22 Angry Anime Girls Who Pack a Punch

Yup, you all should know the drill by now. It has been weeks by now and I personally almost have no idea what to explain anymore except it is a really touching or important theme (not like it is not important. You get my point right?) 

We are going to discuss 22 angry anime girls who pack a punch. And as you may have seen from the title, the list is going to be filled by female anime characters who get easily triggered even by trivial matters. And it should be mentioned that this list is not only filled by Tsundere characters only. 

It is quite common seeing Tsundere explode, since they do that to hide their true feelings. But not all of them will immediately hit other characters for a slight inconvenience. Only a tiny portion of them will do so, and I believe they are all currently on the list (except the ones that I forgot lol I am terribly sorry for that). 

So yeah, I think that is more than enough for an intro. We can start the list by talking our number 22 on the list:

Angry Anime Girls Who Pack a Punch

22. Ichigo (Darling in The FranXX) 

Angry Anime Girls: Ichigo

Ichigo's anger rather than being actually mad and throwing physical attacks (like the title has described), she is more like a child. Instead of punching or kicking, she throws tantrums and cries. And those who have watched the series, know that there is more behind her temper. 

It is because of love. Yes, love. Some may justify her anger, but I personally think that you cannot force love into someone else. Like girl, force kissing your crush with the hope that he turns into you will certainly not change anything. And that is why she received so much hate back in the day. 

21. Kocho Shinobu (Demon Slayer) 

Angry Anime Girls: Kocho Shinobu

It must feel weird seeing arguably the most cheerful character on Demon Slayer being ranked on this list. But you need to remember that a smile can fake it all. Shinobu is definitely certified as an angry character who can definitely hit you really hard with her sword. 

It is not revealed yet why she becomes a furious lady. Well it actually did, in the manga. So it would be a spoiler if I tell you why. And since the anime is slowly getting into it, only time will reveal why she becomes like that. When that happens, you shall be back to this article.

20. Kohaku (Dr. Stone) 

Angry Anime Girls: Kohaku

Have you ever known a female friend who somehow has tremendous strength as a woman, and a big temperament? Well, that is Kohaku for you. Sure her temper may not be the worst among other entries. But when it kicks in, you can definitely feel this. 

The most prominent victim of her fury is Chrome, who got hit by her a lot of times with her Gorilla power. The 2nd one would be Ginro, whenever Chrome is absent. Senku is actually supposed to be the main victim considering how he always teased Kohaku whenever he got a chance. Luckily Kohaku knows how important Senku's brain is.

19. Kirisaki Chitoge (Nisekoi) 

Angry Anime Girls: Kirisaki Chitoge

Just like Kohaku, Chitoge is a prime example of why the combination between a powerful girl and temperament is not a good idea. Luckily she lives in an era where it is restricted for bringing weapons anywhere. Who knows what would happen if she is allowed to bring guns or knives. 

Heck, even if Chitoge does not bring anything like that, she is still able to inflict a good amount of damage towards Raku. Her punches and kicks are as dangerous as a martial artist (and that is pretty much true). Raku is lucky because he has something to control Chitoge with: kindness.

18. Nakano Nino (The Quintessential Quintuplets) 

Angry Anime Girls: Nakano Nino

Compared to her siblings, Nino looks like she is on the verge of madness. Especially when it comes to Fuutarou teaching her siblings. Her action was criticized by her siblings and fans. I still remember how much they hated Nino back then. Eventually we find out why she is like that.

But that has changed later on in the series. Yes she sometimes still gets angry. But only for a brief moment. And after that confession event, she became the best girl who is beloved by a lot of fans. That includes myself (those who have said otherwise, may fight with me. Go on). 

17. Nakiri Erina (Food Wars) 

Angry Anime Girls: Nakiri Erina

Erina is actually a calm and reserved woman. Most of the time. When she is with Yukihira, she becomes more aggressive and angrier than ever. Especially during the early days of Food Wars. Her fury spikes really quickly when it comes to Yukihira and she can snap just like that. 

As the series goes on, Erina is more patient when facing Yukihira. I wonder why (nah just kidding. We all know exactly why). Thus the reason I cannot put her name higher on the list. And also she does not punch. Maybe because of her mannerisms that have been taught since she was a child. 

16. Tohsaka Rin (Fate Series) 

Angry Anime Girls: Tohsaka Rin

If you ever meet a role student who is suspiciously perfect in literally any aspect like her or his appearance, personality, and grades, there is a good chance that she or he does not have those kinds of traits when you know them more. And of course this also happened in Fate Series, portrayed by the beloved Tohsaka Rin. 

To some extent she does keep some of her perfect traits, but most of the time she is noisy and easily gets angered when her wishes do not get fulfilled. Not like I hate her though because that is her own charm. And she is a Tsundere. That is all.

15. Bishamon (Noragami) 

Angry Anime Girls: Bishamon

Bishamon, despite being a Goddess of War, is actually a really kind Goddess. She rarely seeks problems and is hostile to anyone… Except perhaps for Yato, who had killed her Shinki back then. Bishamon has held a grudge towards him since then. 

But little did she know, Yato was actually trying to save Bishamon from blight because her Shinki was “infected” by it. After knowing the true intention of Yato's action, she… Still acts the same because Yato's antics are annoying. I think as long as Yato keeps doing what he is doing, Bishamon will stay mad regardless of the situation.

14. Meiko Shiraki (Prison School) 

Angry Anime Girls: Meiko Shiraki

The partner in crime of Kurihara Mari is more known for her… Body (that is pretty much true though). But she is also known for being a sadist who will punish the boys if she sees them doing something disgusting. In her own perspective, to be exact. 

Her punishment mostly takes the form of being whipped by her horse whip that she brought anywhere with her. And I do not even need to be whipped to know how hurt that punishment is. Nobody from the boys except for Andre enjoying her wrath for something really trivial. Thank goodness they are now out of prison.

13. Sohma Isuzu (Fruits Basket) 

Angry Anime Girls: Sohma Isuzu

Living on a certain curse that makes her turn into a zodiac animal when got hugged by her opposite gender, no wonder Isuzu gets mad real quick. I mean, most of the clan members who also got cursed also feel the same. But Isuzu is the only one who is desperate enough to break free from this curse. 

Luckily it turns out that the curse is getting weaker, and it will eventually break itself. That also marks the change of Isuzu's angry personality. She is still stiff and cold, but she becomes friendlier. I think by far she is the only character who I can justify her fury. 

12. Aisaka Taiga (Toradora) 

Angry Anime Girls: Aisaka Taiga

I think from all the characters who made it into the list, Taiga is the one who gets the most attention. Maybe because she is an OG Tsundere who becomes a prototype of many temperamental female characters. But her fury is legit and I do think she deserves a crown for it. 

Especially with her stature, to think that she can hit really hard is quite amazing. And of course, Taiga does have her sweet personality. Just like your typical Tsundere, you need to peel the layer one by one. Slowly but surely, you will eventually see her true side that has never been shown before. 

11. Tsunade (Naruto) 

Angry Anime Girls: Tsunade

Tsunade will always be remembered as a dangerous Kunoichi, especially with her healing ability and physical prowess. But perhaps her most dangerous aspect is her temperament that can explode literally anywhere, anytime, and against whoever she wants to. No one (except for maybe Madara) can withstand her fury. 

We have seen a lot of victims have fallen because of her short fuse. Jiraiya almost died after he peeked her in a hot bath (well deserved), and Orochimaru also almost got killed if only Tsunade did not get cramped. Even as a Hokage, she still holds her temperamental personality, even though she can now control it well.

10. Kugisaki Nobara (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Angry Anime Girls: Kugisaki Nobara

Upon her first appearance back in the 3rd episode, I instantly recognized that she would become an angry female character in the series. And it was a bullseye. Nobara can be triggered by literally anything, even by something trivial like Yuji's face or Mai's uniform. 

Despite her lack of control when it comes to emotion (to the point where sometimes it is ridiculous), I think I might be able to let it slide. Not only because she is pretty, Nobara is also a rare type of woman who is independent and can stand on her own. Not many female side characters have the same traits like her.

9. Nami (One Piece)

Angry Anime Girls: Nami

Nami's temperament has been famous among One Piece fans. Some even said that she is the strongest character because she can hit Luffy, a rubber man, and cause massive damage towards him. Some pirates cannot do her feats when it comes to beating Luffy into pulp.

Joke aside, Nami's anger is pretty much understandable, considering that her captain and some other ship members often act recklessly. She only does that for the safety of the crew, even though the Straw Hats rarely see this and still do whatever they want to do. But Nami is “patiently” and constantly reminds the group of the danger of their journey.

8. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man) 

Angry Anime Girls: Tatsumaki

The 2nd ranked S-Class Hero is seen by the public as one of the most reliable heroes who can save the day because of how strong she is. However, among her peers, Tatsumaki is more known as an angry loli who has quite a big ego, but still is a reliable colleague for them. 

The population of One Punch Man needs to be grateful because Tatsumaki did not become an alien. Just imagine what would happen to the people and heroes if she became an enemy. With that kind of power and temperamental issue, destroying cities would be like a walk in a park.

7. Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki) 

Angry Anime Girls: Yuno Gasai

Well… I am not sure where to start about this one (I am never sure when it comes to Yandere). Rather than being furious or simply angry, Yuno is more of a lunatic and out of mind human being. You cannot ensure your safety when you are with her, unless your name is Yukiteru Amano. 

I think it is safe to guess that those who have watched Mirai Nikki do not need further elaboration on how nuts Yuno actually is. Since that anime is really gory and bloody, it is easy to see where it leads knowing Yuno's personality. And it is not pretty at all.

6. Revy (Black Lagoon) 

Angry Anime Girls: Revy

When it comes to Revy, I think my personal opinion would be similar to Yuno. She is a mad girl who kills people because of her job. And when doing that, she shows a good amount of rage. Perhaps that is because she enjoys her job? 

The only difference is that I can tolerate Revy more than Yuno. You know, because professionals have standards. So I guess her madness and fury is pretty much justified. Again, that is her job and not being trapped into stupid game that needs to kill others to win it (just like Among Us but more gory). 

5. Tanya Degurechaff (Youjo Senki) 

Angry Anime Girls: Tanya Degurechaff

(I promise you that I would put her only when it is necessary and not because I like her). This tiny child is actually a demonic soldier who will mercilessly kill anyone whoever she deems as her opponents. And that is not only applied to her enemies, but also her underlings. 

No, Tanya will not kill her own soldier, because that is barbaric. Instead she will give them some kind of hellish training and a “hairdryer treatment“. There is no escaping it especially if they have done something that is unredeemable. She really does pack a punch for a tiny kid, huh.

4. Hiyori Sarugaki (Bleach) 

Angry Anime Girls: Hiyori Sarugaki

I would have a bet that if Tanya was transported into another world, she would become like Hiyori. The resemblances are literally there. The blond hair, tiny stature, quite skillful for whatever things they are doing, and of course the most important aspect: temperament. 

While Tanya's anger due to the Unknown God, Hiyori's temper came from… Well I am not really sure. She just appears like that. Who knows what makes her angry all the time. Her body stature? The fact that she is visored? I have no idea. But I am glad that she is always angry because I have more material to write for this article.

3. Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion) 

Angry Anime Girls: Asuka Langley Soryu

At the beginning of the Evangelion series, Asuka is pretty much your basic tsundere with a normal anger management. You pretty much can find her kind of character anywhere in a lot of anime, just like others from this list. But it changed when the series went halfway through. 

Asuka became more hostile and aggressive towards almost everyone. Well I am not going to tell you the reason behind it (because that is the charm of the series), but what I am going to tell you is that you are going to love this Asuka or you are going to hate her. So yeah, go watch Evangelion if you want to know more.

2. Emi Yusa (The Devil is a Part Timer) 

Angry Anime Girls: Emi Yusa

If I were Emi, being trapped with your sworn enemies in another world would also piss me off. And I can totally understand her reasoning for being furious most of the time, especially towards Sadao and Shirou. So yeah, there is nothing to help her if I am being honest. 

But just like any other Tsundere, she also has her sweet side. Most of this is shown towards her best friend Chiho. Still, at least up until now, Emi is more known as an angry female character rather than a calm and kind woman. We will see how her development will go in the 2nd season. 

1. Matoi Ryuuko (Kill La Kill) 

Angry Anime Girls: Matoi Ryuuko

Ryuuko is a really hot headed girl and stays like that starting from the very beginning of the show up until the end. Well it is quite understandable knowing that her father died just like that with unknown reason. Who would not be mad if that really happens to themselves in real life. 

And when it comes whether or not she packs a punch… Well do you really need to ask? As the number one on the list it should be pretty much apparent on how brutal she could be and is willing to do literally anything to achieve her goal. A mad woman, but in a good way.