Akudama Drive Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon?

When its first release in 2020, Akudama Drive was one of the great shows in that year and now they are eager to see Akudama Drive Season 2. The first season heated and went viral passively while collecting a lot of fans in a very short period of time. Now the massive fan base is demanding the studio to release the sequel of this story as soon as possible. With the cyberpunk theme, these anime receive a lot of good reviews from the viewers.

Akudama Drive is an action, adventure, sci-fi anime series that first came in a manga series. The manga with the same name was written by Rokurou Oogaki in July 2020. Not having to wait for a long time, the story has already been adapted into an anime version by Pierrot Studio and Too Kyo Games jointly to produce the anime in October 2020. The series was directed by Tomohisa Tauchi and ran for 12 episodes until December 2020. Now it’s been a year since the debut season and fans want to know when they can see Akudama Drive Season 2.

Akudama Drive Season 1: Plotline

Akudama Drive Season 2

In a chaotic future where Kansai became a vassal state of Kanto, multiple highly skilled criminals, called Akudama, are sent a message from an anonymous client to free a death row prisoner named Cutthroat before they are executed. Four Akudama respond to the challenge and descend into Kansai Police Headquarters to earn a big payday to rescue these guys.

However, once inside, they discover the job was part of a larger scheme by their client to make them work together on a bigger job: to infiltrate the Shinkansen and steal precious cargo from a vault at the front of the train. Roped into the job are an ordinary girl arrested on a minor charge but forced to keep up the appearance of a Swindler, and a low-level Hoodlum who was accidentally broken out of jail during the initial heist. 

The team must work together to finish the job and earn their large payday, all while keeping ahead of the Executioners from the Kansai Police on their tail. Later the raid was joined by Swindler. At the end of the season, she was unable to continue, so she asked Courier to get all the children to a safe place and give them some money. Swindler became the decoy and fought the executioners while Courier was escaping. However, Swindler was killed in the battle. Sadly, Courier also died due to his wounds, but by that time, all the children reached a safe place. 

Akudama Drive Season 2: Renewal Status

Akudama Drive Season 2

Like we mentioned above, the first season of Akudama Drive was a pretty successful anime series. In fact, it received a tremendous response from the audience. The comment also highlights the terrific visual and decent storyline. There are also quite unique stories that refreshing for anime lovers that bored in slice of life or drama romance anime story

The first season actually gave the fans a couple of hints that there are possibilities for the sequel. With a twist and kinda unfinished story, there is a high chance we will see Akudama Drive Season 2. But the fact that season 1 just aired one year ago and the busy schedule from the studio, the fans need to wait couple more years in order to continue the story

Akudama Drive Season 2: Release Date

Akudama Drive Season 2

With the busy schedule from the studio, we need to take a break first for the Akudama Drive story. But the fans can’t let the demand slip. If that happens, the chance also will be decreased. So we need to wait for the official announcement and hope there are some good news updated soon


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