Alex Jones Will Not Be Allowed Back on Twitter

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, he has been reinstating many of the right-wing accounts that had been banned. Most notably, he allowed former President Donald Trump to be active on the platform again. But controversial figure Alex Jones will not be among the individuals who were given their accounts back.

Controversial Figure

One Twitter user asked Musk if the “conspiracy theorist” should be allowed back on the platform, given his recent controversy over the Sandy Hook shooting. Musk replied with a quote from the Bible.

Another Twitter user defended Jones, saying that he should be allowed back on the platform. Musk was quick to double down on his aversion to the idea.

The Sandy Hook Controversy

Musk's tweets refer to an incident earlier this year when Alex Jones insinuated that the Sandy Hook school shooting, where 20 children were killed, was a “false flag” event that was designed to bolster support for gun control.

Jones was sued by some of the families of the deceased children and was ordered to pay the parents of the victim $4 million for profiting off of the false narrative on his show. He has been ordered to pay nearly $1.4 billion in total to the people who suffered as a result of his conspiracy theory.

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Other than the former President, Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and British-U.S. former kickboxer Andrew Tate have had their Twitter accounts reinstated. Tate was originally kicked off of the platform for allegedly pushing a misogynistic narrative on his account. Project Veritas, a right-wing group that exposes the corrupt inner workings of large corporations, also had its account reinstated.

Kanye West also had his account locked for several weeks following claims of antisemitism. He tweeted the Hebrew greeting shalom after he was granted access to his account once again.

Musk previously stated that there would be no change of status to any banned accounts until a “content moderation council” met and deliberated. He also said that no bans would be lifted until a process was established for doing so.

He announced this past weekend, however, that he would be reinstating the former President after he hosted a poll on his own account. A slim majority of respondents said that the ban should be lifted on his account.

Trump, however, has not tweeted yet from his reinstated account, and even reportedly said that he saw no reason to return to the platform.

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Taking Losses

The app has lost a lot of its advertising revenue after advertisers halted spending over concerns about moderation standards on the platform. The concerns come alongside of a wave of fake verified accounts that came as a result of Musk offering the blue check to users who were willing to pay for it.

The Twitter Blue program has been temporarily halted in order to establish stricter rules of application.

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