Alice Cooper Net Worth

Alice Cooper has a net worth of 50 million dollars as of 2022. He has made fame over years as attributed to his values of passion, energy, uniqueness, fearlessness, confidence and persistence.

He is one of the men who have fought for their place on the table of men.


Which awards has Alice Cooper won?

Alice Cooper has won a number of trophies, nominations and awards.

Alice Cooper won the Eyegore Awards in 1997 and 2011, his album “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert” was nominated as the Grammy Awards Best Musical Theater Album in 1997, “Hands Of Death (Burn Baby Burn)” was nominated as the Grammy Best Metal Performance in 1984, Alice Cooper’s ‘The Nightmare (1975)’ won the Best Video Album slot and Alice won Rock and Roll Hall of Fame trophies twice and was also the ‘Star on the Walk of Fame’ winner in 2003.


Shocking Facts About Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper was born on 4th February, 1948. He made 74 years of age in 2022. He is a singer, actor disc jokey, guitarist, film score and composer.

He was born in the United States of America in a Christian family.

He has been known over the years as a controversial artist who has made headlines in the press that have been centres of public talk. He is fearless and is not swayed by any negative public opinion.

Fans of Alice loved him and still do, regardless of his overt style that under normal circumstances would be found rather scary and a subject of dire disapproval.

His music style is peculiarly referred as shock-rock perhaps due to the rather shocking theatrical acts he has been known to pull out on stage. His creativity goes a long way into creating the most surprising and shocking performances.

He has no limits when it comes to performance. He can surprise the audience with anything as long as it is unexpected.

Alice Cooper's performance is marked with peculiarity, jaw-dropping acts and energy.

With unmatched energy, unique vibe and controversial acts and lyrics, Alice Cooper has garnered attention both from media and the public and become one of the top millionaires in America.

His journey to becoming a top millionaire was not a very obvious path. Alice and his bandmates at that time had to create their own path.

Key to his success was the resilience and strength of will in him and the band. Right from the earliest stages, the reception of their musical performances by the public fluctuated, but they were determined to make it through, even if it was required of them to change location.

Giving up was never a part of their schedule. Sometimes they were highly sought after and other times things went so low that they even at one time fell into heavy debt. Regardless they moved.


Alice Cooper's Early Life

Alice Cooper's real name is Vincent Fernier. He was born in Detroit, Michigan to parents Ella and Mickey Fernier. His father was the pastor of a local church.

However, Vince had a passion for rock and roll. He did not take on much interest in religious issues as his passion was on stage.

During his high school times, Vince was a popular kid at school, a trend-setter. Funnily, when the other kids at school would pick up his trends, he would immediately shift to something else. He was active in writing and on the school track team.

His energy right from school was translated into the epic performances he has given over time.


How did “Alice Cooper” Come About?

The seeds of Alice Cooper’s rock-and roll theatrical career were sown way back in high school when he teamed up with his friends at a school talent show to present a Beatles parody just for fun.

They changed some of the phrases in a Beatles song into their own sports-related lines that they felt were more interesting.

Right from his childhood, Cooper was a big fan of the Beatles band. Alice and his friends furthered their musical performances even after high school and made money performing at local bars.

The theatrical vibe was a special identifying feature of their performances. Audiences hardly got enough of their performances. They were set to amaze. Every time.


Why is he called Alice Cooper?

The name ‘Alice Cooper' was a suggestion by Vince himself. Him being called Alice mesmerized many fans who got curious as to why he would be called Alice yet he was a man.

The ‘Alice Cooper' character shaped the band's branding, performances and lyrics. It was a mixture of humour, weirdness, shock and energy.

This particular band had its own vibe that had never been seen anywhere.

They boys had named their band Spiders before leaving for Los Angeles which was a big urban area where they could promote their music further.

They later renamed their band ‘Alice Cooper' as suggested by Vince himself. Audiences could hardly figure out who Alice Cooper was among the singers, who paradoxically were all boys, yet Alice is a girl’s name.

Audiences thus concluded that Vince, who was the lead singer among the group must be Alice Cooper.

He embraced this name and took it on in future. Till now, most people know him as Alice Cooper. It is actually his brand name.


The Rough Journey of the Alice Cooper Band.

It was not always an easy path for the band. In 1969, the band released its first debut album ‘Pretties for you' which was a total flop. It did not make a lot of money.

The band's rowdy, scary and overt aggression were not received with much excitement and pretty soon the band was high in debt with debts amassing to over one hundred thousand dollars.


Who is Shep Gordon?

Shep Gordon was the band's manager. He struggled to keep up the band's spirits through his mantra to them that ‘It took only 10, 11, 12 guys to start up Christianity. We don't need to be that big. We're 6. We're enough.’

Key to their success was their passion and an unwavering aim to make it to the top.

Additionally, the efforts of Shep Gordon in encouraging the boys to keep their heads high cannot be under looked.

His leadership kept the group oriented and focused to their goals and inherent passion.

The band, realising that they were no longer making it in Los Angeles, changed scene and went to Michigan.

Michigan was a great idea because the band was welcomed and its music met just the right atmosphere. Rock and roll were very popular in Michigan at that time.


How Did Alice Cooper rise to Fame?

Alice Cooper's rise to fame and stardom was stimulated by the release of the song ‘Eighteen’ by the band which became an anthem for teenagers around the world and gained airplay all over radios and televisions.

The band was a passionate group that amazingly released seven albums in a short period of four years.


When Did the Alice Cooper Band split?

The Alice Cooper band split in 1975 due to matters of disagreement. Alice Cooper released some solos of his own afterwards.

His passion for music and acting could not be extinguished by any occurrence. However, according to fans, the feel of his music was not as remarkable as when Michael, Glenn, Neil and Dennis were a part.

The group as a whole gave off real great vibes. It was a combination of talent and vigour. Many of the songs released by the band were written by the other members.

Nonetheless, the power of Alice Cooper was still sustained even when he was performing alone. His power could still be felt.


Alice Cooper, the King of Rock and Roll.

Alice Cooper's music has rocked over decades. It has and still gives people the acute feeling of nostalgia for times in their past.

This massive attention his art has gained is due to Alice's sense of humour, the use of makeup in an uncommon artistic was, the theatrical performances, wildness and the use of a girl's name as stage name.

Alice Cooper is literally unique and his character is irreplaceable. All these had never been done before by any other musician.

This made him stand out in his own uniqueness. The scary nature taken on by Alice Cooper in his performances and videos kept fans captivated, wanting more and on the edge of their seats.

Some fans actually feared to play Black Juju, a song by Alice Cooper because they thought Alice was a real witch and that the song would summon a demon.

Such captivating power gave his music a place on the top of charts and predominance in music systems in homes, bars and literally everywhere.

Vince has always been truly dedicated to his music and his art. Many people share deep memories with his music during their childhood and teenage times.

He is revered as a top rock and roll musician of all time. His music incorporated horror based on occult themes.