Akiba’s Trip Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

Akiba's Trip Season 2 needs to be aired soon! It has been more than four years since fans last saw Akiba’s Trip. We want some information regarding the next season. Akiba’s Trip is a Japanese action-comedy anime series. It is an anime adaptation of a video game of the same name developed by Acquire in 2011.

Back on 15th September 2016, at Tokyo Game Show, it was announced that the video game franchise will be getting an anime adaption with the title Akiba's Trip: The Animation. The anime also marked the 25th anniversary of the series studio house Gonzo. In 2017 Production house Gonzo produced the debut season of Akiba's Trip: The Animation with 13 episodes total

This Akiba’s Trip season 1 as the debut season has impressed viewers from all around the world but there are lots of critics as well. If the first season does not impress the fans, there is a small percentage for the next sequel of Akiba’s Trip Season 2. But the studio has not canceled it, so fans still have hope for Akiba’s Trip Season 2

Akiba’s Trip Season 1: Recap Time

Akiba's Trip Season 2

Akihabara shopping district of the city, where fans from across the country gather fans of manga and nanotechnology, has become a center of armed confrontation in the anime Akiba's Trip The Animation. An otaku teenager called Tamotsu Denkigai and his sister Niwaka shocked in Akihabara where suddenly vampiric, cosplaying monsters known as Bugged Ones run throughout the city and possess anyone by biting them

As Tamotsu is about to be attacked by one of these creatures, a mysterious girl wielding a baseball bat named Matome Mayonaka swings in and rescues him. Together, Tamotsu and Matome fight against more Bugged Ones, and their encounters with them keep increasing. However, whilst protecting Matome, Tamotsu gets fatally injured by a Bugged One. Unaware of him, Matome is actually a high-level Bugged One who is trying to protect the city.

Left with no other choice, she revives him as a high-level Bugged One and forces him into joining her in battle. Tamotsu, Matome, Niwaka team up with cosplayer Arisa Ahokainen and form a group called The Electric Mayonnaise. While fighting, they notice that the only way to destroy the Bugged Ones is to rip their clothes off and expose them to sunlight. Taking advantage of this weakness, they vow to save their city from the Bugged Ones' wrath.

Akiba’s Trip Season 2: Announcement

Akiba's Trip Season 2

Gonzo studios that produced Akiba’s Trips is a quite popular studio. A lot of fans are waiting for the next chapter of Akiba’s Trip. But they have not updated anything for Akiba’s Trips Season 2. The creator of the video game is also kept silent regarding the next sequel of this anime series.

Actually, with the adaptation from the video game, the anime will and has to follow the plot of the game. The producers already adopted most of the storyline of its video game into the full content of the anime series. So, unlike other anime, it’s not based on manga or light novel series. So the source material for the sequel will be pretty hard to find. The first season also ended without a cliffhanger. Our best guess, Akiba’s Trip Season 2 will not come. If they want, they can still make extra episodes or OVAs. 

Akiba’s Trip Season 2: Released Date

Akiba's Trip Season 2

Without any update of renewed or canceled, fans internationally are still hopeful that the anime series will return. Even the anime series was not that good but there is still a chance for this anime to come back. The demand is also pretty high. We can give critics or improvements from the previous video if Akiba’s Trips Season 2 are decided to be aired so the results will be better next time