All Cat Pokémon, Including Generation 9

The core of the Pokémon series is found in the various Pocket Monsters that exist throughout the nine generations of video games. Many Pokémon are based on animals, such as the multiple cat Pokémon.

Cats are some of the most popular domesticated animals in the world, so it isn’t surprising that they are the basis for at least one Pokémon in every generation. From your everyday Pokémon to starters to even legendary Pokémon, here are all of the cat Pokémon from the first generation to the most recent Gen 9.

1. Meowth

Meowth 052 Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

It all started with the most popular and famous traditional cat Pokémon of them all: Meowth. The simplistic design of this coin-loving cat led to his inclusion in the Pokémon anime series, where he has been a staple part of Team Rocket ever since.

Meowth is beloved enough that he received not one but two regional forms and even two different evolutions.

2. Persian

Persian Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The first evolution of Meowth in the Gen 1 games was the Normal type Persian. This cat takes a more regal approach than Meowth, showing that money can buy happiness. It also received an Alolan form that turned it into a Dark Pokémon in Gen 7.

3. Eevee

Eeveelutions Eevee Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The jury is still out on what exactly Eevee is, being this strange mix of a dog, cat, and maybe even a fox. But for the sake of this list, it would be remiss if the other most popular cat Pokémon wasn’t on here. The Normal type cuddly Pokémon mascot belies a fantastic feature: it can evolve into a whopping eight different Pokémon and counting.

4. Vaporeon

Vaporeon Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The first of the three original evolutions for the pseudo-cat Pokémon Eevee is Vaporeon, the Water type. Evolving through the use of a Water Stone, Vaporeon has an elegance and beauty to it that some of its Gen 1 Eevee cat evolutions lack.

5. Jolteon

Jolteon Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Jolteon is the second of the three original Eevee evolutions and one of the least cat-appearing Eeveelutions out there. The Electric Pokémon has a strange set of white fur around its neck that gives it a more exotic look of the bunch.

6. Flareon

Flareon Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Flareon is the Fire-type Eeveelution and one of the more cat-looking ones for some fans. The use of the Fire Stone on the cutesy Eevee will turn it into this fun runner-up in Gen 1 to Vaporeon.

7. Espeon

Espeon Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Yet another Eeveelution is on this list as it moves into Gen 2 territory with the Psychic version. Espeon has one of the best cat appearances in the Eevee group, with its long ears, tail, and careful sitting position in most games.

8. Umbreon

Umbreon Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The Gen 2 cat counterpart to Espeon is Umbreon. This is one way to do it if you want a Dark cat Pokémon. While it does have more of a fox look than some of the others, there is something about its eyes that give off that feline style while also being one of the best Eevee evolutions.

9. Raikou

Raikou Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Another complicated scenario in the Pokémon series is whether the legendary beasts are based on dogs, cats, or both. It is likely a mix of the two, seen in the first of the three legendary Gen 2 trio with Raikou, the Electric Pokémon primarily based on the extinct saber tooth tiger.

10. Entei

Image Credit: The Pokemon Company.

Entei falls on the cat side of the equation in Generation 2 as the second of the legendary beast trio. It, too, has similarities to the saber tooth tiger with its fanged mouth and lion qualities. The Fire Pokémon is also one of the most prominent cat-like Pokémon on this list, with the movie it starred in.

11. Suicune

Suicune 245 Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Of the three legendary beasts in Gen 2, Suicune is the most, unlike-a-cat Pokémon. There are feline-like appearances to it, somewhat in the vein of being like a panther or leopard, but it more resembles a canine than the others. That said, it still deserves mention for its gorgeous appearance and box art mascot achievement.

12. Skitty

Skitty Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Moving into Generation 3, Skitty brought back the classic Normal cat Pokémon. This time, it traded Meowth's talking cat nature for a pink and yellow adorable kitty companion. If there was an award for the cutest cat on this list, Skitty might just win it.

13. Delcatty

Delcatty Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Delcatty is the evolved form of the Normal type of Skitty and sees it grow into a beautiful older cat. There is an Upper Class feel to this Pokémon with its coat around its neck and the upgrade from pink and yellow to now purple and yellow. Not as memorable as Skitty, but still worth mentioning.

14. Absol

Absol Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Absol is another strange Pokémon on this list that may or may not be a cat. There are some feline qualities in its coat and walking pattern, plus the sheer visual greatness of the fan-favorite Disaster Pokémon.

15. Shinx

Shinx Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

In Gen 4, Game Freak went all out with a three-stage Electric cat Pokémon line. Starting with Shinx, this adorable kitten has some strength that it hides in its cheerful appearance.

16. Luxio

Luxio Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The evolution of Shinx, Luxio, is a more menacing cat with its darker mix of blue and black fur plus the less happy face it has on. Though it isn’t as appealing as its pre-evolution or evolution, it is a staple from Gen 4.

17. Luxray

Luxray Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Luxray is one of the best cat Pokémon in the entire series for showing how fearsome a feline Pocket Monster can be. Though it should be a Dark type, the Electric Pokémon has a stunning lion’s mane of fur in its great appearance.

18. Glameow

Glameow Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Glameow is a snooty cat that isn’t that useful or powerful, feeling like the lesser form of Delcatty. That said, it is far and away better than its horrific evolution.

19. Purugly

Purugly Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Purugly lives up to its name as the evolution of Glameow, trading the at least decent appearance of the previous cat Pokémon for a disturbingly angry mess. It can’t be doubted that it is a cat for sure, but one you won’t want to meet on the streets.

20. Leafeon

Leafeon Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Eevee evolutions returned in Gen 4 with the release of Leafeon, the Grass version of Eevee. It has one of the most original and one-of-a-kind designs for a cat-themed Pokémon.

21. Glaceon

Glaceon Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The Ice type Eeveelution known as Glaceon is one of the strongest examples of a sassy cat-like Pokémon. Its design is relatively simple but effective in getting this icy cat across.

22. Purrloin

Purrloin Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Purrloin is a bizarre Gen 5 Pokémon. Its design isn’t the worst, but the devilish Dark cat nature might be hit or miss for some players.

23. Liepard

Liepard Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The evolution of Purrloin, Liepard, is the definition of beautiful yet dangerous. It truly gets a growth spurt for the better from its previous form, feeling mischievous and unique for a cat Pokémon.

24. Litleo

Litleo Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Gen 6 saw the release of Litleo, a Fire and Normal lion cub Pokémon that is a bit of a runt in that game. It doesn’t look the best as the first actual lion Pokémon in the series, but it gets better from here.

25. Pyroar

Pyroar Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Pyroar is a massive improvement over the derpy Litleo, keeping the same double typing but blossoming into the lion and lioness it was always supposed to be. The gender differences are impressive, feeling almost like two different Pokémon.

26. Espurr

Espurr Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Espurr couldn’t be any different from the other cats in Gen 6, being a shaken little kitten that stands on two legs. This Psychic cat has undoubtedly seen some things in its life.

27. Meowstic

Meowstic Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Meowstic is the evolution of Espurr and doesn’t change much other than some intriguing design differences. It feels grander and almost like a different Pokémon line, especially with the vastly different gender appearances that are both equally fantastic.

28. Sylveon

Sylveon MSN
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company.

The final Eeveelution for Eevee (up until this point) is also one of the best. The Fairy version of Eevee goes full-on lovable with pink, baby blue, and white that players will want to show off to others.

29. Litten

Litten Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

For the first time ever, Game Freak offered a cat as a starter Pokémon for players to pick up. Litten is the fan-favorite starter for several Gen 7 players as a black and red cat that feels unique compared to other starters.

30. Torracat

Torracat Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Torracat feels like a dangerous tomcat, which is unique but perhaps could be a better design. This evolution to Litten suffers from the common middle-stage starter evolution design struggles.

31. Incineroar

Incineroar Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Love it or hate it, Incineroar is a final starter evolution that certainly leaves its mark. The Fire and Dark cat gets a humanoid appearance change that sets it up as a wrestling phenom.

32. Solgaleo

Solgaleo Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Gen 7 didn’t just break trends with the starters, but the legendary Pokémon, too. For the first time, there was a legendary cat Pokémon in the Sun box art Solgaleo. This Psychic and Steel type might have a strange type combination, but there’s no doubt this lion legendary is one of the greatest in its category.

33. Zeraora

Zeraora Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Gen 7 still didn’t stop with the cat Pokémon, reinforcing with the final mythical in Zeraora. A simple Electric type, Zeraora has a somewhat humanoid appearance that is just fun enough not to feel like another Incineroar controversy.

34. Perrserker

Perrserker Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The sole Gen 8 new kitty, other than Galarian Meowth, is Meowth’s brand new evolution, Perrserker. This is one of the weirdest ideas for a cat Pokémon in a Steel-type Viking-inspired Pokémon.

35. Sprigatito

Sprigatito Cat Pokemon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Generation 9 brought back the cat starter Pokémon, but this time for the Grass one. Sprigatito is an adorable kitty cat that is tiny, even for a starter, and also one of the best cat Pokémon designs. It follows an intriguing path in the Gen 9 games, following in the footsteps of Litten in gaining the Dark type.

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