Andy Taylor Gets Miracle Treatment for Stage-4 Cancer, Reunites with Duran Duran

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English guitarist-singer Andy Taylor underwent a miracle treatment for stage-four cancer that enabled him to start making music again with Duran Duran. Taylor previously recorded with Duran Duran from 1980-1986, and again from 2001-2006.

One year ago, the other members of Duran Duran — Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, and Roger Taylor — expected Andy Taylor to join them onstage for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Then Taylor revealed that he was battling stage-four prostate cancer and could not join his former bandmates. Yahoo Entertainment reports, “The announcement of Taylor’s illness, read by grave-faced lead singer Simon Le Bon during the band’s acceptance speech at the start of the Hall ceremony on November 5, 2022, cast a pall on the rest of what should have been one of the greatest nights of both Duran Duran and Taylor’s lives. Le Bon even later stated in the Rock Hall press room at L.A.’s Microsoft Theater that Taylor was ‘not going to be around for very long.'” Taylor said doctors classified him as “palliative, end-of-life care.”

Fast-forward to today and Taylor is set to perform at Cancer Awareness Trust’s “An Evening with Andy Taylor & Special Guests” gala at Soho Farmhouse in the U.K.’s Cotswolds. “Missing the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame brought me an intervention,” says Taylor to Yahoo Entertainment. “I guess that’s the best way to describe it. That's when [Cancer Awareness Trust founder] Sir Chris Evans and his team got in touch with me and said, ‘Let us take a look. There's a lot we may be able to do for you.’”

Andy Taylor Received a Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Called Lutetium-177

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Evans and CAT told Taylor (pictured above, second from right) about a cutting-edge targeted cancer treatment called Lutetium-177, which is administered intravenously. Taylor, who recently received his third blast of the drug, tells Yahoo Entertainment that Lutetium-177 “sees the cancer cells, but it doesn't see the healthy cells. So, it literally can only pick up on the cancer. … And unlike chemotherapy, the quality of life you get from this is staggering. Like, wow. It can add three to five years to your life — and I'm going for the five, because they think I can make that. I am still terminal, because there's nothing curative for [stage-four prostate cancer]. But I’ve beat the odds with this treatment.”

Taylor adds, “There a lot of things the public aren't aware of in terms of treatments. And I certainly wasn't. If I'd have had more knowledge, I'd have been on Lutetium years ago.”

Since Taylor's positive response to cancer treatment, he reunited with his former Duran Duran bandmates. Yahoo Entertainment reports, “Le Bon invited Taylor to collaborate on Duran Duran’s upcoming Halloween-themed album, Danse Macabre, and Taylor ended up playing on the new Nile Rodgers-produced original ‘Black Moonlight' and spooky remakes of two Duran classics, ‘Night Boat' and ‘Secret Oktober.' The Danse Macabre sessions marked the band’s first recordings with Taylor since the aborted Reportage album 17 years ago.”

As for future plans with Duran Duran, Taylor says, “But that's the magic of when a band like Duran works, if you're prepared to do it and keep doing it and go to the edge with each other. We were always very good at not falling off the edge, but we were great at going right to it. And if we got that back, I know I've got no fear. I've faced right down the barrel of that dogs–t. I'm pretty fearless as it goes these days.”


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