Amazon Proofreading Jobs for Beginners – Learn How to Start Now

Amazon proofreading jobs have become very popular

This is due to the fact that Amazon nowadays is selling everything under the sun

When COVID pandemic started, I rushed to apply for Amazon prime membership

I still have the membership and I renewed it this year too

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

amazon proofreading jobs

I am saying this just to tell you that Amazon is the world's largest online retailer

It has a humongous marketplace with millions of products

These products compete against one another with their pictures and descriptions

That's why best sellers there are aware of Amazon proofreading jobs

They hire amazon proofreaders to correct spelling and grammar in products' description

That's why I decided to discuss below everything related to Amazon proofreading jobs

What is Amazon proofreading job?

A proofreader job in general is to review, edit and correct spelling and grammatical errors within any text

Amazon proofreaders do the same

But they only work within their site focusing on Amazon content only


Do Amazon hire proofreaders?

Amazon have their own job site

They hire technical writers, copywriters, publishers, digital editors and marketing and business writers

These are just sample not all jobs related to editing, writing and content management

But when it comes to Amazon proofreading jobs

It has its own merchandise so they hire proofreaders

If you search their job site for proofreading jobs

Expect to find different job titles like Copywriter, Amazon Advertising or something similar

you can also check out ClearAds for more advice on Amazon marketing and so much more

All these jobs require resources to proofread content

On the other side, Amazon accepts local and international vendors to sell merchandise on their portal

Most of these best sellers or vendors require proofreaders for editing and correcting their products description

Do I need a qualifications to be a proofreader?

You don't need a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or any degree to work as a proofreader

Meanwhile, being excellent in English like level A is highly desirable

How to become an online proofreader?

First, you have to understand the steps required for proofreading

Proofreaders are required to do the following

1- Understand your proofreading scope

You are not required to add your own content

Your proofreading job only requires you to look for

  • Errors or typos
  • Inconsistencies in style or the overall layout of the text
  • Big chunk of texts, you should break them into small paragraphs
  • Correct spelling and punctuational mistakes
  • Make sure to add transitional words to enhance the reading experience

2- Find your proofreading target niche

If you were working on Amazon proofreading jobs that doesn't mean you can do any proofreading task

You can be a good proofreader working on web pages and blogs

But when it comes to proofreading eBooks and legal documents, that's not for you

Proofreaders cover a range of different tasks like

  • Blog posts
  • Company web pages
  • Sales pages
  • Kindle and eBooks
  • Legal documents
  • Transcripts
  • Court reports
  • Essays
  • Other documents

Look for what you are confident to proofread as this will help you build a good rating


3- Consider taking proofreading courses

Because proofreading jobs have no special education or degree

You have to look for courses from experts in this field to teach you all the secrets in this field

I have found these 2 proofreading courses to be the best in this field

Proofreading Academy and Proofreading Anywhere

4- Practice your proofreading skills

keep in mind that the first proofreading jobs can be tough

You need to do your best to satisfy your clients to give you 5 stars ratings

Always start with simple and easy jobs and make sure to deliver your tasks on time

Keep reading books and professional blogs to learn the writing style

This will help you to reflect what you read on your proofreading work

5- Search for proofreading jobs and update your resume

Proofreading jobs are always on freelancing sites

That's why it is highly recommended to always search for new freelancing sites

Consider creating your Linkedin profile and resume and keep updating them

What are all types of Amazon proofreading jobs?

As I said earlier, Amazon has their own job site with hundreds of jobs available there

A big portion of their jobs fall under editing, writing and content management

Or in other words, they are proofreading jobs

Anyway, there are many types of Amazon proofreading required like

Amazon kindle proofreading job

Actually Amazon is one of the pioneer in digital book

They started what is called Amazon kindle where you buy a digital copy of any book

Most of the available books in bookstores have their own digital kindle version

That's why, many writers got encouraged to publish their own books on kindle

There is no publishing fees, so it's convenient to get your eBook on kindle

Those publishers are looking for Amazon kindle proofreaders to review and edit their eBooks before publishing

Amazon product listing proofreading job

As you may know, it is hard to trust sellers with spelling and grammatical errors

That's why most Amazon sellers hire Amazon product listing proofreaders

These proofreaders review their products listing to ensure accuracy and consistency of products description

Amazon affiliate blog proofreading job

Affiliate marketing in simple words is selling products or services on your blog

Amazon has its own affiliate system to help bloggers promote relevant products

This happens through affiliate links that tells Amazon where the sale is coming from

That's why you need a blog proofreaders to review your blog posts and make them more useful


Where to find Amazon proofreading jobs?

Proofreading jobs are in so many places especially freelancing sites

Start with Amazon jobs site itself

If you don't find what you are looking for then expand to look in the below


This site was created to help bloggers and his owner Darren Rowse added jobs listing

It costs $75 to add your job for 15 days

You would think why I pay $75 while there are many job sites offering listing for free

Well, the site receives professional freelancers visitors

You can guarantee finding suitable candidates for your job offer


From its name, Flexjobs site is focused on hiring remote workers

You can search their site for dozens of flexible jobs

It has a big share of all proofreading jobs

Go ahead and check there for suitable remote jobs for you


This site started as a freelancer site where everything was for $5

It started to get popular and so many jobs started to be listed there with flexible prices

There are many Amazon proofreading jobs listed there for you to check

You can sign up and start listing your proofreading services for free

Once you get some clients, you can think about upgrading your account to be able to get clients with higher price tag


It is formerly known as Elance-oDesk and it was rebranded as Upwork

You can advertise your services there for free

Expect to pay service fee from your price

Other freelancing sites

Be innovative and search Google for the term “freelancing sites”

Below is few freelancing sites but you can find many more

Free Lancer

Facebook groups

You can find anything you can think of within Facebook groups

That's why you should consider looking for relevant Facebook groups to advertise your services there

Your own blog

I have seen so many professional freelancers having their own blog

Think about it, you cannot advertise yourself as a professional proofreader while you don't own a blog to show your writings to your clients


How much does an online proofreader make?

According to, the average salary for proofreader is $52,202 per year

Your proofreading income all depends on how fast and accurate you work per hour

How long does it take to proofread 1000 words?

An average of 20 minutes

Yes, 1000 words can take around 15-20 minutes to proofread

Keep in mind, when you start in this proofreading career

Or you have been away for long time, it may take you longer than that

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