An Update on the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch lawsuit

The big Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 3 review

The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch lawsuit is still ongoing, but there are still a lot of questions about what this lawsuit is actually about.

If you have ever tuned in to watch the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team as they attempt to locate the mysterious treasure which is supposedly hidden somewhere on their 160-acre property, then you will know that the search for the treasure is only half the story.

How the lawsuit came about

The other half of the story is that Duane Ollinger, Chad Ollinger and the rest of their team have had quite a few unexplained occurrences interrupt their treasure-hunting expeditions since the series started  back in 2021.

This includes all of the trespassers, drones, cameras, helicopters and nosy neighbors that the Ollingers have found during their various expedition missions.

But while many of these obstacles have been fairly innocuous so far, there was one particular interaction with a mystery man in the season two “Radioactive Rocks” episode.

In this episode, Duane got particularly worked up after a so-called “freeloader” served him with a lawsuit.

The man was never shown on camera and the Ollingers have never discussed it outside of the show, (besides for one recent Instagram post where Duane confirmed that the lawsuit is still ongoing and “getting good!”).

But that has not stopped the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch fans from doing what they do best – speculating about the truth.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: Do the Ollingers really own Blind Frog Ranch?

Popular theories about this lawsuit

Like most things at the Blind Frog Ranch, this lawsuit seems to be shrouded in layers of mystery.

Unfortunately, until we get an official update from Duane or Chad as to what exactly they meant with this “freeloader” feeling “entitled” to something, all that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch fans can do for now is speculate about the truth.

Some of the leading theories about what this lawsuit could be about include:

Theory Description
Theory #1 posits that the lawsuit was actually filed against Mr. Reynolds (the current owner of the land) and challenges the rights to the ownership of the land
Theory #2 One commenter on Facebook suggests that the lawsuit is about a disagreement with one of the previous co-owners of the land about an incomplete settlement
Theory #3 A commenter on Reddit explained that the lawsuit was actually brought about by one of three different owners of the land, who wanted a cut of the action

Do the Ollingers really own Blind Frog Ranch?

This lawsuit has certainly brought up many questions. And while many sources have assumed (or even been led to believe) that Duane Ollinger purchased this property after selling his company in the oil business, the popular theories discussed above seemingly suggest that this backstory may not be entirely true.

However, it seems like even if Duane is not the sole owner of the property currently, this may change very soon, as he has reportedly put his Hot Springs Ranch property in New Mexico up for sale.

Could this lawsuit explain some of the surveillance equipment found on the ranch?

Though there is certainly an air of mystery around everything happening at the Blind Frog Ranch at the moment, this mysterious lawsuit might actually provide some answers about all of the cameras, drones and other surveillance equipment that the team has found on the property.

If this lawsuit is about a previous owner, minority owner or other rancher wanting to capitalize on whatever treasure the Ollingers may find on the property, then these surveillance cameras would certainly be a great way to keep track of their progress.

It would also ensure that there is evidence of how much the treasure is worth later on.

Was this whole interaction staged?

While it is certainly not rare for these types of treasure-hunting shows’ legitimacies to be called into question occasionally, there is certainly a lot of buzz around whether Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is staged.

And while it is unlikely that Duane, Chad or the rest of their team will ever admit to certain elements of the show being faked for the cameras (even if they are), there is little to no information about this lawsuit available online.

Plus, given that the only real discovery that the team made in 2022 was the gallium stored within the rocks which were found in the pond, this lawsuit certainly kept the excitement levels up during this season, and could certainly have been an effective way for the Ollingers to keep fans entertained despite the lack of new discoveries.

But since most of this scene was filmed from afar and some faces were blurred out it is really difficult to tell.