All Akatsuki Members Ranked: Who’s The Strongest?

Hey, Naruto fans! In this article, we'll list all Akatsuki members according to their power levels. It was tough to put them in order since every one of them is incredibly powerful and skilled in their own ways, but we did our best!

Of course, power levels are always up for debate since we can only speculate on what someone is truly capable of.

However, we think this list accurately represents where each member falls in terms of power and ability.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

All Akatsuki Members Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

There isn't a simple answer to this question because most Akatsuki members are incredibly powerful shinobi, at least on par with or surpassing village Kages. 

However, we'll do our best to list them in order of strength, power, chakra reserves, fighting style, and personality.

13. Zetsu(s)

Strongest Akatsuki Members, Zetsu
White & Black Zetsu

Zetsu is an information carrier member of Akatsuki. He is often referred to as the weakest character in the series. This is because he does not participate in fights and does not have any special powers or abilities.

He is the only one with a split personality, with one side being white and the other black. Zetsu can merge with the ground and trees and has the ability to absorb chakra from living things, allowing him to travel undetected.

Despite his lack of fighting prowess, Zetsu is still an active member of Akatsuki. He is tasked with carrying information between the different members of the organization.

Without Zetsu, Akatsuki would not be able to function as effectively.

12. Juzo Biwa

Juzo Biwa
Juzo Biwa

Juzo was actually an anime canon character. He was part of the Akatsuki organization and partnered with Itachi to capture the three tails.

Moreover, he belonged to the seven swordsmen of the mist, but he was comparatively less strong than other Akatsuki members. He was skilled with a sword and had a unique swordsmanship style that made him a deadly fighter. 

However, his lack of strength and durability made him a liability in battle, and he was often passed over for more powerful Akatsuki members.

He was a skilled fighter and could always hold his own in a fight. 

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11. Sasori

Sasori, all Akatsuki Members
Sasori: Naruto Shippuden

Sasori was lethal S-ranked rogue ninja from Sunagakure (Sand Village.)

He was a master of puppetry and could control numerous puppets simultaneously. He was also a skilled poison maker and possessed a great deal of knowledge about chakra and Jutsu.

In addition, he was a formidable opponent during The Third Great Ninja War. Ultimately, he earned the nickname “Sasori of the Red Sand” for his dangerous nature.

He also killed the 3rd Kazekage, considered to be Sunagakure's strongest ninja. Furthermore, he easily defeated Konkuro, who is proficient in puppet Jutsu.

10. Hidan


Hidan isn't exactly the most powerful shinobi out there. His main strength is his immortality, allowing him to take a lot of damage and keep fighting. 

His technique is really unique – it turns him into a voodoo doll (or similar). This means that anyone who attacks him will also be harmed, but for the most part, he's just a durable fighter.

But he is undoubtedly a tough opponent, and it'll take more than just a few lucky punches to take him down. He defeated some of the strongest-tailed-beast jinchuriki, which is no small feat.

Not to mention, he was a ruthless fighter who had no problem killing his opponents. He's a member of the Akatsuki for a reason, after all. 

9. Kakuzu


Kakuzu is one of the strongest villains (and a member of the Akatsuki) in the Naruto series. Aside from being extremely powerful, he is also able to “steal” other people's hearts, which keeps him alive for many decades. This makes him a very dangerous opponent but also a very interesting character.

He was also a skilled Taijutsu fighter, able to hold his own against skilled opponents like Kakashi Hatake, who was also a Sharingan user. When fighting his opponents, he was particularly adept at using his Threads of Heaven and Earth to bind them and restrict their movements.

Despite all of this, Kakuzu is still a fascinating character. He's complex and multi-dimensional, which makes him one of the most interesting characters in the Narutoverse.

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8. Deidara

Deidara, akatsuki members name

Deidara was an incredibly strong Akatsuki member who captured Gaara, the Kazekage of the Sand Village and a Jinchuriki, with very little effort. 

He was proficient at using his explosive clay to create powerful bombs and traps. 

In a fight, Deidara was able to go toe-to-toe with Kakashi, a highly skilled shinobi who was able to perform the Kamui, a very powerful teleportation technique. Deidara was also able to disguise himself quite well, which made it difficult for Kakashi to track him.

He was also the youngest member of the Akatsuki, which shows how talented he was at such a young age. 

7. Konan

Konan, strongest kunochi in naruto

There's no doubt that Konan is one of the most powerful kunoichis in the Naruto universe. As strong as Tsunade, the Hokage of the leaf village, Konan's fighting prowess is undeniable. She's able to take on some of the most powerful opponents and come out victorious.

She has the ability to control paper and to create powerful explosive bombs – which helps her to fight from a longer range.

Konan Konan possesses a sharp mind and is an all-round strategist which helps her to devise cunning plans. During the Pain Assault arc, Konan defeated the entire Aburame clan, many Jonin-level shinobis and Anbu Black Ops members quite easily.

6. Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame, seven swordsmen of the mist

Kisame was one of the organization's top members with monstrous strength and was often paired with Itachi on missions.

He was known as the “Tailed Beast without a Tail” due to his large chakra reserves. He also wielded the massive sword Samehada, which could easily cleave through opponents.

Aside from that, Kisame was also very durable, as he survived Killer B's Lightning Style: Lariat. This was an incredibly powerful attack that Kisame could withstand without any major injuries.

Not only that, Kisame was able to regain chakra and heal wounds through temporary fusion with his sword, Samehada. As a result, he is one of the most deadly Akatsuki members and an enemy that must be feared.

5. Orochimaru

All Akatsuki Members, Orochimaru

Orochimaru is among the most powerful members of the Akatsuki and one of the most villainous. He's known for his unethical experiments, which often involve human subjects. 

He is the one who defeated Hiruzen, the Third Hokage of Hidden Leaf village. He has a wide range of powerful jutsu at his disposal, including curse techniques and reanimation jutsu that allows him to revive the previous Hokages and other powerful shinobis.

Moreover, he defeated Naruto in his 4-tail form for the sake of fun, despite the presence of Captain Yamato (Anbu Blacks Ops member.)

However, Orochimaru later leaves Akatsuki for his own nefarious purposes.

4. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha

Itachi is the most popular Akatsuki member – and for a good reason. Despite his power and intelligence, he has an intriguing backstory that makes him even more complex. Plus, he's badass and really cool.

His genjutsu was his most dangerous technique, and It was what made him such a formidable opponent. With just this one technique, he was able to put Kakashi in a bad nightmare

From a young age, Itachi was extremely powerful and was able to defeat Orochimaru, a Legendary Sanin, without much effort. 

This shows that he was even stronger than any Kage-level shinobi.

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3. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha, All Akatsuki Members
Sasuke Uchiha

Even though Sasuke had only been with Akatsuki for a short time, he was one of the strongest members (Pre-War arc Sasuke.)

He's a well-rounded fighter who is equally skilled in taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu. He's also a master of the Double Mangekyo Sharingan (DMS.)

He really proved his strength when he took out Orochimaru. This surprised Akatsuki and Hidden Leaf village and showed that he could take care of himself. He managed to defeat Deidara too, which shows how powerful he really is.

He was also able to take on and defeat the Raikage, as well as Garaa (Kage of the Sand), in a single battle. As well he killed Danzo, who was also a powerful shinobi and Hokage.

2. Pain or Nagato Uzumaki

Pain, Leader of Akatsuki

There's no doubt that Pain was a powerful leader of the Akatsuki. He was able to destroy the Hidden Leaf village with just one Jutsu (Almighty Push!), which is more than enough to prove his strength.

He was able to use a variety of Sage of Six Path techniques, thanks to his rinnegan. These include the Almighty push and the Planetary devastation.

One thing that makes Pain so fearsome is that he was able to defeat some of the most powerful ninjas in the world without much effort. Jiraiya, a Legendary Sanin, Hanzou, Kakashi, Tsunade, and Orochimaru all fell to Pain with little difficulty. 

Even though Pain was weakened and not at his peak strength, Sage Mode Naruto had difficulties fighting him. This shows that Pain was a lot stronger than people thought.

1. Tobi or Obito

Tobi, Strongest Akatsuki Member

There's no doubt Tobi (Obito) was the most powerful Akatsuki member in the series, but he disguised himself as weak.

Kamui is what makes Obito a formidable opponent. When he was young, he was able to take on the 4th Hokage by controlling the 9 tails. 

With the help Kamui technique, Obito can transport himself and other objects to different dimensions. This gives him a big advantage in battle as he can avoid attacks and strike from unexpected angles.

In addition to his power to control the tailed-beasts, Obito also possesses Hashirama cells, allowing him to use wood-style techniques, making him the strongest Akatsuki!

The Akatsuki’s Impact

It was Akatsuki who made the Naruto series so fascinating when it came to powerful and complex characters. Each member brought a unique skill set and ability to the table, and they were all extremely strong.

Watching Akatsuki members fight was action-packed and suspenseful, and it was always thrilling to see what they would do.

It wasn't just Akatsuki's strength that made them great, but also their backstory and development. The way they talked about their pasts and what motivated them made them feel more real and relatable.

As we learned more about their actions and the reasons behind them, we were able to better understand them. 

The Akatsuki are such an integral part of the series that it's impossible to imagine without them. In this series, they play a major role and profoundly affect the plot.

To wrap things up

All right, that's it!

All in all, it would be more accurate to say that all Akatsuki members have interesting backstories and motivations. A variety of factors were considered when ranking them, such as power, fighting style, and intelligence.

However, They are all equally significant to the story, and each is powerful in its own way. We hope you enjoyed this article!

Thank you for your time!