All Dog Pokémon, Including Generation 9

The joy of the Pokémon series is discovering the hundreds of unique Pokémon that exist, most of which are based on particular animals. A dog is one of the most prominent pets in the real world, so it is no surprise that dozens of dog Pokémon exist in the series. If you've wanted to know about all dog Pokémon, you’re in the right place.

With roughly three dozen up until this point in Generation 9, you can find the complete list of all dog Pokémon below in order of their Pokédex entries. It is noteworthy that every single generation of Pokémon games has had new dog Pokémon that they introduced.

1. Vulpix

Vulpix Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Starting this list in Generation 1 was the fox Pokémon Vulpix. Sure, Vulpix is, technically, a fox, as you will see some of the others on here, but they are distantly related enough to count. The cutesy Fire-type Pokémon is one of the best in Gen 1. It was made only better in Gen 7 with its Ice-type Alolan form.

2. Ninetales

Ninetales 038 Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Ninetales is the definition of gorgeous, a nine-tailed fox evolution of Vulpix. It was beautiful in Gen 1 but not the most useful, making its Ice and Fairy Alolan form in Gen 7 quite welcome.

3. Growlithe

Growlithe Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The other half of the Fire-type Gen 1 dog conversation is the ever-loyal and adorable Growlithe. The strange markings on this scruffy little pup give it an almost tiger feel, which is intriguing. Growlithe was arguably made better in Gen 8 with its Hisuian form.

4. Arcanine

Arcanine Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Arcanine is the alpha dog evolution for Growlithe which grows it into a majestic beast. The original Kantoian form is fine, but it was elevated with the Hisuian version.

5. Snubbull

Snubbull Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

In Gen 2, Game Freak took a bold approach with the rather unattractive bulldog Pokémon, Snubbull. While it isn’t the best-looking pup in the series, its rare Fairy type in that generation is intriguing.

6. Granbull

Granbull Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The evolution of Snubbull is somehow even worse than the original, trading the at least somewhat interesting pink and baby blue colors of the bulldog for a strange lavender-purple Fairy bulldog.

7. Houndour

Houndour Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The better dog Pokémon line in Gen 2 starts with the Fire/Dark Houndour. The hellhound-inspired puppy Pokémon is goofy as it tries to be so serious in its miniature form.

8. Houndoom

Houndoom Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Houndour evolves into Houndoom, the mightier hellhound that fully realizes its potential with its massive horns, skeletal parts, and a devil tail. It is one of the sharpest and best-designed dog Pokémon.

9. Smeargle

Smeargle Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Smeargle may not initially look like it, but this is a dog Pokémon standing on two feet. It is a gimmick Pokémon, having a painter's design that would have made Smeargle the perfect pet for Bob Ross.

10. Poochyena

Poochyena Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Poochyena took the menacing idea of Houndour but in Generation 3 as a pure Dark type. It has the idea of a wild puppy Pokémon, but there is still something cute about it.

11. Mightyena

Mightyena Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Mightyena sees the full realization of what Poochyena was aiming for, being a Dark type beast. This is one dog you won’t want to mess with if you see it in the streets.

12. Electrike

Electrike Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Electrike is another strange Pokémon that is apparently designed around being an Electric dog in Gen 3. The green color scheme is odd, but Electrike has some fans.

13. Manectric

Manectric Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Manectric is one of the stranger evolutions out there, looking quite different from its pre-evolution, Electrike. It has some dog qualities in its face, but this is easily missable with its bizarre cone head design.

14. Riolu

Riolu Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

One of the best and most popular dog Pokémon lines begins with the lovable Riolu in Gen 4. The Fighting puppy runs around on two feet, having Robin Hood and fox-like touches to its appearance.

15. Lucario

Lucario Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Lucario is, technically, a dog Pokémon but there are some foxy touches to the beloved Fighting/Steel Gen 4 Pokémon. Its distinct masked blue dog design is one of the best in the series.

16. Lillipup

Lillipup Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Gen 5 brought the series back to the basics with Lillipup. This Normal-type dog doesn’t have much going for it, but it sure is cute, at least.

17. Herdier

Herdier Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The evolution of Lillipup in Herdier intrigues by continuing the design motif and showing off an older, more mature dog, even if it isn’t the most useful.

18. Stoutland

Stoutland Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The final stage of the series's first-ever three-stage dog Pokémon line featured the wise old Stoutland. This dog has been through a lot and is a leader for the other pups in the Unova region.

19. Zorua

Zorua Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

One stand-out Pokémon in the fifth generation is Zorua and its evolution. This fox is perhaps the best of its kind in the series, being a mysterious Dark type that is so great at looking cuddly and dangerous simultaneously. It was made better with its Ghost and Normal type in Gen 8.

20. Zoroark

Zoroark Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Zoroark is the evolved form of Zorua and the Dark impostor Pokémon. Already amazing, it was made better in Gen 8 with its powerful Hisuian form.

21. Fennekin

Fennekin Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The first dog Pokémon starter is Fennekin, a nice mix of a fox and a puppy. The beautiful Fire starter from Gen 6 is arguably the best of the three in its base form.

22. Braixen

Braixen Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Braixen is one of the rare examples of an awesome middle-stage starter Pokémon that doesn’t look awkward or bad. The switch to a bipedal fox isn’t too drastic, either.

23. Delphox

Delphox Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The final evolution of the Fire Gen 6 starter line is Delphox, one of the more controversial dog or fox Pokémon in the series. The witch design is intriguing and highly detailed.

24. Furfrou

Furfrou Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The Gen 6 single-stage dog Pokémon, Furfrou, might be a Normal Pokémon, but it has a unique gimmick in that players can give it a makeover to look drastically different than its messy base form.

25. Rockruff

Rockruff Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Rockruff’s name gives away what it is: a Gen 7 Rock-type puppy Pokémon. It has one of the cutest designs, mixing that rock theme with a fluffy little dog.

26. Lycanroc

Lycanroc Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Lycanroc is the fearsome evolution of Rockruff, featuring a drastic overhaul into the pack leader that it becomes, having a solid wolf style. Better yet, Lycanroc has three different forms set at the times of the day, allowing you to choose which works best for you.

27. Nickit

Nickit Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

You can make only so many designs for a fox Pokémon before it starts to get a little old. That is part of the issue with Nickit, an okay thieving fox that feels a little too familiar at times.

28. Thievul

Thievul Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Thievul is the evolved form of Nickit in Gen 8 and a slightly more unique Dark Pokémon. The thievery fox motif continues and strengthens, but it, too, suffers from the “been there, done that” mentality.

29. Yamper

Yamper Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The true star when it comes to non-legendary dogs in Gen 8 has to do with Yamper. This is the Corgi Pokémon fans were waiting for and the Electric little buddy delivered on all cylinders.

30. Boltund

Boltund Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The evolved form of Yamper, Boltund, might not have the charm that its predecessor has, but there’s no doubting how stylish it is in its race car-like appearance. This duo undoubtedly fixed the mistakes of an Electric dog Pokémon that the Electrike line failed to live up to.

31. Zacian

Zacian Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

One of the intriguing parts of Sword & Shield is that Game Freak offered two box art legendaries that are sibling dogs. For half the fans, there is Zacian, the sword-wielding doggo that is the impressive Steel and Fairy type with a sleek design befitting its regal nature.

32. Zamazenta

Zamazenta Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

On the other hand, for the Shield fans out there, Zamazenta was the legendary they’d receive. Bulkier and bolder in its color choices, the intense body armor choice fits right for this Fighting and Steel type in its Crowned Shield form.

33. Fidough

Fidough Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

Generation 9 saw the release of more dog Pokémon, starting with Fidough. This Fairy dog is one of the goofier Pokémon of the generation, being a raw dough dog. Mixing bread and a puppy seems weird, but it strangely works in this cute little package.

34. Greavard

Greavard Dog Pokémon
Image Credit: Pokémon

The other main dog Pokémon in Generation 9 is Greavard, the Ghost-type dog. This first for the series is cuddly and cute on the one hand and tragic on the other, as Greavard is a dead dog who just wants to make friends and play with humans.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t realize that spending time with living beings causes it to naturally drain their life force until they’re dead and gone.

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