All the Call Backs Found in the Rise of Skywalker (And a Few Easter Eggs)

rise of skywalker call backs

The Rise of Skywalker call backs and Easter Eggs 

The new Star Wars films have done a fine effort in making callbacks to the films that came before. By going back and forth the films become a more comprehensive story where their elements and themes entwine, offering a really sustaining viewing experience.

Or perhaps callbacks are just fun fan service…

Either way, just like The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi did some pretty awesome shout outs to the past films, The Rise of Skywalker has done some amazing riffs and rhymes on what has come before.

It does a fine job of rounding out the sequel trilogy and ending the saga.

JJ Abrams and fellow scriptwriter Chris Terrio (Batman v Superman, Justice League) have slipped in a few Easter eggs as well…

  • Luke raises his X-Wing from the water on Achto Island. As he does, Yoda's theme plays which is a direct call back to when Luke witnesses Yoda raise the same X-Wing from the water of the Degobah swamp in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • When Ben has a vision of Han Solo, Han says “I know” which is clearly a call back to the famous line. 
  • Rey studies the sacred Jedi texts she stole from Luke in order to try to get inspiration about that to do about Palpatine.
  • When Rey trains in the forest, she uses a training orb, the same as Luke did in ANH. The same one was found again by Finn during the Force Awakens when he was looking for first aid items for Chewbacca. 
  • B-Wing space fighters are seen for the first time since the Return of the Jedi.
  • The Emperor's ‘spider' throne was inspired by a design that concept artist Ralph McQuarrie made for the Return of the Jedi. 
  • In the scene were C3PO has his circuits rewired by Babu Frick, look in the background – you'll see a retired Battle Droid which was first featured in The Phantom Menace. Roger Roger!
  • Lando Calrissian's return marks a gap of 36 years since he was last seen in Return of the Jedi. 
  • The friendly Ewok, Wicket also returns. Played again by Warwick Davis, who was child when he first played the role. Since Jedi, Davis has become a fan favourite and made cameo appearances in every Star Wars film produced since Jedi.
  • TROS is the ninth and final Star Wars movie score composed by John Williams
  • Emperor Palpatine's return despite his supposed death at the hands of Anakin Skywalker in Jedi means the character has appeared 6 times in Star Wars.  
  • Anthony Daniels goes four films better than in McDiarmid's six – Daniels is the only actual actor to appear in all 9 saga films.
  • The initial working title of this film was ‘Black Diamond, before it became TrIXe – spot the roman numeral for nine in that name. Star Wars has a long history of cool working titles. 
  • Horses were used during filming – the first time this happened in Star Wars. The animals were CGI too look like alien horses.
  • John Boyega, who plays Finn managed to leave his script under his bed – he moved apartments and neglected it. Eventually, it made its way for sale on Ebay – at which point Disney stepped in and bought the script before it was sold on the site. 
  • Wedge Antillies returns!
  • When Luke says to Rey “Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi. Your destiny.” Luke rephrases Yoda's quote to him in Empire to Rey.
    han and ben solo shrug mannerism
  • Ben Solo exhibits mannerisms like Han Solo. Once Ben Solo is recovered from the hold Palpatine had over him, on Exogol, he shoots a red guard without looking at him as per Han did in The Force Awakens at Maz Kanata's Castle and he does the same pose that Han did in front of the bunker in Jedi – it's a great call back but also really shows the view that Kylo Ren is now well and truly Ben Solo. Kylo also tells one of his First Order men to stop talking with a raised hand which is how Han would tell C3PO to zip it. 
  • At the old Skywalker moisture farm, Rey slides down the sand – this is a direct call back to when she does the same in The Force Awakens on Jakku. This signifies that the events of TROS have not broken her spirit – she's still playful. 
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