All about Miriam: The Curse of Oak Island’s new archaeologist

All about Miriam: The Curse of Oak Island’s new archaeologist

Miriam Amirault is the young and talented archaeologist who signed on for The Curse of Oak Island around the show’s eighth season.

The Curse of Oak Island has now been cemented as one of History’s most successful shows.

In fact, Variety reported back at the end of the 2020/2021 television season that The Curse of Oak Island had grown beyond the confines of the channel’s usual history buffs and would-be treasure hunter audience and become the most-watched cable entertainment series of the season.

So it is really no wonder that The Curse of Oak Island has now become one of only a few History shows which has surpassed the 10-season mark.

And while brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, do still tend to make up a majority of the show’s screen time, even now, more than ten seasons down the line, there is just no denying that these determined brothers would be nowhere near as far in their exploration- and excavation-projects if it had not been for their team of visiting experts.

Miriam’s education and her role on the show

Longtime The Curse of Oak Island fans will quickly recognize the faces of experts like Charles Barkhouse (the resident Oak Island historian), Craig Tester (the drilling and resistivity expert) and Gary Drayton (the metal-detection expert), who have been with the series since the very beginning.

But The Curse of Oak Island Cast has now also expanded to include a few new faces.

This includes the face of Miriam Amirault, who is the young archeologist who joined The Curse of Oak Island cast around its eighth season.

Miriam completed her studies at the University of New Brunswick with degrees in anthropology and classical studies around the end of 2020.

She has quickly become a favorite among The Curse of Oak Island fans, because of her upbeat demeanor and all of the impressive things that she has found on the show so far.

Miriam’s The Curse of Oak Island run

Miriam may be one of The Curse of Oak Island cast’s most recent additions, but she has already clocked in an impressive amount of screen time on the series.

So far, this up-and-coming young archaeologist has appeared in over 20 different The Curse of Oak Island episodes.

Miriam’s impressive run on the show (so far) can be summarized as follows:

The Curse of Oak Island season Number of episodes Initial air dates
Season 8 17 November 10, 2020, to May 4, 2021
Season 9 4 November 2, 2021, to May 3, 2022
Season 10 7 November 15, 2022, to May 16, 2023

And at this point it seems highly likely that Miriam will be making an appearance in the show’s eleventh season (which officially started airing on November 7, 2023), very soon.

The Alex and Miriam romance rumors

Although Miriam is a highly-respected archaeologist who has done some invaluable work throughout her time on Oak Island so far, it did not take long for the dating rumors to start when she started working with the island’s youngest Lagina family-member, Alex.

And while romance would certainly be a new genre for the treasure-hunting The Curse of Oak Island production team to tackle in future seasons of the show, these rumors do not seem to hold much truth.

Both Miriam and Alex tend to keep their personal lives private for the most part, but it seems like they are both still single for now.

Miriam’s The Curse of Oak Island mentor

As mentioned, Miriam tends to keep to herself when The Curse of the Oak Island cameras stop rolling. And as a result, she has not shared a whole lot of information about what encouraged her to join the series or how she got the gig to begin with.

However, some sources have suggested that Dr. Aaron Taylor, who is an experienced archaeologist who joined The Curse of Oak Island cast just before Miriam did, encouraged her to pursue a career in archaeology before he ultimately asked her to join him on the show.

Why the archaeologists on The Curse of Oak Island are so important

There are often so many different things going on in a single episode of The Curse of Oak Island that it can be difficult to keep track of what everyone is involved in at any given time.

However, Rick has confirmed that the archaeological work that Dr. Aaron Taylor and Miriam have been doing in the last few years, has helped the team to not only realize the significance of various artifacts which may have been discounted in the past, but has also helped them to re-contextualize the history of Oak Island entirely.