20 Best Alternatives to Amazon in 2024

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Amazon is undoubtedly a household name, offering everything from books to electronics to pet products and fresh produce. The Amazon marketplace offers unparalleled convenience and a huge selection. You can find all kinds of products in bulk, get items from multiple different product categories all in one order, and get same-day or next-day delivery.

But as consumers become more conscious about their shopping choices, many are exploring alternatives. Whether you're looking for sustainable options, unique finds, or simply want to diversify your online shopping destinations, you can find the products you need on other online marketplaces and stores. 

Just heading to Google Shopping isn't enough to find unique, trusted, and reliable brands. But we've done our research and looked at over 70 alternative marketplaces and e-commerce businesses and come up with a list of 23 Amazon alternatives we think you'll love, no matter if you're shopping for cruelty-free beauty products, reusable ear swabs, affordable furniture, quirky items, or digital cameras.

Pro tip: Many small businesses find themselves forced to sell on the Amazon marketplace to get exposure and make consistent sales. Do them a solid and google their brand, then shop directly with them if you can. You'll likely be able to save money on your order as well as help out a small business.

Short On Time? Here Are Our Top 5 Amazon Alternatives for 2023

Best For Pet Products: Chewy

Best For Organic Groceries: Thrive Market

Best For Sustainable, Ethical Products: EarthHero

Best For General Marketplace: eBay

Best For Unique and Handcrafted Items: Etsy

Reasons to Look for Alternatives

Amazon, with its lightning-fast shipping and vast inventory, has undeniably transformed the way we shop. But there's a whole world of online shopping beyond its digital walls. By branching out, you're making a conscious choice that can have a ripple effect.

When you opt for smaller platforms or niche online stores, you're directly bolstering small entrepreneurs and artisans. This support can be a lifeline for many businesses.

And many of these platforms offer a selection of unique, handcrafted, or artisanal items that can bring a touch of individuality to your home or wardrobe.

Beyond the product selection, there's a growing emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices. I'm hopeful that most of us are looking for ways to live a little greener and be gentler on our planet. And if we can do it at a good price, that's even better. Many alternative platforms champion these values, offering products that are not only beautiful but also kind to our planet. Remember, every tiny change you make has a huge impact on our fragile planet.

You'll also find the shopping experience on smaller platforms is often more intimate and personalized. The customer service feels less robotic and more human. And you can most likely speak to a well-informed human far more easily than when dealing with Amazon.

Plus, there's a certain charm in receiving a package that feels like it was put together with care, perhaps even with a handwritten note.

While Amazon is known for competitive pricing, you'd be surprised at the deals and unique offers you can find elsewhere, whether that's at online marketplaces like eBay or Etsy, or smaller boutique stores.

Sometimes, the best price isn't on Amazon, and the thrill of finding a great deal on another platform is its own reward. It really does pay to shop around. 

Ethical Considerations

For many, avoiding Amazon is about more than just finding the best deal. A growing number of people are actively seeking Amazon alternatives on principle or as an ethical and moral choice. 

Amazon's meteoric rise to ecommerce dominance is a testament to its ability to provide unparalleled convenience and selection. But this success story has come at a cost. The ethical considerations surrounding Amazon are multifaceted, and they're a key concern for many shoppers who now prefer to make their purchases elsewhere.

A significant point of contention is the company's treatment of its employees. Over the years, we've seen many reports about the grueling working conditions in Amazon warehouses. Employees have spoken out about the intense pressure to meet targets, leading to skipped breaks and a lack of time even for basic needs. The company's use of stringent monitoring systems, where workers' every move is tracked is also a decisive issue.

Low wages are another sore point. While Amazon has made strides in recent years by increasing its minimum wage in certain regions, critics argue that it's not enough, especially given the demanding nature of many of its jobs. The disparity between the earnings of warehouse workers and the astronomical wealth of Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, has also been a point of critique, highlighting issues of wealth inequality. Not too long ago, there was an outcry because so many of Amazon's lower-level employees had to rely on food stamps to survive.

Then there's Amazon's aggressive business model, which has often been at the expense of smaller retailers. By undercutting competitors, Amazon has driven many smaller businesses to the brink, leading to concerns about reduced market diversity and the monopolization of the e-commerce space.

It goes beyond the basic business model, too. Privacy concerns, such as Amazon allowing any employee or contractor to view Ring customer's private videos and feeds have made a large number of consumers look elsewhere for their online purchases. 

Other issues that make people look for alternatives to Amazon include concerns over product legitimacy, origin, carbon footprint, and more. 

Yes, lots of us still use Amazon more often than we care to admit. There are lots of bargains to be found, and there's no denying its convenience and wide selection. But when we want to shop a wide range of ethical alternatives, sustainable products, and handmade items, there are actually plenty of options, if we just know where to look.

1. Chewy: Tailored Pet Care Delivered to Your Doorstep

For pet parents seeking a dedicated platform that understands their unique needs, Chewy is our number one choice. With its vast selection of pet products and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Chewy has carved a niche for itself in the online pet supply market, offering a solid alternative to Amazon for pawrents.

Whether you're searching for premium dog food, specialized cat toys, or even supplies for more exotic pets like birds and reptiles, Chewy probably has it. If you're like me, with a multi-pet household, it's great being able to find everything I need for all of their food, health care, and playtime needs, all in the same place. 

Chewy also competes well with Amazon on shipping times. It gets the majority of its orders to customers in 48 hours. So your furkids don't have to wait too long for their goodies.

Managing pet medications is a hassle, but Chewy simplifies the process with a seamless prescription service, letting you get your pets' medication delivered to your door. You'll probably find these prescriptions cheaper than your veterinarian and other pharmacies.

Questions about a product? Need assistance with an order? Chewy's customer service is there to help, any time of the day. They are renowned for their helpful, dedicated 24/7 customer support service.

Unlike most retailers, including Amazon, Chewy offers a full year for returns on most products, which is pretty amazing. They've also got a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. And they'll also pay for return shipping. 

2. Thrive Market: A Fresh Take on Healthy Living

Are you tired of overpaying for organic groceries? Thrive Market is here to change that. This online marketplace offers a curated selection of top-selling, organic groceries at wholesale prices, making healthy living more accessible and affordable. Unlike big box stores that often stock conventional items, Thrive Market ensures that everything they offer is either organic or sustainably sourced.

Thrive Market's products are all either organic or non-GMO, and they have a list of 500 harmful ingredients that they promise never to stock. One of the things I like most about Thrive Market is its low prices. It's working hard to make sure organic, healthy food is affordable and widely available. Plus, with their membership program, you'll save money on every order (up to 30% off manufacturer-suggested retail price), get free products, and have access to specials and discounts before anyone else.

And they offer price matching. So if you find the same product elsewhere at a lower price, Thrive Market will price match it for you, so you never have to pay more for quality, healthy groceries.

3. EarthHero: Sustainable Shopping for a Better Planet

EarthHero is one of the best ethical alternatives to Amazon for a huge range of eco-friendly products. They have the highest ethical standards, and their commitment to sustainability is legendary.

EarthHero products are free from harmful ingredients and are often organically grown. They also have a large stock of items that contain recycled synthetic materials. Free from single-use plastic and toxic ingredients, EarthHero products are good for you, gentle on the environment, and aren't excessively expensive.

Their catalog is extensive, and you'll find sustainable options in healthy and beauty products, stuff for kids, clothing and accessories, tech, travel, zero waste, and more. 

EarthHero is also one of the growing numbers of ecommerce businesses that are signed up for 1% for the Planet, so 1% of the profit from each order goes directly toward the fight for positive environmental change.

4. eBay: A Dynamic Marketplace for Unique Finds and Bargains

No list of Amazon alternatives would be complete without eBay. It's long been the marketplace of choice for people seeking unique items, vintage finds, or simply great deals. Its auction-style listings mean you can usually find what you're looking for, whether it's a spare part for your campervan conversion or a bulk box of your favorite candies.

While it offers a solid foundation with a long history and good reputation, this popular marketplace does share some of the same issues as Amazon, such as concerns over an item's quality or origin. But there's always plenty of info in the customer reviews and seller feedback section, so as long as you do your research, you shouldn't encounter too many issues. And eBay has very good customer support. 

It's also a solid choice if you're looking for an alternative marketplace for sellers. Selling on eBay is more accessible than Amazon for many people, particularly if you just want to sell a few of your personal possessions that you don't want anymore. 

I like eBay. It's not the best place for handcrafted masterpieces, but there are always some wonderful vintage finds, and I frequently make bulk purchases for essentials like kitchen towels or lightbulbs at really good prices.

5. Etsy: A Haven for Unique and Handcrafted Treasures

For those who cherish the unique, the handcrafted, and the personal touch, Etsy is a brilliant alternative to Amazon. Yes, it's a handmade marketplace, but you can also find craft supplies, vintage items, and other wonderful curiosities.

Etsy acts as a platform for independent crafters, artists, and artisans to showcase their unique treasures. One of the things I like most about Etsy is the sheer diversity of products. I can hop on there and find a gardening gift for my homesteading buddies, a beautiful handmade knitted sweater for one of the littles, and something wonderfully darkly esoteric for a friend who is a fan of the weird and the macabre. So Etsy gives me the convenience and selection of power of Amazon but for handmade and vintage items. And craft supplies (you can never have too many of those!). 

And it's a great marketplace for sellers. It's really simple to use, it doesn't take long to set up your Etsy shop, and it has a really low barrier to entry, so it's perfect for any seller, even if they're new to selling their creations online. 

6. Uncommon Goods: An Aladdin's Cave of Unique Finds

Uncommon Goods is the place for you if you crave the unique, the beautiful, and the downright quirky. This online marketplace is home to loads of indie creators, each offering their own unique products. 

You'll find an extraordinarily wide range of products, from jewelry to personal care items, to home goods. They also offer Uncommon Experiences that range from coffee tasting to tarot reading to sun printing. There's also Uncommon Subscriptions and a perks club that buyers can join for free shipping, specials, exclusives, and more.

As a certified B Corp, Uncommon Goods champions social and environmental responsibility. With a commitment to quality and a penchant for the extraordinary, it's no wonder that many consider Uncommon Goods a refreshing alternative to mainstream online marketplaces like Amazon.

7. Bookshop.org: Supporting Local Bookstores with Every Purchase

Bookshop.org is something different and a real force for good for those who don't want to see the online giants like Amazon force smaller independent stores out of business. Every book you buy directly supports independent bookstores.

They have an enormous selection of titles across every genre, whether you need an academic text or the latest sci-fi installment from your favorite author. Bookshop.org periodically champions books from specific cultures or communities. 

I love a good deal, especially on books. I have an insane TBR list that just keeps growing! Bookshop.org regularly features special offers on various titles, from new releases to timeless classics, which just makes my TBR list even longer. I saw a meme that said, “It's not hoarding if it's books”, and I have now adopted this philosophy!

8. Made Trade: Ethical and Sustainable Shopping Redefined

If you're an ethical consumer who enjoys sustainable, eco-friendly, socially conscious homewares and clothing, you should definitely check out Made Trade. This woman-owned, family-run business has a huge selection of products from around the world that meet rigorous ethical standards.

Made Trade focuses on products that use sustainable materials and brands that have fair labor rates and practices. So your purchases are contributing to a fairer, more just world, as well as having a gentle environmental impact.

I like the idea of ethical sourcing, protecting both workers and the planet. And Made Tradfe also manages to do it at a fair price point without compromising on quality.

9. Food52: Elevating Your Culinary Experience with Artisanal Finds

From artisnal charcuterie to Holiday decor and small kitchen appliances, Food52 is an established marketplace for foodies and folks who like to make their home and culinary adventures unique. Food52 lets you get away from the mass-produced everyone's-got-one-ness of Amazon and similar marketplaces. Instead, the curated collections at Food52 offer something different. Artisnal pantry supplies, ranging from cheese and honey to spices and specialty teas and coffees, are right next door to handcrafted ceramics and specialty appliances. 

They've got a really wonderful selection of products, and Food52 is my go-to for gifts for foodies. I have several people who love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, and I know that I'll always find fabulous gifts for them at this online store.

You'll also find a great collection of recipes from the Food52 community, as well as tutorials, food history info, and more. And, sometimes, you'll find exclusive and limited edition products from one Food52 collaborations with artists and designers that you won't find anywhere else.

10. UrbanKissed: Conscious Shopping with a Stylish Twist

UrbanKissed is the go-to online store for the ethical consumer looking for sustainable fashion products. It's an increasingly popular Amazon alternative for sustainable, conscious, ethical fashion. All represented brands are committed to ethical practices, and all products are sustainable. You'll find beauty products, homeware, and fashion, alongside jewelry, bags, and accessories. 

Everything is shipped in eco-friendly packaging, and you can find out about the origins of each product, and its journey from source to store. Shopping at UrbanKissed, you're also supporting a global community of artisans and product makers, providing sustainable income and preserving traditional crafts. 

11. ThriftBooks: Rediscover the Joy of Reading Affordably

I'm a huge fan of real, paper books. The smell. The feel. The whole experience. So I, obviously, adore ThriftBooks. It has a huge, ever-changing stock of titles across every conceivable genre. It's a sustainable alternative to Amazon, providing affordable reading options and encouraging the reuse of books. 

And it's not just for fiction. If you're studying and you're on a budget, this is a great, reliable marketplace to check out before you splash out on a brand-new textbook. The prices are hard to beat, with most books offered at a fraction of their original price.

They've got a nice rewards program, too, where you build points with every purchase that you can eventually redeem for free books. 

12. Best Buy: Your Trusted Destination for Electronics and More

Best Buy is a hugely popular alternative ecommerce platform for consumer electronics, appliances, and popular tech products. There's a huge selection of products, ranging from the latest Apple Watch or iPhone to desktops, laptops, and household appliances. They also offer a cashback credit card, which is worth a look if you're a frequent customer. 

Best Buy is well-known for its ultra-competitive pricing and its often spectacular daily deals. So if you're looking for tech products, it's well worth checking Best Buy's prices and current promotions.

You'll find the staff, known as “Blue Shirts”, are helpful and knowledgeable, so if you're less tech-savvy, you can still get expert help to choose the right product. Best Buy also has a price match guarantee, so if you find the same product somewhere else, they'll match the price. 

I like that Best Buy has stores as well as their website, so if you don't quite know your techy stuff, you can go in, speak to a helpful human, and look at, touch, and try out the products to get a feel for which one is the best match. 

Best Buy's Geek Squad services are also super-useful. They offer installation and repairs and ongoing support and advice for your purchases.

13. Newegg: A Tech Enthusiast's Dream Destination

Newegg is a popular platform for tech products. It caters to a wide customer base, from students who just need a basic notebook, to tech-savvy buyers who want the latest specialist bit of kit or are building a custom gaming rig.

I like Newegg for tech products because it has specialist knowledge, and great, experienced customer support, and its website is chock-full of detailed reviews and specs for each product. So, for me, it hands-down does a much better job of selling popular tech products (and super-specialized products and components) than Amazon.

Newegg's prices are already pretty competitive, but the daily deals and flash sales really make a difference. You have the daily opportunity to make big savings on whatever tech product you need.

14. REI: The Outdoors Enthusiast's Trusted Companion

REI is one of the best Amazon alternatives in the ecommerce space for outdoor goods. REI has retail stores across the country as well as a popular online store to better serve its user base. It caters to ordinary consumers who maybe just want a pair of really good boots for walking the dog, to seasoned climbers looking to gear up for their next adventure. And everyone in between. Specializing in outdoor gear and apparel, REI surpasses Amazon in terms of specialized customer service and product knowledge as well as product quality in many cases.

As a co-op, REI offers memberships that come with a host of benefits, including annual dividends, special offers, and a say in the company's direction. They also have high ethical standards for their employees and their products, supporting conservation efforts and running eco-friendly initiatives. 

As well as quality gear for any outdoor adventure, REI offers expert advice, workshops, and classes run by their in-house experts. 

Plus, they have a generous returns policy, as they understand that outdoor gear is highly specialized, and you may not select the right product on your first try.

15. Walmart: Your One-Stop Shop for Everyday Essentials

Walmart is a well-established American favorite for everything from body care products to electronics. It's got a huge product catalog and has very competitive pricing on many lines. With Walmart, you have the choice to shop online or in-store for extra convenience. In general, Walmart offers a solid foundation of quality, affordable products, ranging from popular tech products to craft supplies, clothing, and groceries, so it even competes with Amazon Fresh. 

The price-match guarantee is a nice offering. If you find an identical in-stock product online or in another store, they'll match it. The same applies if you find a product in a Walmart store that's cheaper at the Walmart website. 

You've also got plenty of delivery and pickup options. You can choose curbside pickup, same-day delivery, or standard delivery. And, if you pay for the Walmart+ membership, you can get free shipping with no minimum order value. Other benefits of Walmart+ membership include discounts on fuel, free video streaming, and early access to sales and discounts

16. LoveCrafts: Crafting a World Beyond Amazon

Now, it's true that Amazon has a massive selection of craft products. My problem with their craft catalog is that the quality varies so dramatically, and for most crafters, the quality of their supplies is critical to the success of their finished pieces. That's where LoveCrafts comes in. While they used to focus primarily on textile crafts like sewing, knitting, and crocheting, now you'll find a huge range of other craft supplies, including paper crafts and baking. 

Their yarn collection is impressive, as is their selection of macrame cord and craft patterns. You'll also have access to a really wonderful community of fellow crafters where you can get help, exchange ideas, or just chat about your favorite crafty things. 

And then there are the hundreds of free patterns and tutorials…

17. IKEA: Crafting Everyday Life with Sustainable Choices

For home furnishings, IKEA is a smart Amazon alternative. It's one of the better ethical alternatives for affordable furniture that also accounts for sustainable design. They have an extensive catalog of home living essentials from coffee tables and garden furniture to pots and pans for the kitchen. 

IKEA's products blend minimalism and functionality, sticking to their original ethos of Scandinavian simplicity, and elegance without extravagance. 

This global brand is well-known for its ethical sourcing of sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. I love IKEA, I've never had a bad experience with their products. They've all been simple to put together and have held up well to my busy household, and they're a great blend of quality and affordability.

Plus, with some of the product ranges, you can create custom furniture setups with their interactive tools. I did this for my office setup. It saved so much time and made sure I got everything I needed and that it would all fit into my available space.

18. HiveBrands: A Beacon of Sustainable and Ethical Shopping

HiveBrands is a hub for sustainable products that blend quality with conscience. This online sustainable marketplace is committed to helping to build a greener, healthier planet. HiveBrands has simplified the sustainable shopping experience, offering top-tier groceries from brands that share a vision for a better world.

With HiveBrands, your items arrive in recyclable packaging. Their commitment to zero waste means you can shop confidently, knowing you're reducing environmental impact with every purchase.

HiveBrands is on a mission to reduce environmental impact, including with their packaging. They have a clear vision for zero waste, which is why they emphasize the use of recyclable materials in all their packaging.

HiveBrands works with brands who are actively reducing their carbon footprint, so you can shop guilt-free. 

Social responsibility is important to lots of us, and it's good to know that HiveBrands works with partners who are committed to social good, uplifting communities and supporting causes that make a difference.

19. Public Goods: Elevate Your Sustainable Shopping Experience

 Public Goods made our list because it offers a range of products that are good for you and kind to our planet. If you've been searching for an alternative to Amazon that aligns with your eco-conscious values, Public Goods might just be your perfect match.

Public Goods uses bottles made from 100% recycled, post-consumer plastic, reducing waste and their carbon footprint.

All their products contain wholesome ingredients, free from harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates. They also offer organic, non-GMO groceries.

Beyond their products, Public Goods embeds eco-friendliness into their operations. Every shipment is carbon offset, minimizing environmental impact. And, for every order you place, Public Goods plants a tree, contributing to global reforestation.

Quality and sustainability often comes with a hefty price tag, but not with Public Goods. Because you're buying directly from the manufacturer or producer, you get high-quality sustainable goods at a better price point. 

20. Cost Plus World Market: A Global Shopping Experience at Your Fingertips

For those who have a penchant for unique, globally sourced items, Cost Plus World Market offers a fabulous shopping experience. This store offers a diverse range of products, from home decor and furniture to food and drink, all inspired by cultures from around the world. It's a delightful alternative to Amazon for those who value quality, variety, and a touch of the exotic in their shopping experience.

Cost Plus World Market has a global selection of unique products. Whether you're looking for decor from the Mediterranean or textiles from Southeast Asia, you can find it here. It's like taking a world tour without leaving the comfort of your home.

And don't forget the artisan foods, from the heady spices of Asia to French cheeses, or authentic Italian pasta. 

Who doesn't love a good deal? Cost Plus World Market frequently offers promotions and discounts. These sales events are a great opportunity to grab that item you've been eyeing or to indulge in a little retail therapy without breaking the bank.

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