets. 

3. Leone

Leone from Akame ga Kill

Leone has become one of the dependable characters for the rest of the Night Raid. It’s her taking the role of an older sister to the rest of them that manages to catch the fan’s heart. In the last moments of the decisive battle, we sure can depend on Leone to finish the last blow to Prime Minister Honest’s life. 

Despite being shot and her Imperial Arm destroyed, Leone still manages to stand and kill him. Refusing to seek help, she hugged and said her farewell to Akame. Then we see her last moments drinking cheerfully in the bar before dying in the slums she grew up in with a smile on her face. 

2. Chelsea

Chelsea from Akame ga Kill
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Abrupt deaths are the ones that hit hard and fans were left baffled at Chelsea’s death the most. With her Imperial Arms to transform to anyone, she easily slips and deceives the enemy’s side while killing them unexpectedly. Her death comes unexpected as she tries to assasinate Kurome. Though she attempts to escape, she is unfortunately unsuccessful. 

What’s worse, we later see her head on a pike to serve as a warning from the Empire. Not only that but Esdeath has to dissect the rest of her body for information before eventually being eaten by Seryu’s Koro. 

1. Tatsumi

Tatsumi from Akame ga Kill

Tatsumi’s death hits the hardest in the series. Fans have been following the series through his point of view and to see his heroic death in the end doesn’t make it any easier. It’s due to his sacrifice that he manages to save the city from the child’s emperor attacks. His death hits due to the fact everyone knows that his initial goal was to find the money for his village, not helping the revolution. 

It’s his last moment with Akame, apologizing for not being able to fulfill his promise to her that feels heart-wrenching. In the end, Akame couldn’t even retrieve his body, as Esdeath entrapped the both of them in a shell of ice before shattering into pieces together.