Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Top 10!

If you think about furry tails and ears also coming with the sound of a meow, you probably think about a cat. But today we are not gonna talk just ordinary cats, We are gonna list 10 of the Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time! Cat Boys do not always mean a complete half-human half-cat form, but also the character that likes to cosplay into one of them. But most importantly, catty boy was one of the cutest characters in anime series.

Top 10 Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time!

10. Norio Tsuburaya from Sex Pistols

Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Norio Tsuburaya

Norio used to consider himself an average guy. But after an accident that awakened his Madararui side, now he is an ape-man and zoo-man hybrid in which he falls under the nekomata category. His soul's manifestation is that of a brown cat with white fur around his face, up to his belly. Norio easily lets his emotions get the better of him, but this attitude of his is what makes him fun and appealing.

Norio is one of our young men who takes form into the human body but has a soul form as a cat. Norio has semi-long brown curtained hair with green eyes. Usually, Norio will wear his school uniform but on some occasions, he will wear a casual outfit. When he transformed into a cat, he will become so adorable

9. Rokumon from Kyoukai no Rinne or Circle of Reincarnation

Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Rokumon

Rokumon is the black cat that formed a contract with Rinne as his aid and support. Originally, his true master is Rinne’s grandmother, Tomoko, who just fired him. Thankfully, with Rokumon's endless persistence and persuasion, he manages to make a contract with his new master. But consequently, Rokumon needs to pay his own expenses. Loyal and lovable, he makes the perfect partner for Rinne. He exhibits three forms that can be quite beneficial to Rinne and to himself.

His first form is the humanoid look that he usually uses. The second one is his full-on cat form which he uses to lure people to give him food, and lastly the third form in which he transforms into a big scary demon cat that can be of use, especially for traveling. His actions may look misguided, but this devoted cat boy has nothing but good intentions in mind. He also looks so adorable

8. Aion and Rom from Show by Rock!!

Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Aion
Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Rom

This anime actually has two characters that are shaped like cat boys.  In the group, Shingan Crimsonz Aion is the lion guitarist of the group while the other one is Rom, who is the leopard drummer of the group. Since they are bandmates and are in the same feline family, why not have them both in our 8th place. Aion is one of those characters who like to strike poses. He looks at himself with high regard and loves any attention that is given to him. 

Meanwhile, Rom is the most responsible and most persuasive out of the group. Even though he is not the leader of the group by name, he acts as if he is one. Despite him using his fists to talk and convey his feelings with unstable emotions, Rom is usually the one who pulls his bandmates back together when they go astray. 

7. Boris Airay from Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World

Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Boris Airay

This anime is of the series that got inspired by the Alice in Wonderland theme. The basic plot is not that different from the original. Our heroine’s name is Alice, who found herself waking up in a world created by Quin Rose, that is different from what she knows. As she starts her adventure to get back to her own world, she meets different characters that will give her some hint of the purpose of why she is in wonderland.

One character that Alice meets is Airay, Boris who is based on Cheshire cat. Like its original counterpart, he loves riddles and is quite a mischievous character. What makes him an interesting character is that he loves to create and make weapons. Swords, guns, axes to bombs, you name it, he can make it! Just like any cat, he is laid back, carefree, and pursues anything that annoys him.

6. Cheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts

Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Chesire

Also one of our Cheshire cats, Cheshire and Boris from Heart no Kuni looks similar. They are like two peas in a pod, especially since they are based on Carroll’s Cheshire cat. Similar they may be, Pandora’s Cheshire exhibits more of a darker persona.  Prior to the beginning of the series, he was Alice’s precious pet cat who once held the truth from 100 years ago in his bell that was given to him by Alice.

Cheshire has a lot of forms in which they all resemble a cat. Towards the intention, he can be very sweet and affectionate but once he sees the displeased intention in something, he will not hesitate to shed blood to wipe away anything that threatens his master’s happiness. His darker form makes him one of the hard-to-reach types.

5. Schrodinger from Hellsing Ultimate

Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Schrodinger

Schrodinger was a member of the Millennium military unit of Werewolf and is usually directly under the command of the Major. He holds the rank of Oberscharführer or warrants officer. He was created by The Doctor and while usually found sitting near the Major's throne like a pet, he also acts as a representative, spy, and messenger for Millennium. The Major seems to emit a sense of affection for Schrodinger, akin to the relationship of a cat owner who could never be angry towards him. 

He was named and referenced after Schrodinger’s cat experiment in that he can be everywhere and nowhere. To simply put when he thinks and believes in that certain mindset, then it will be. It is quite complicated in a way, but this is what makes him one of the almighty characters in Hellsing besides Alucard. In spite of being on the villain's side, what is not to like about Schrodinger? Schrodinger is cute, charming, and playful, just what we would expect from such a likable character of the series.

4. Loke from Fairy Tail

Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Loke

Loke is a member of Fairy Tail who was revealed to be the Celestial Spirit Leo, who is known as The Lion. He is the leader of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. His story began when he was under the command of a celestial spirit mage named Lilica, Karen. Since his former master has been an abuser to his friend Aries; he made sure to stay on earth, making Karen unable to summon other celestial beings but he failed. Blaming himself for her death, he took up a new identity as Loki and joined the Fairy Tail guild.

Loki is your typical playboy who endlessly flirts with girls. However, he is responsible and he can show great concern for his friends. Loki is very loyal to his current master Lucy Heartfilia and takes any opportunity to make a move on her. In his celestial form, you will see his Lion ears on top of his head with his orange hair, sporting his lion mane.

3. Ritsuka Aoyagi from Loveless

Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Ritsuka Aoyagi

In the world of lovelessness, everyone is born with cat traits such as cat ears and tails; it also symbolizes purity and innocence. The only way for these cat traits to disappear is through sexual intercourse. Ritsuka, or his true name Loveless, is a 12-year-old boy who displays intelligence past his age. Despite this, our little cat boy is shy and naive when it comes to love.

After finishing his first day at school Ritsuka meets an enigmatic man named Soubi, who claims to be a good friend of his big brother Seimei. Through Soubi, Ritsuka was introduced to the world of spell battles where it must be done by having a sacrifice and a fighter with the same name. With now having the power to fight, Ritsuka, together with Soubi, search the Septimal Moon to find the truth behind the death of Seimei and the cause of his amnesia.

2. Kyou Souma from Fruits Basket

Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Kyou Souma

Kyo is cursed by the spirit of the Cat, an animal who would have been part of the Chinese Zodiac had the Rat not tricked him into missing the ceremony. An irregular member of the Zodiac, not only is Kyo discriminated against, disrespected, and has a future of confinement, he also has a true form which is a monster. But with Tohru, Kyou will learn and have an adventure together to break his curse

Since he is a cat boy, he has mannerisms that strongly resemble that of a cat, loving the taste of milk and fish, being startled easily, likes high places, and hates being restrained.  Furthermore, he is agile and fast. Regardless of this, he hides his softer side with only a few people who are able to see it

1. Ikuto and Yoru Tsujiyomi from Shugo Chara!

Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Ikuto Tsujiyomi
Best Anime Cat Boys of All Time: Yoru Tsujiyomi

In Shugo Chara! we can see two cat boys characters, Ikuto and Yoru. These two are together simply because they can also be considered as one entity. After all, Yoru is the embodiment of Ikuto’s desire to be free like a stray cat. Ikuto can change or transform into a cat boy with the help of his Chara, Yoru. They both do not essentially have the same personality except for the part that they like teasing people around them. Ikuto has more of a mysterious vibe surrounding him. He is more or less indifferent and is quiet most of the time.

Nonetheless, he has a sweet, caring personality who becomes selfless when those who are close to him are in danger. Meanwhile, his sidekick Yoru shows a more selfish playful attitude who loves to say, “nya”! He loves to wander around looking for something to humor himself with or someone to make fun with. Ikuto being our ideal bad boy and Yoru with his abundant charming traits, what more do you need to ask for? They are the perfect cat boy package! Nya~

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