7 Amusement Parks in Virginia You Must Visit

Amusement Parks in Virginia You Must Visit -

You may not think of Virginia as a theme park state, but it has many excellent parks that are not to be missed. Amusement parks in Virginia offer plenty of options for family fun. From coasters to water slides to exotic animals, each of these parks has unique offeringsConsider some, if not all, of these amusement parks for your “must-do” list when thinking about your trip to Virginia. 

1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is one of Virginia's most popular theme parks. One of the most incredible things about the park is its European theme, with countries like England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, and Italy represented. 

The newest ride, the DarKoaster, is North America's first all-indoor straddle coaster. It's worth checking out, but the park also boasts a lot of other great coasters. The Alpengeist is one of the tallest, fastest coasters in the world and boasts six staggering inversions. The Loch Ness Monster features the world's only double interlocking loop roller coaster.

Beyond rollercoasters, visitors can see animals, including wolves, bald eagles, and kangaroos. The park also boasts seasonal attractions, like Oktoberfest and winter festivals, which are sure not to be missed. 

2. Water Country USA

Amusement Parks in Virginia You Must Visit - Waterpark
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Right down the street from Busch Gardens is Water Country, USA. Virginia's largest water park features water slides, pools, and a lot of fun attractions. Guests look forward to the park's wave pool, lazy river, and thrilling water slides. Visitors must try the mega-slide Colossal Curl, featuring a funnel-shaped slide and a zero-gravity drop.

One of the newest rides is the first dueling pipeline called Riptide Race. Water Country USA offers dining options, cabanas, and special events throughout the season. You must plan ahead, as the park closes after the summer ends. 

3. Kings Dominion

Amusement Parks in Virginia You Must Visit - Kings Dominion
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Kings Dominion, located in Doswell, Virginia, has 60+ rides, family-friendly attractions, and a 20-acre water park called Soak City. Guests must ride the Intimidator 305 and the Twisted Timbers. Kings Dominion has 12 world-class roller coasters, providing endless entertainment. One ride to take advantage of is Tumbili, a steel-winged 4th dimension roller coaster with many flips and dips. The park also offers a dedicated kid's area so the little ones can have fun.

4. Great Wolf Lodge

Amusement Parks in Virginia You Must Visit - Great Wolf Lodge
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Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia, is an indoor water park and resort favorite amongst families looking for adventure close to home. Families can take advantage of all of the water slides, a mass wave pool, and water rides, like the Howlin' Tornado, a water slide that drops riders into a massive funnel, even backward, and the River Canyon Run, a fast-paced water slide that boasts turns and twists. Those looking for fun outside the water slides don't have to look far. There is also an arcade, mini-golf, and a popular ropes course. 

5. Ocean Breeze Waterpark

Amusement Parks in Virginia You Must Visit - Ocean Breeze Virginia Beach
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If you're still looking for water park fun, you must Ocean Breeze Waterpark in Virginia Beach. More than 30 rides and water attractions are part of this excellent amusement park. To note, it's only open during the summer. Guests must check out the “Hugh Mongous” million-gallon wave pool or float lazy river. Thrill seekers must go to the Tropi-Cool Activity Pool with friends to see who can stay on the log roll longest before splashing in the water. 

6. Massanutten Resort

7 Amusement Parks in Virginia You Must Visit - Massanutten Resort
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Massanutten Resort, in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, is a year-round destination for those looking for outdoor activities and indoor water park attractions. As many places close down, this resort stays open. Visitors enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the slopes in winter. Families and guests enjoy the resort's indoor and outdoor water park attractions in the summer.

The Massanutten Indoor Water Park features fun water slides, like the Diamond Jim, a slide dropping riders through a vertical chute, and the Meltdown, a slide with rotating arms dropping riders into a pool below. Guests can also take advantage of zip lining, golf, and mountain biking. Families can stay at the resort and enjoy everything it has to offer. 

7. Virginia Safari Park

Amusement Parks in Virginia You Must Visit - Virginia Safari Park
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Virginia Safari Park is one of the amusement parks in Virginia that allows visitors to see exotic and domestic animals up close. The park is 180-acre featuring a drive-through safari experience, where families and guests can see zebras, camels, and bison. Virginia Safari Park boasts the giraffe feeding experience, where visitors can feed giraffes from the safety of their vehicles. The park features a 10-acre village where visitors can see animals like kangaroos, lemurs, and tortoises.

Families also love the educational programs and events, which include a summer camp for children. This park's animal encounters and focus on conservation make Virginia Safari Park the perfect place for families who want their kids to be interested in nature. 

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