Albertsons Money Order Details: Fees, Hours, Policies, Etc.

Albertsons Money Order is one of the most successful retailers across North America. It mostly works in the USA and has been able to operate stores in 35 different locations. They are working under various established brands such as Safeway, Randalls, etc. This has been working for a number of decades now. Albertsons first started operating back in 1939. It was established by Joe Albertsons, who used his own surname to find the name of the organization. Although it deals primarily in food and drug, a lot of attention has been paid regarding check-cashing and money orders as well.

Money orders can really prove to be essential in a lot of cases. There are times when you have to pay or get paid from one location to another but don't have a bank account to make the transaction happen. Money orders don't require you to have a bank account so the money can be transferred seamlessly through it. They are very easy to access as well. You can make international payments through them as well. Imagine sending money to some other country without having a bank account? With money orders, it is very much possible and you can expect safe processing of the amount.

Albertsons Money Order Policies

Here are certain things that you need to know about Albertsons and their policies:

Albertsons Cash Checking

Checking cash simply means getting cash in exchange for a check. Mostly, it would be requiring you a bank account in order to get the job done. But through Albertsons, you can cash a check without really going to the bank. The policies and the services regarding checking cash may differ from one store to another. It particularly depends upon the location as the standard of living decides how much of a commission would a store like to take from you in exchange for providing you money for a check.

Selling Money Orders

It can sell you money orders on a large scale although there's a restriction on how far you can go with money orders and their amount on a given day. You will be required to fill a form when you go to a particular store. It would require you to fill in some basic details and some necessary information. This form will also include how much you will have to pay to Albertsons in lieu of the services. The fee stands at $0.89 right now. Along with it, you can get a money order to a maximum extent of $500.

No Cashing of Money Orders

It doesn't cash money orders like most of the other reputed stores which only sell them instead of buying them. So in case you have a money order to be cashed, you shouldn't be going to Albertsons. The cashing of money orders used to be provided a couple of years back. With a change in policy, they have decided to part their ways from this particular feature. The official website of Albertsons wouldn't let you know this but it is, in fact, very true.

Issued by Western Union

The money orders here are issued by Western Union. The ease of debit and credit of any cash at Western Union is like nothing else. You wouldn't get such a safe environment somewhere else. The fact that Albertsons deals in the money order on a large scale so frequently makes it even better. You don't require a computer in order to operate the system here. You can just go to a store and ask for money orders, the specific amount that you would like to buy from the place. The faster money pick-up coming with Western Union makes it so much better to be at Albertsons.

albertsons money order

Tracking The Money Order

You might have purchased the money order from Albertsons but they are not responsible for anything regarding it once it has been sold. The duty of Albertsons is to provide the amount as desired by the customer and have a safe transaction. The tracking of the same is not related to Albertsons at all. In order to track the money order, you have to contact the platform concerned with it. The money is issued by Western Union or Money gram. You have to contact either one of them, depending on which one has issued the money order. It will be given on the form where you have bought the money order.

Getting Refund

The refund will be initiated in case you haven't used the money order at all. You can use the refund only if it is of no use to you. The recipient information should be complete. If the information has been left incomplete, the organization is not going to provide you a refund. Generally, the cases regarding refunds are very few. Most people need money orders for a specific purpose and they quickly want to fill it up. You will have to pay an extra fee in order to initiate the refund. If it is processed by Western Union, they charge about $15 to complete the refund.


There's a limit of $500 per order. Although $500 itself is a huge amount, you might be looking for a bigger amount. In such a case, you can make multiple orders there. But even the multiple orders have a limit. You can make a maximum of $1000 per day through Albertsons. These are some of the policies that Albertsons has maintained over a period of time. They have been done so as to ensure a level of transparency.

Money orders through Albertsons can prove to be very safe. It's a reputed organization and the scope of the platform is very wide, with different stores available at different places.

Concluding: All You Need To Know About Albertsons Money Order

The organization has been working for more than half a century. It accepts payments in cash, debit card, and credit card. So you get a number of options to make the payment done when you buy a money order. They sell their orders through Money gram as well as West Union. If you want it right now and have Albertsons anywhere around you, go for the form and make the payment to buy the order!