Altcoin Season Is in The Corner: Big Gainers Will Be Algorand, Polygon, and Budblockz

Even if you’re new to the crypto market, you might have heard the term ‘altcoin season’ being thrown around.

Altcoin season is when cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin increase in price during a Bitcoin price drop.

Checking the charts, one can easily spot that Bitcoin has experienced a price decrease since last year.

This places coins like Budblockz (BLUNT), Algorand (ALGO), and Polygon (MATIC) in a prime position to become the biggest gainers in the digital currency market.

Below, we’ll see the key reasons why investors need to place focus on these three coins to maximize their returns on investment.

Budblockz (BLUNT)

Even though cannabis has been legalized in several countries, enthusiasts still find it challenging to break into the industry and access marijuana products. Budblockz created a solution to increase the adoption and accessibility of cannabis products worldwide.

Budblockz’s advanced ecosystem utilizes decentralized blockchain tech to protect the marketplace and the personal data of users. It brought together a community of enthusiasts with the same goal of advancing fair opportunities within cannabis markets across the globe.

What makes Budblockz unique are the features that it offers its users. For one, the crypto project has minted a special collection of NFTs for its users who want to participate in its ecosystem.

These NFTs, referred to as Ganja Guruz NFTs, are only held by verified members, offering them the chance to become members in Budblockz dispensaries across the globe. Currently, Budblockz is looking to open cannabis dispensaries in California, Amsterdam, Portugal, and Belgium.

Another exciting feature is the play-to-earn feature that rewards quality gamers. The Budblockz Arcade has been established with the best games from 1998 available for gaming.

Once a gamer gets email notifications about the competitions and participates, they’d have the chance to win rewards in BLUNT and ETH.

Budblockz sold 26 million of its total token supply. As a result, the price rose from its initial $0.015 to $0.050, a 240% increase in just a couple of weeks. This places BLUNT among the top gainers among altcoins since the downtrend in the crypto market started.

Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand is a blockchain-based network that can be used for several applications. However, one of this coin's most impressive aspects is that it can handle more than 2,000 times the number of transactions that the Bitcoin network can handle.

Its founder, Silvio Micali, is also a recipient of the prestigious Turing Award. Using Algorand, transaction fees can be lowered, making it better than either the Bitcoin or the Ethereum networks.

In September 2022, the layer-1 blockchain network upgraded its system to boost its processing speed from 1,200 to 6,000 transactions per second. This update piqued investor interest and thrust ALGO in the spotlight – now expecting a significant price increase during the altcoin season.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is a platform that improves the scalability of the Ethereum network. Although the coin is similar to projects Polkadot and Avalanche, it comes with the added advantage of Ethereum’s security and active ecosystem.

Polygon’s unique Plasma framework, built on the proof-of-stake consensus system, allows each sidechain to attain more than 65,000 transactions per block.

In January 2023, Polygon announced it’d undergo a hard fork to lessen gas fees and improve user experience. This enhancement in Polygon’s network has not gone unnoticed by investors, and that’s why MATIC is expected to be a top gainer during the altcoin season.


The altcoin season is about to happen, and investors impatiently wait to place their funds to gain profits. Budblockz, Algorand, and Polygon are three coins set to give investors positive returns. Budblockz’s uniqueness, Polygon’s gas fee reduction, and Algorand’s increased transaction speed are expected to boost their respective prices.

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