Andres Corona and Eberths Perozo: Brothers in Business Bolster Big Brands Online

The world of e-Commerce presents undeniable opportunities for people looking to earn passive income. Although the industry remains open and attractive, only some people possess the skill or knowledge to work around it.

Many who venture into e-Commerce as a side hustle wind up burning their fingers in the process.

For Andres Corona and his friend, Eberths Perozo, however, the story of their journey in e-Commerce is a source of inspiration.

E-commerce Journey

Through their company, MidoCommerce, the duo claim an annual gross of 7 figures.

“We've sold over $10 million worth of products for our customers and around $700,000 for our ones,” reports Corona during a recent interview.

“Two years ago, our first store made $286,000 in sales.”

Before their success, Corona claims there was gloom in the air. His motivation to become an entrepreneur was sparked upon the heels of his father’s passing. His drive to care for his mother and siblings was the push he needed to roll up his sleeves and go to work.

The Beginning

Andres Corona began his hustle by selling protein shakes at a local gym, where he soon heard about e-Commerce. When he got started, Corona tried various e-Commerce methods to discover which model was the best fit for him, and had the best chance for success.

Corona now has his grip on e-Commerce, which he now describes as his first love. During these early exploratory days, Andres also traded crypto as he grew his e-Commerce business.

In the end, the former stole his heart, and even though he had a decent performance, he decided to leave trading altogether, explaining, “I realized that e-commerce was something that I liked.”

He began his business eight years ago, supplying Venezuelan and American markets.

Focus on Amazon

Born in Venezuela, Corona tried several approaches, moving his business from a Shopify store to testing drop shipping and then to Amazon FBA, offering healthcare, sports, and so on.

Today, his primary focus is on Amazon. His company, MidoCommerce, offers Amazon automation services in the FBA Wholesale Model.

As they say, life often brings the right people and resources together to help you achieve your goals. Although Corona went in and out of e-Commerce a couple of times, checking out other business avenues, he kept coming back.

Introduction to Eberths Perozo

Then fate introduced him to Eberths Perozo, another successful e-Commerce entrepreneur. Their friendship would soon impact their business going forward. Eberths, a serial entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Eberths Enterprises, an automated E-commerce service system. According to Andres Corona, “We shared the same vision and goal, so we decided to come to the United States and start MidoCommerce.”

Not surprisingly, they struggled through initial setbacks and difficulties after their move to America. But the phenomenal result of their combined effort and determination over the years brought a turn in six figures on their first store.

“We made $286,000 in sales with our first store, and after that, it was only a matter of growing further,” says Corona.


From experience, Andres Corona says that tenacity is one of the most important elements for business success. He strongly believes that patience is a crucial factor for people to possess in the e-Commerce business, and overnight success is a myth.

“Most people who jump into the e-Commerce business and fail immediately are the ones who easily give up,” he says. “You can make a great living from e-Commerce, but you must dedicate time to it.”

Aside from the time commitment, several other qualities can ease the path for new e-Commerce entrepreneurs in finding their way around. Both Andres and Eberths are open to supporting others toward success in e-Commerce by sharing their experience and unique strategies that aided them to build their brand to this level.


Over the years, Andres and Eberths built their e-Commerce brand through consistency, hard work, and proven strategies. With over 120 employees presently keeping their 75 stores active, these two have what it takes to teach others the rudiments of e-Commerce, without question.

And now, “we're creating a course to teach people how to sell on Amazon,” says Corona.

“The course is for the people who don’t have the money yet to do Amazon automation with us. But we’re incredibly transparent and comprehensive with the information we share with anyone who takes it.”

You can be sure it won't be long before MidoCommerce is birthing many more e-Commerce entrepreneurs.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.