Alderamin on the Sky Season 2: Is It Canceled?

The first season was amazing, but Alderamin on the Sky Season 2 is not getting the green-lit yet. Based on the light novel of the same name, Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin is created by Bokuto Uno. It had two illustrators, Sanbasou, who worked on volumes 1-5, while Ryuutetsu handled volumes 6-14. Sanbasou's poor health was the reason behind the change of illustrator.

The series began its serialization in 2012. Two years later, it got a manga adaptation by Taiki Kawakami (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime) published in Dengeki Daioh. An anime adaptation was then announced in 2015, with Tetsuo Ichimura as its director and Kunio Katsuki providing the character designs. Madhouse produced Alderamin on the Sky season one, listed with 13 episodes.

Premiered on July 9, 2016, and wrapped up on September 30, 2016, it's been five years, and there is no indication that there will be Alderamin on the Sky Season 2. Does it get canceled? Or is there a chance for the renewal of the second season? Here is everything we know about the series.

Will there be Alderamin on the Sky Season 2?

Alderamin on the Sky Season 2

We warn you, don't get high expectations for Alderamin on the Sky Season 2. The main reason is the sales of the first season. From the information that we gathered, it tanked and didn't sell many copies in Japan. As you might already know, the animation studio usually favored its Japanese audience over the foreign audience. Therefore, even if the series may gain many fans outside Japan, it doesn't mean much for the studio.

There is also a concern about the source material, which ended in 2018. Bokuto Uno published 14 volumes of the series from 2012 to 2018. While there will be enough content for the second season, it might leave us with another cliffhanger, with massive plot twists in volumes six and seven. We won't give you the spoiler here, but you can search it if you need one. The only thing we can share is the twists could bomb the series again.

For those reasons, it will be hard for Madhouse to pick it up again. The risk is so high that we can only hope another studio is crazy enough to produce Alderamin on the Sky Season 2.

Alderamin on the Sky Season 2 Release Date

As you predict, there is no official release date for Alderamin on the Sky Season 2. The poor sales, the end of the light novel, and the twist that could tank the series are the reasons why it might not have a release date in a long time. In addition, Madhouse seems not mad enough to take the risk.

Other anime by Madhouse studio which fans are waiting for a new season are Death Parade, Hunter x Hunter, Highschool of The Dead, Overlord, Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, Diamond no Ace & All Out.

Plot of Alderamin on the Sky

The story follows Ikta Solork, a carefree young man who has high intelligence. He lives his life to get what he wants, a woman and a place to sleep. Unfortunately for Ikta, his lifestyle is destroyed by the sight of war between the Katjvarna Empire and the Republic of Kioka. Alongside his childhood friend, Yatorishino Igsem, Ikta joins the army as a military officer, which is one of three things that he hates. The other two are being a hero and a noble.

On a boat heading for the military exam site, Ikta and Yatorishino meet with other candidates, and they are Matthew Tetojirichi, Torway Remion, and Haroma Becker. Unlucky for them, the boat sinks because of the storm, ending up in the enemy territory. They also find that Princess Chamille Kitora Katjvanmaninik has become a hostage.

Five of them work together to rescue the heir to the Katjvarnan throne, and then each of them is rewarded for becoming Imperial Knight. Thus begins Ikta lives as the two things that he hates, a military officer and a hero.

Alderamin on the Sky Characters and Cast

Ikuta SorokaNobuhiko Okamoto
Yatorishino IgsemRisa Taneda
Suuya MittokalifAyumu Akikawa
KusEri Suzuki
Haroma BekkelHaruka Chisuga

Alderamin on the Sky Visual

Alderamin on the Sky Visual

Alderamin on the Sky Action

Alderamin on the Sky is a Japanese light novel series, written by Bokuto Uno and illustrated by Sanbaso (volumes 1–5) and Ryutetsu (volume 6–14) between 2012 and 2018. A manga based on the series, written by Taiki Kawakami, is published in Dengeki Daioh. An anime adaptation produced by Madhouse and directed by Tetsuo Ichimura aired from July 9 to September 30, 2016.

Ikta Solork is a carefree young man who only wants two things in life: a woman on his arm and a place to nap. Unfortunately, his peaceful life is destroyed when war breaks out between the Katjvarna Empire and the neighboring Republic of Kioka. Ikta and his childhood friend, Yatorishino Igsem, join the army as military officers, where they meet the infantryman Matthew Tetojirichi, the sniper Torway Remion, and the medic Haroma Becker on a boat heading for the military exam site.

However, after a rogue storm sinks their vessel, the five of them end up in enemy territory near a military outpost. There, they discover that the heir to the Katjvarnan throne, Princess Chamille Kitora Katjvanmaninik, has been taken hostage. The five are able to rescue her, and as a reward, each one of them is granted the title of Imperial Knight—one of the highest honors a soldier can receive. It seems that Ikta will have to put his dream of tranquility on hold, as he must now become the hero he never wanted to be.