All Might vs. Naruto

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Anime as an art for draws inspiration from many facets of pop culture. On one hand are ninjas that can run vertically and hop from tree to tree all while unleashing almost magically charges attacks in a battle to the death. On the other, heroes born with quirks that develop overtime until the children discover their latent super abilities, at which time, they then are scouted to enroll at a school that focuses the enhancement of said quirk in a curriculum approved and developed by heroes themselves. The two worlds collide. Who will prevail?

In a battle of All Might vs. Naruto, who would win? All Might may be a prominent and is lauded as one of the strongest character in the BNHA series but even he cannot hold a candle to the battle prowess Naruto has, let alone stand up to Naruto’s techniques and justus. All Might may be strong in his own right but Naruto just outpaces and outclasses him in every aspect relevant to a 1v1.

All Might vs. Naruto

Before we dive in, let’s get to know Naruto and All Might in their respective universes first before we discuss who might win in a 1v1.

Naruto Uzumaki is the son of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and a direct descendant of the Uzumaki clan, Kushina Uzumaki. Because of a tragic incident that almost destroyed his home village when he was born, Naruto then housed the Kurama, the Nine-Tails Beast, in his body in an effort to prevent the demon from rampaging.

Becasue of this he was shunned by his peers and fellow villagers. This scorn directed towards him drove him to seek recognition by becoming the next Hokage; a feat he achieves by the end of the anime series.

All Might, real name: Toshinori Yagi, is lauded by the BNHA universe as the “greatest hero in the world”. Bearing the title of “Symbol of Peace”, his efforts at deterring and repelling crime has brought an almost absolute stability in Japan. He was also able to defeat his nemesis, All for One, an achievement the former holders of his quirk, One for All, cannot boast about.

His victory may have been sweet but in the battle against All for One, All Might received injuries that would later cause him to retire from being a superhero.

Naruto and All Might may be comparable but may people agree that Naruto should have the upper hand over the senior superhero. This is because even without augmentation, Naruto as dozens of techniques he can use on All Might to turn the fight in his favor while All Might simple has his body and his superhuman strength.

This isn’t to say the All Might is weak, not at all. It is simply because Naruto fights a different battle than All Might that gives Naruto the inevitable edge in battle.

Who Could All Might Beat in Naruto?

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All Might may lose to Naruto but not everyone from the Naruto universe can beat the greatest hero in the world. Here are some characters that would lose to All Might in a 1v1.


Gamabunta is the iconically known as the warrior of the toad sages and is a close companion of Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sanin. A formidable character in his own right, Gamabunta unfortunately still does not hold a candle to the sheer strength that All Might can exhibit especially when its easy for All Might to be able to lock down Gamabunta due to the shinobi’s rotund figure.


Tenten is an incredibly capable shinobi on her own in that she is proficient in almost any tool that sha has to use in order to turn the tide of battle in her favor. You can say she is the closest figure to a weaponmaster we can see in the anime series. Unfortunately, All Might immune to any weapon or projectile because he is capable of just smashing those all away before they even hit him.


Ideally, Shikamaru has the means to win over All Might with his shadow possession jutsu. The only problem is that the jutsu itself can be broken apart through sheer force which All Might has in spades. With, Shikamaru’s main source of damage nulled, its only a matter of time before the shinobi succumbs to the brute strength All Might exhibits.

Who is Stronger, Naruto VS All for One?

All for One, surname: Shigaraki, is the infamous villain from the hit anime series Boku No Hero Academia and is the leader, master, and benefactor of the ominous League of Villains. All Might’s arch-nemesis and Japan’s most powerful villain, his identity is shrouded in mystery and his only goal is to get rid of the one quirk that can destroy his, One for All.

By using Tomura Shigaraki as a vessel, All for One aims to become stronger by pludering and absorbing various quirks until eventually, he bocomes unstoppable enough that One for All cannot contest his existence and he’ll be able to conquer the world.

We can safely assume that, with out any “quirks” to plunder from Naruto, he objectively has no other way to gain the upper hand in a 1v1 adn the shinobi can easily pummel All for One into submission. So much for the greatest villain alive.

Can All Might Beat Sasuke?

Fans of the anime are acutely aware of how strong Sasuke gets by the end of his story with Naruto. After leaving the village and getting brought back home by his sworn rival and brother, he has since then become proficient in swordfighting, illusion techniques, chakra manipulation and many other skills that can help him win over All Might in a 1v1.

And win, he does. Sasuke already has enough tool and skills in his arsenal to be able to beat All Might in his prime, albeit not easily. If we consider Sasuke’s Susano’o as well, then All Might just stands no chance once the shinobi becomes the embodiment of a grim reaper.

Can Boruto Beat All Might?

Fans of both Naruto and BNHA would likely agree that All Might would never seriously fight with a literal child no matter who or what they are. Even if he has to, All Might would simply just try to get the match over with as quickly as possible with the least amount of violence he can get away with.

Boruto may be a prodigy, but what All Might lacks in knowledge about techniques and justus, he makes up fro with battle hardened senses and experience, some thing Boruto has yet to learn and experience for himself.