Incredible Creatures: 12 Remarkable Animals That Could Pass For Pokémon

Pokemon Dratini

Who's that Pokémon!? 

The natural world is a crazy place. Believe it or not, there are animals in the great unknown that look a lot like your favorite Pokémon, though we don't necessarily recommend trying to “catch 'em all” in a Pokéball. Be ready to have your minds blown as we dive into the world of doppelgangers.

1. Axolotl: The Regeneration Master

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Axolotls, known as Mexican Salamanders, are unique amphibians that can regenerate their heart and limbs. Members believe that with their feathery external gills and playful expressions, they closely resemble Wooper! Both have friendly features, and their aquatic nature only adds to their charm.

2. Fennec-Tastic Inspiration

Image Credit: Nintendo.

According to many, Fennekin seems inspired by the desert-dwelling fennec fox, with its bush tails, large pointy ears, and reddish-brown color.

3. Mantis Shrimp: Punching Powerhouse

Image Credit: Nintendo.

With its vibrant colored shell emitting blue, green, and orange hues and its unique combat abilities, users say this creature is oddly similar to Armaldo. Just as this character has the power to punch right through steel, the Mantis Shrimp punch delivers a 2000-pound force with an acceleration of 332,000 feet per second. Fun fact: that's the same force as a bullet!

4. Pangolin: Roll Up and Strike

Image Credit: Nintendo.

With its tough armor-like scales, the pangolin always seems ready for a battle. Many individuals believe the pangolin inspires the character Sandshrew. Both can roll up like a ball to protect themselves from predators. Not to forget their tongues! One flick of it, and they can snatch up on their prey like it's nothing.

5. Electric Eel: Shocking Abilities

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The electric eel is like a snake fish with the ability to conduct electricity as an attack and strong, sharp teeth. Feel like you've heard of something similar before? Some say it's a real-life Eelektrik!

6. Portuguese Man of War: Serious Stinging

Image Credit: Nintendo.

A translucent gas-filled bladder? Extended spring-like tentacles? While this may sound like fiction, these cunning features belong to the Portuguese Man Of War, while matching the abilities of the notorious Jellicent.

7. Red Pandas: Fluffiness Overload

Image Credit: Nintendo.

One individual articulates that red pandas and Stufful, the adorable bear-like Pokemon, have unbelievable similarities. They both have fluffy and round bodies that beg to be hugged, with tiny ears and substantial expressive eyes!

8. Crabs: The Fierce Crustacean

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Hard shells to protect against prey, powerful pincers, and large pointed claws make crabs and fierce water-type Pokemon Crawdaunt quite the same. Watch out next time you see one at the beach; it might challenge you to a battle!

9. Platypus: Battle of Bills

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Platypus is one bizarre creature that looks like it was directly plucked out of a Pokémon game. With its beaver-like tail and soft duck-like bill, it's a real-life version of Psyduck. Let's not forget its ability to utilize its nose like a sense organ and detect signals. 

10. Chick-A-Mon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Baby chicks with yellow feathers and adorable tiny beaks can easily be mistaken for the fire creature Torchic. Next time you find yourself in a field of chicks, pretend you're on a Pokemon adventure and catch 'em all!

11. Stargazer: Camouflage Expert

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Blending seamlessly into the ocean floor, having the unique ability to protect against prey, and a broad, tired face, Stunfisk and Stargazers are pretty similar.

12. Kissing Gourami: Pink and Puckered

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Luvdisc looks a lot like the kissing gourami. One highlights their puckered lips and mesmerizing bright pink scales, which have an eerie resemblance.  

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