Angry Customers Storm Tesla Stores in China, Demanding Refunds  

An army of Tesla car owners stormed Tesla showrooms in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu and Shenzhen, and southwest of Shanghai, demanding compensation after Tesla’s sudden cuts on the prices of their automobiles. Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y experienced the biggest slash cuts. The Model 3 was slashed by 20,000 – 36,000 yuan ($3,000 – $5,300) to 229,900 yuan – 329,900 yuan ($33,600 – $48,200).

And the Model Y price now ranges from 259,900 – 359,900 yuan ($38,000 – $52,600), setting a record low. 

Over 100 angry owners of both models who had recently purchased before the slash, raised the protest in Tesla stores that they had overpaid and deserved reimbursement. According to reports, they broke into a store in a shopping center in Chengdu, vandalized, and stole from it.

“Why are they angry?” one Twitter user asked, speaking the minds of various people, who do not understand the outrage.

“I hope they come back with the same fervor to give back their unrealized gain to Tesla when Tesla does raise prices again in China,” @EvThat said.

Another user countered the general argument: “The money situation is pretty sh**ty. You can also order a Tesla for $500 and if something was to happen and you need to cancel the order you don’t get that money back either.”

In a meeting facilitated by the police, protesters have handed over a list of demands, including an apology and compensation or other credits, to Tesla. 

“Isn't this similar to people who paid for college demanding a refund or claiming that it's unfair that they had to pay, because some politicians consider a college debt amnesty?” @ThinkersTrue tweeted.

User @JosephBevans4 wrote, “The communist learning about capitalism first hand. When supply is high prices go down.”

Speaking capitalism, columnists consider Tesla’s price cuts liable to surge sales for its new vehicle, the Cybertruck, which is a year (two years after the initial date) from launching. 

It isn’t the first time Tesla and China have butted heads. In 2021, Tesla issued an apology to China for seemingly neglecting Chinese customers, and for the delayed feedback and support to complaints. And in the previous year, Chinese customers accused Tesla of supplying inferior cars – a situation the Chinese government had to step into. 

While only a few people sympathize with China and think it’s only fair that customers get a refund, a huge majority consider it “ridiculous.” “No one forced them to pay what they paid. There is no way they will get any refund,” user @thayogi said.

Apparently, it seems Elon Musk has more pressing issues than electing a new Twitter CEO, with indignant customers crowding his stores and timeline.  

This article was written and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.