Why Amateur Bloggers Should Avoid These 24 Mistakes

If you are amateur bloggers like me
You build your amateur blog when you have time

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Blogging part time makes your progress challenging
Because blogging is a very slow game
It takes hundreds of hours till
You start seeing light at the end of the tunnel

Please don't make it worth by doing
These 24 blogging mistakes listed below
So let me begin with

24 mistakes you should avoid as amareur blogges

1) Avoid free blogging platforms

You are building a successful blog
I assume this is your plan from day one
So avoid building your blog on free platform
You want to be in control of your blog
Using free platforms have all kind of limitations
You are sacrificing your success
Even if you manage to move your blog
You will lose all your traffic

Why? because all the backlinks built overtime
They will be pointing to your existing old platform
This mistake happened to amateur blogger I know well
He built his blog on blogger.com
He was not planning that one day
His blog will get momentum
He could not move and so he gave up

2) Avoid cheap web hosting

Similar to using free blogging platform
Using also cheap web hosting to minimize your costs
Keep in mind that part of your blogging success
Relies on reliable good web hosting

I recommend Siteground, If you find it expensive
Then Bluehost is the second best web hosting you should consider

Right now search engines have loading page speed
As one of the criteria they rank websites for
So not only you should rank for good contents based on
Targeted keywords and proper SEO but also
Page load speed comes into play as a ranking factor

3) Avoid gaps in writing your blog contents

Search engines especially Google
They have something called Googlebot
Also known as spider, robot or bot
They are used to discover newly created pages to build their index
It also creates a pattern of when it should visit
Your website for the next time to fetch new pages
It detects the best interval to expect new content
Based on how often you write new content

If you write a new content every week and then slow down to every month
Then it will visit you every month
That’s why you have to be consistent with your content creation
Make a plan and stick to it

4) Avoid being obsessive about layout and design

I don't mean to go with a crappy free theme
I mean you are one of the amateur bloggers
You and me have limited time
Sometimes we work around 4 hours per week
We have full time work and family to take care of

If let me say 4 hours is what we have per week
Then you should invest 3.5 hours writing content
Half an hour for all the rest
I spent 2 months when I first started my blog
Just to change themes and see what looks appealing to me

Save yourself that time and choose between
These 2 theme companies, they are the best in terms of
Simplicity, functionality and Support
I recommend you use either StudioPress or GeneratePress

avoid being obsessive about layout and design

5) Avoid not investing in proper tools or unnecessary spending

Reliable Web hosting

I know when you are starting your blog
You are not sure when you will make money
Even if you have a plan
You are not confident it is going to happen

That’s why it is very wise to invert in proper tools
Also cut unnecessary spending
Investing in your web hosting should be
Your number one priority

You need a reliable fast and secure web hosting
I recommend you choose between Siteground or BlueHost

Email Marketing Tool

Next priority for you is to invest in email marketing tool
As known as Autoresponder
Actually you don’t have to spend money
I will explain it to you
I recommend you use MailerLite
You don’t have to pay for the first 1,000 subscribers
Or the first 12,000 emails

This means if you have your first 1,000 subscribers
You can only send them 12 emails per month
I divided the 12,000 over 1,000 so
Each subscriber can receive 12 emails per month
Not bad as a start up plan

Social Media automation tool

I don’t recommend using social media scheduling tool for the first year
Why? because when you start blogging
You will have few blog posts
Wait till you have 50+ blog posts to share and build momentum

Keyword research tool

I highly recommend using Keyword research tool from day one
This is the only way you can build a significant traffic through SEO
Without it you act as you’re shooting in the dark

Why? because when you start blogging
If you consider writing your first blog posts
You need to consider targeting low competitive keywords

You can never get it accurately
By using Adwords keyword planner
Also you don’t want to spend much money using Moz or Ahref
They will make a hole in your pocket

I recommend you use Keysearch
I personally use it and I love it
Actually It took me time to find it

I provide a sign up link below for a permanent 30% discount on your monthly payment

==> Link to Keysearch 30% off discounted price <==

I personally use the Starter plan
I pay around 11$ monthly

Keysearch can list all the keywords with their competitions
I tend to find keywords which have competition score less than 40
Then I store these keywords in a folder called My List

Now I write my blog posts with my target keyword
Sometimes I choose 2-3 keywords
But I target one keyword throughout my post
I use my keyword in the title
Then on the first paragraph
During the middle and before the end

I don’t stuff my keyword
Google is smart enough to understand your main keyword

Keyword research Explorer

Also I realized a hidden treasure in Keysearch
I found a menu called Explorer
Go there and type any website
It will list all keywords they are using
Take these keywords, remove unnecessary ones

Go back to the Keyword research menu
Then select keyword research
Then select import keywords from the dropdown menu
Beside the search button Then paste your keywords there

One day I found 30 hidden keywords just from one website
These keywords are not listed during your regular searches

You need a good number of low competitive and high search volume keywords
Go and save them to My List

Your task now is to start writing articles
Where you target one to 3 keywords
But one main keyword across your blog post

Every blog post you complete
Choose one or two bookmarking sites and bookmark them
Then post it to your Facebook page
I recommend you build a Facebook page for each blog you own
Then add it to your rank tracking under Keysearch to monitor your ranking

Keep an eye on your domain authority (DA),
Page authority (PA) and domain score (DS)
At the beginning all values above will be zero
Domain authority is a search engine ranking score
it indicates how well any website will rank on search engines

The more you get your DA increased
The more you will get ranked for keywords you haven’t target your blog why
That’s why you see some competitive websites showing on Google first page
When you analyze the searched keyword
You may not find it matching exactly in Title

Be smart and target low competitive keywords with some search volume

6) Avoid spending much time on social media

Why I am saying that
Read my logic here
If it does not resonate with you
Don’t take my advise

Social media sites are all about booming articles
blog posts going crazy viral like fire in hay
You don’t know when it will happen

It can happen to you many times
But you cannot control it every time
To reach this high wave of traffic

Even if you get this much traffic
These visitors are not hanging on social media looking for a solution to their problems
They are just wasting time and having fun
Those are not targeted traffic like SEO

I am not saying to stop using social media
This is not what I meant
I meant use it wisely

Social media can teach you one thing
Which blog posts go viral and analyze them
Find out why they are unique

Google gets smarter day after day
They never expect to get high number of backlinks
When you have only less than 20 posts

You don’t even trust the vendor site
Where you are buying your backlinks from

I recommend you just focus on building content
Rather than building backlinks

Although backlinks act as a very major factor in ranking websites
Building it should come in a natural way

I recommend you comment on blogs
Although they are NoFollow links
I found that blogs using CommentLuv
They list the recent blog post from your blog
This can lead to some traffic to your blog

One more thing
There are some CommentLuv blogs that use DoFollow
You get some visitors plus a backlink to your blog

8) Avoid Corporate tone

I always use “I Me Mine”
Don't make fun of yourself
By acting in corporate tone

Like when visitors send you email
You reply back with something like
Our support department will get back to you within 48 hours
When they are really only you doing everything for your blog

People can really feel and tell
If you are one man show or not

9) Avoid not linking to others

I used to think sometime ago that
Linking to other websites will drain your energy

You have to link to others to show friendship
You can tell these bloggers that you linked to them
They can link back to you
Although they say reciprocal links are not beneficial

Actually they are because at least they drive traffic
Reading moving from one blog to another

10) Avoid not building email list

Although list building requires extra skills to learn
Like creating sales funnel so you give up building one

let me tell you
You are totally wrong
Speak to your subscribers as
Someone who is giving advise
Recommending products without being salsy

Right now you can start building email list
By using MailerLite
This free tool for up to 1,000 subscribers
You have nothing to lose here

11) Avoid falling in rut

It is inevitable feeling
I know how you feel
It happened to me so many times

The only way to keep myself focused
I imagine a long term task
Something that contributes to my success
Like my blog will make a good money
When I complete 300 blog posts on targeted keywords
Then after 5 completed posts

I remind myself that I am moving forward
I am close to my destination by 295 posts and so on

12) Avoid not doing SEO

Don't panic thinking that SEO is not for you
SEO is the only way to your success
Believe it or not

You will get sustainable traffic by using SEO
Again it is not hard if you target low hanging fruits
As known as low competitive keywords

Doing SEO without keyword research tool is tough
That's why I recommend using Keysearch

Track your ranking too and
Don't forget to use Webmaster and Google Analytics

13) Avoid sharing only your blog posts

Build a network of good bloggers that
You can keep as your friends
You share their blog posts and
They share yours

Not only you will help them but also
You will build your Facebook page quickly
Remember you cannot rely on submitting only
Your posts to your Facebook page
You need more articles to share

14) Avoid choosing irrelevant domain name to your niche

Although this has low impact on your blogging success
You can still rank for keywords and
Get traffic to your blog
It is just something
You want your audience to relate
What is your blog all about

It doesn’t make sense to have a finance blog
With a name like hirethegardener.com

15) Avoid cluttering your blog with Ads

Nothing is wrong about monetizing your blog using Ads
Just don’t overdo it
If you choose one Ad network then stick with it
For amateur bloggers don’t sign up for multiple Ad networks
Otherwise your blog with be full of Ads and
It will be hard to find your text

Your visitors will definitely not stay long
Especially if they are browsing from mobile

16) Avoid using popups

Popups can repel your visitors
Leave them with no option but to exit your page
Use it wisely like showing your Autoresponder after a minute or two
test it carefully by yourself
Especially Most users use their mobiles to browse webs pages

Make sure to see if they have an option to close the popups
Otherwise they will be blocked by a modal popup
They will leave your web page

I remember I tried to kill a popup on a website
I couldn’t so I left the page

17) Avoid hiding your best contents

Give away the best knowledge in your blog
This will not keep you dry for any ideas in your products
If you plan to create one or more products
You just reshape them
Present them in more details

Your audience will judge you based on your content
Don’t hold your best
That’s why it is called content marketing

18) Avoid copying other bloggers

Actually I created a weight loss tips blog
I was copying existing articles
Actually I felt dump but I had my excuse

I was totally ignorant in the topic I was writing about
As amateur bloggers always read more than you write
But when you write, come up with your own perception about the topic

For example, if you think blogging is tough
Say it and mention why you think this way
Don’t say what other bloggers say
If you don’t live it or feel it

mistakes amateur bloggers make

19) Avoid not doing keyword research

I spent a year writing epic blog posts
They are all based on competitive keywords
I thought writing good content was enough to get me ranked in Google

I realized best content based on competitive keywords are waste of time
Your blog should rise the ladder of success by targeting keywords that are low in competition

Lesson learned after wasting a year
Keyword research tool is a must from day one
I recommend using Keysearch
It is affordable and it can spy on your competitors’ blogs
Also it tracks your ranking for your blog

20) Avoid not knowing your audience

Think about your audience needs, wants and dreams
Think about their fears and concerns
You have certain knowledge in your niche
There are audience below and above your knowledge
For those who are below you
Talk to them to take them to your level

21) Avoid missing Google Analytics

Google Analytics will show you
A clear demographics on who reads your blog
Their age, gender and locations

You can use that for your benefit
If majority of your audience are women between 30 and 50
Then you know that you have mothers
Most of them with children

22) Avoid not treating your blog as a business

This can sound hypothetical
But any business needs a location
This is your web hosting
Secretary to call your clients
This is your email marketing tool

Blogging is a business but
It is a slow picking up business
That’s because there are no assets and no investments
You cannot consider what you pay for
Web hosting and email marketing tool as an investment

23) Avoid relying on one source of traffic

Although I am a big fan of SEO traffic as best source
But also I recommend not to rely on it as the single source of traffic
If you are building an authority site
You would get traffic from your network which you built over time

Also you get traffic from Pinterest
You should use it
Also YouTube, if you are panic to show up on videos
Just screencast how to do things in your niche

24) Avoid not setting priorities for your time

This is the most important thing
Your time should be distributed as 80% writing you content
20% promoting that content

You need long time to get attention from Google
Show them that you are updating your blog frequently

I will say it one last time for amateur bloggers
Your whole blogging foundation is based on content, persistence and knowledge

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