Angels of Death Season 2: Everything We Know

Angels of Death is a horror anime series adapted from a video game created by Makoto Sanada. The manga is illustrated by Kudan Nazuka and then soon was made into a 16 episode series produced by J.C. Staff and premiered on 6th July 2018. The anime is directed by Kentaro Suzuki with the scripts overseen by Yoshinobu Fujioka. It is a psychological horror anime that can play with your mind and make you stick to your seats until the end of the season.

The unique storyline, incredible art style, on-point voice actors, and psychological horror setting make this anime worth watching. The first season ended so fast, and it seemed like the 16 episodes cannot satisfy the fans, as they are demanding a sequel in Angels of Death Season 2.

Angels of Death Video Game

Angels of Death Season 2

Angels of the Death Game was produced by Stardust KRNKRN. It was launched on Steam in 2016 and is loved greatly by the gamers. The game's creativity and unique storyline with all the action makes the game a whole package. However, the game is criticized for its character developments and low graphics.

Angels of Death Synopsis

Angels of Death Season 2

With dead and lifeless eyes, Rachel Gardner wishes only to die. Waking up in the basement of a building, she has no idea how or why she's there. She stumbles across a murderer named Zack, who is trying to escape. After promising to kill her as soon as he is free, Rachel and Zack set out to ascend through the building floor by floor until they escape.

However, as they progress upward, they meet more twisted people, and all of them are familiar with Rachel.

Angels of Death Season 2 Release Date

Angels of Death Season 2: Will It Ever Happen?

Angels of Death Season 2

After the success of Angels of Death Season 1, fans are looking forward to the premiere of Angels of Death Season 2 for around three years. The edgy tone kept the fans hooked into the entire set of episodes to the very end. There has not been any official announcement of Angels of Death season 2 just yet.

Even so, we do have an OVA consisting of 4 episodes that have already been aired in 2018. There are several rumors spreading around that there will be an official announcement regarding Angels of Death Season 2 soon.

Is There Any Enough Source Material for Angels of Death Season 2?

Angels of Death Season 2 Release Date

Most anime shows will follow a manga or a light novel series for their plot. However, Angels of Death follows a storyline of a video game series. The bad news is, the creators has already ended the story of the video game. They also announced that they might won't publish its sequel as well. Therefore, JC Staff has nothing to adapt to for Angels of Death Season 2.

These types of shows usually take 4-5 years to get a renewal. There's still a lot of time, so fans should not get their hopes up. However, due to the lack of source material, it is likely that the fans won't see the release of Angels of Death Season 2 until there's an official announcement.