An update on the Gold Rush: White Water renewal

An update on the Gold Rush: White Water renewal

Even though it seemed like Gold Rush: White Water was dead in the water, a new update suggests that the show will be returning, against all odds.

It has been a difficult year (actually, more like two years) for the Gold Rush: White Water spin-off.

And frankly, if you asked us three weeks ago if the show has any hope of returning to Discovery’s lineup for another season – we would have told you there was no way.

In fact, we did tell you, in this article… and in this one that Gold Rush: White Water had just about as much chance of being renewed as Kayla had of finding any gold after the river killed their operation at the end of season six.

New developments for Gold Rush: White Water

However, in classic Gold Rush: White Water fashion, it seems like the unlikeliest answer might just be the correct one this time around.

Although Discovery has still not officially confirmed that Gold Rush: White Water will be renewed for another season, a trusted source close to the Gold Rush: White Water production team recently reached out to us to confirm that while it may have taken over 200 days to air in its entirety, the show’s next season may already be hot on its heels.

Apparently, the crew has already been situated in the Alaskan wilderness for some time and the filming of this new season is well underway.

So despite the alarm bells that have been ringing around this particular series for a while now, it really may be just a matter of time before Gold Rush: White Water returns to our screens for a brand new season.

When will Gold Rush: White Water season seven start airing?

Even though Gold Rush: White Water has not officially been renewed for a seventh season yet, and we have no real, tangible details to go on so far, we can make a few educated guesses about what potentially lies ahead for the show, based on its previous seasons.

For example, the past four seasons of the show all started airing in November, as follows:

Season Premiere date
Season 3 November 1, 2019
Season 4 November 6, 2020
Season 5 November 5, 2021
Season 6 November 8, 2022

But since the show has missed the November deadline for 2023 because of its season six delays, we may just see it returning to its roots with a January 2024 premiere date like the first season.

The Gold Rush: White Water season seven cast changes

While the official cast of Gold Rush: White Water has also not been confirmed yet, there are a few former members of the Hurt McKinley Creek crew, who will definitely not be returning to the show for another season.

Sadly, Dustin’s father and the originator of their risky McKinley Creek operations, ‘Dakota’ Fred Hurt, passed away in July 2023, before season six had even aired in its entirety.

Moreover, Kayla, who had the difficult task of managing Dustin’s second operation in season six, also announced on her social media pages that she will not be returning to the show for another season.

There is no doubt that the departure of these cast members will leave large gaps to fill, both in screen time and in the lives of their fellow crew members.

But this does create an exciting opportunity for Dusting to introduce even more new blood.

Where season six left off

There is certainly no denying that it will be a relief to see Dustin and the rest of the crew return for another season, especially after they ended things at such a low point in season six.

Though season six had taken a long time to end for those of us watching from home, Dustin and his crew actually had one of the shortest seasons in the show’s history.

And with all the flooding that happened as winter approached, Dustin and the crew walked away with much less gold than they were expecting.

What will happen in Gold Rush: White Water season seven?

It is nearly impossible to predict where any of the Gold Rush shows will end after any season, but this is especially true for the harsh and unrelenting world of Gold Rush: White Water.

We hope that Dustin (and what remains of his crew) will take some time to get to the pay dirt and those oh-so sweet golden nuggets beneath that massive boulder which almost crushed them in the previous season.

However, with how quickly the landscape of Haines Borough’s rushing creeks change; there is really no telling what they would have returned to after their difficult season six run.