Andor: Why did Andor kill Skeen?

Andor: Why did Andor kill Skeen?

In Andor season one, Andor killed Skeen after learning that he lied about his brother, along with his plan to betray the Rebels following the Aldhani Heist.

Andor is the latest Disney+ original series released in the Star Wars canon. The series first premiered in September 2022, and it is premised as a prequel to Star Wars: Rogue One, as it focuses on the events that turned Cassian Andor into the Rebel hero.

Season one of the series has been a slow burn, with some action finally taking place in the latest episode, episode six titled “The Eye”.

This is as in the last scenes Andor killed Arvel Skeen after learning that he lied about his brother, and he was looking to betray the Rebellion after the Aldhani Heist.

How is Andor a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story?

Prior to the premiere of Andor, it was already cited as a prequel spy thriller series as it was premised on the events which took place before the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which was a feature film released in 2016.

Andor is regarded as a prequel as it details the events that took place five years before the events of Rogue One, when Diego Luna was already a Rebel hero.

Interestingly, Rogue One was also a prequel to the iconic Lucasfilm 1977 film, Star Wars: A New Hope.

Andor: Why did Andor kill Skeen?

Andor has arguably been a slow-burn in terms of its action scenes and sequences so far as episode six marked the first of the thrilling action scenes. The scene in question was not necessarily epic in scale, but in the element of surprise.

The episode ended with Cassian Andor drawing a gun first and killing Arvel Skeen when viewers least expected it.

This occurred after the Rebellion successfully pulled off the Aldhani Heist. Although successfully might be a bit of a stretch as Taramyn was killed during the escape, Cinta was still undercover, and Nemik was fatally wounded while fleeing from Aldhani.

Because of Nemik’s fatal wound, Skeen suggested that they make a detour to a remote planet to get Nemik medical attention.

But we soon find out that this was a ploy by Skeen to get Andor alone so that he could suggest to him that they split the stolen credits and leave Vel and the Rebellion.

Moreover, Skeen revealed that the story about his brother being oppressed, which drove him to suicide, was a lie.

Upon hearing all of this, Andor pulled out his gun and shot Skeen dead. This moment was so quick that if you blinked, you would have missed it.

What is the significance of Andor killing Skeen emotionally?

There are a number of layers associated with Cassian Andor killing Arvel Skeen. The first is the emotional level in terms of the character’s arc.

In previous episodes, it was easy to believe that Andor and Skeen may have been two individuals that were cut from the same cloth, especially considering that they were both motivated by the loss of a sibling. Skeen was the non-existent brother and Andor was pursuing his missing sister.

Therefore, when he killed Skeen for partly lying about having a brother who committed suicide due to the oppression he experienced, Andor proved that he and Skeen were two sides of the same coin, at best, as their intentions were different, aside from both being ruthless.

What is the significance of Andor killing Skeen in the world of the story?

Another layer that set Cassian Andor and Arvel Skeen apart was their motivations.

In lying and attempting to have Andor betray The Rebellion and run away with the stolen credits after they split it equally, Skeen proved that he cannot be trusted, especially since he lied his way into the group and mission.

Deciding to not betray the Rebellion when it was proposed, Andor started showing how his hero’s journey began for him as he will eventually become the Rebel hero in Rogue One.

His connection to Nemik is clearly another milestone in this narrative as in the last scene, Vel handed over Nemik’s manifesto to Andor who took it with him before the episode ended.

Has Andor ever killed before Skeen?

Part of the reason that Andor season one, episode six is considered the best episode of the season so far is arguably because it marked the death of some of its major recurring characters.

This includes the action scene during the Aldhani heist and Andor killing Skeen. But this is not the first time that Andor has killed in the series.

The first time was in season one, episode one when he killed the two securities. After the killing of Skeen, the show started teasing that Andor is always the first to pull out a gun when he is about to kill.