30 Best Anime Cat Girls of All Time

Most anime fans out there have a love-hate relationship with the character trope known as cat girls. But whether you like it or not, it is arguably one of the most popular character tropes out there. So popular, in fact, that fans constantly ask Elon Musk to actually create cat girls. 

At this point, discussing which cat girl is actually the best will lead to a never-ending debate. Because once upon a time, a man of culture said, “There are no bad cat girls.” 

So, it is time to talk about the 30 best anime cat girls of all time. And quite frankly, it is not easy to pick 30 of them. I must be honest with you. There are many obstacles I faced while writing this article.

Aside from how hard it is to decide who the best anime cat girls are, these character tropes also tend to blend with other character tropes like dog girls, fox girls, horse girls, etc. So I need to make sure not to put the wrong girls on the list, or I might have had to deal with an angry mob outside my window. 

And also, to make it more fair, I will not put my personal opinions here. Not a single pinch of it. So, I ranked these girls based on how many fans this character has in myanimelist. So, whether a character was placed higher or lower on the list, I did not interfere with it all.

So, without further ado, let us start with our number 30:

30. Persia (Gate)

Persia Gate
30 Best Anime Cat Girls of All Time 32

Myanimelist Member: 5

She is a maid (duh). Apart from the fact that she has a crush on one of the JSDF staff, Sergeant Kurata Takeo, who luckily has a thing for cat girls, there is not much information to dig up about her. Persia is also a decent combatant and can utilize her claws and fangs to fight. Just like a cat, but stronger and bigger. 

29. Taruto (Magical Meow Meow Taruto)

30 Best Anime Cat Girls of All Time 33

Myanimelist Member: 5

It should be pretty clear from the title itself that the character in question is the main character. This tiny cat girl believes she is some sort of a princess from a faraway land. Taruto loves exploring so much that sometimes she ends up causing trouble. And like your stereotypical cat girls, she loves saying “nya” at the end of her sentences, which makes her even cuter.

28. Misaki Sagisawa (Da Capo)

Misaki Sagisawa Da Capo
30 Best Anime Cat Girls of All Time 34

Myanimelist Members: 10

Another maid cat girl has managed to get into the list, and believe me, this is not the last you've seen of them. Even though she looks like your usual cat girl, in the game, Misaki is actually possessed by her cat, Yoriko. In the anime, however, Yoriko becomes a human being resembling her master. She uses this body to go venturing outside her house. 

27. Melwin (Cat Planet Cuties)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Melwin

Myanimelist Members: 10

She is our first entry from Cat Planet Cuties. Despite being portrayed as an indecisive, doubtful officer, Melwin is among the most competent, reliable ones out there. Working under Captain Kuune, she is also loyal to her superior. And like many other small-chested characters, she feels inferior whenever her chest size is mentioned, especially since her race is known to have bigger chest sizes.

26. Catherine (Gintama)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Catherine

Myanimelist Members: 14

Most anime fans will have a good first impression of this weird alien cat lady from the Gintama series. She is a worker at the Otose snack shop, and it seems like she works hard to make money. Well, she was a thief before getting recruited to the shop. Catherine speaks in this weird accent. Luckily, others seem to understand what she is trying to say.

25. Lin Xiao Mei (Shining Tears x Wind)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Lin Xiao Mei

Myanimelist Member: 16

Your normal cat girl who keeps an antique shop. She is known to get curious about things that pique her interest easily. Xiao Mei is also a witty person, being able to respond to banter in any kind of situation. She used to be the local Robin Hood, stealing from the rich, i.e., Wyndria Castle, and giving to the poor.

24. Chaika (Cat Planet Cuties)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Chaika

Myanimelist Members: 17

And now, onto our 2nd cat girl from Cat Planet Cuties (and yes, there are more of them to come). She is an energetic officer who loves dilly-dallying and having fun with other people. Just like Melwin, she has a small chest. An almost non-existent one, in fact. But unlike Melwin, she does not seem to care about it. In fact, she actually likes to boast about her smaller chest size. 

23. Sasahara Natsuki (Hyper Police)

sasahara natsuki hyper police
30 Best Anime Cat Girls of All Time 35

Myanimelist Member: 23

She is the main character from the old series Hyper Police. A poor person who lives her life as a bounty hunter. Being a half-human and half-monster, a nekomata to be exact, she lives in the in-between world where monsters and humans live alongside each other. Like every other main character, Sasahara is a kindhearted soul who protects the weak. 

22. Kuune (Cat Planes Cuties)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Kuune

Myanimelist Member: 25

She is our 3rd entry from Cat Planet Cuties. She is the captain of the Catian ship that lands on Earth. She has arguably the biggest chest among the Catians on the ship. But apparently, Kuune is not proud of that size. In fact, she is embarrassed about it. This becomes worse when Eris tells her to wear inappropriate clothes during negotiations. 

21. Yuni/Cure Cosmo (Star Twinkle PreCure)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Cure Cosmo

Myanimelist Member: 32

Yuni, the Cure Cosmo, is a cat girl from a precure show who likes to work alone instead of cooperating with other precures. And she does this not because she wants to but because she feels guilty about being unable to save her planet Rainbow. That leads to her rejecting help from her comrades. Despite her cold attitude, Yuni is actually a kind person who loves to help others. 

20. Alicia Rue (Sword Art Online)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time:  Alicia Rue

Myanimelist Member: 35

A dark magician who has quite a big role in Sword Art Online. Being the Lord of Cait Sith, one of the nine races in the game, she helps with Kirito's ascension to the World Tree. Not only that, but Alicia develops an allegiance with another race in the game, Sylph. She seems to have an interest in Kirito, just like every other girl in the show. 

19. Felicia (Vampire Hunters)

Felicia Vampire Hunters
30 Best Anime Cat Girls of All Time 36

Myanimelist Member: 35

Technically, she is not an anime cat girl since she is actually from a classic Capcom game, Darkstalkers. But then, she made her debut in an actual anime. She is the lead character in an old OVA made by Madhouse, Vampire Hunter. Just like in the game, Felicia is still a badass cat girl who fights her enemies like there's no tomorrow. 

18. Shizuka Nekonome (Rosario + Vampire)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Shizuka Nekonome

Myanimelist Member: 40

Shizuka is a teacher at Yokai Academy. She also supervises the newspaper club in the academy. Shizuka always reminds her students not to show their yokai form to other humans, when in reality, she herself forgets to conceal her true cat form. Just like a cat, she likes to eat fish, especially the ones from the human world, and loves to say “nya” at the end of her sentences. 

17. Nuku Nuku (All Purpose Cultural Cat Nuku Nuku)

Nuku Nuku All Purpose Cultural Cat Nuku Nuku
30 Best Anime Cat Girls of All Time 37

Myanimelist Member: 43

Created by a company called Mishima Heavy Industries, Nuku Nuku is an android with the brain of a cat. She serves as Ryuunosuke's, the only son of the CEO of Mishima Heavy Industries, best friend. But most of the time, Nuku Nuku gets involved in Ryuunosuke's parent's quarrell. Because of that, she has become adept at using weapons. Luckily, she means no harm to the family.

16. Merle (Visions of Escaflowne)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Merle

Myanimelist Member: 43

One of the main companions of Fanel Van, Merle is actually his childhood friend. She dislikes the fact that he is getting closer to the clairvoyant Kanzaki Hitomi. Despite that, Merle is willing to protect Van no matter the cost. This is because she is an orphan and does not have anyone other than Van.

15. Petit Charat (Di Gi Charat)

Petit Charat Di Gi Charat
30 Best Anime Cat Girls of All Time 38

Myanimelist Member: 94

Also known as Puchiko, she is Dejiko's travel companion from the planet Di Gi Charat. She is portrayed as a quiet cat girl. But when she does talk, she cannot control what she says and often puts her foot in her mouth. She has a stereotypical cat girl trait of ending her sentence with a cat-like sound, i.e., “nyu.”

14. Dejiko (Di Gi Charat)

Dejiko Di Gi Charat
30 Best Anime Cat Girls of All Time 39

Myanimelist Members: 116

Dejiko from planet Di Gi Charat is the total opposite of Puchiko. She is loud, energetic, and cheerful most of the time. Dejiko dreams of becoming an idol. Like Puchiko, she ends her sentences with a cat-like sound, i.e., “nyo.”

13. Ao Nanami (Yozakura Quartet)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Ao Nanami

Myanimelist Members: 195

Despite being young, she is already a part of the Yozakura Quartet. Nanami's character is based on a demon from Japanese folklore called Satori. Her demonic background gives her the ability to read people's thoughts. She can also read an entire population of the city's thoughts when she is in her Satellite mode. This ability makes her an invaluable member of the quartet. 

12. Nozomi Kiriya (Mayoi Neko Overrun)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Nozomi Kiriya

Myanimelist Members: 219

This cat girl suddenly appeared in a certain house one day. Nozomi is a kuudere who does not like to talk much and is often portrayed as emotionless. It turns out that she stays silent because she is an actual airhead and struggles to say what is on her mind. Slowly and surely, she learns how to express her emotions with the help of her friends.

11. Cyan Hijirikawa (Show By Rock)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Cyan Hijirikawa

Myanimelist Members: 271

Cyan always thought she was an ordinary girl even though there is nothing ordinary about having cat ears. But one day, she gets sucked into a game she plays, only to discover she can play the electric guitar. Not only that, but she also needs to use her new ability to protect Midi City from the evil lurking in the shadows. 

10. Eris (Cat Planet Cuties)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Eris

Myanimelist Members: 323

Here's our final entry from Cat Planet Cuties. Being the main character, Eris' personality is bubbly, cheerful, and energetic. But this cat girl is also a smart and competent officer from the ship, with a lot of knowledge in different subjects. Eris is also extremely interested in planet Earth.

9. Chocola (Nekopara)

Chocola Nekopara
30 Best Anime Cat Girls of All Time 40

Myanimelist Members: 498

Of course, a Nekopara character would make it into the list. Here we have an energetic Chocola who always brings a smile to her customers. She gets easily intrigued by everything around her. If someone ruins her mood, Chocola can quickly return to her usual cheerful self. Of course, that does not mean she doesn't ever get sad.

8. Blair (Soul Eater)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Blair

Myanimelist Members: 505

When she first appears, Soul and Maka mistake her for a witch. Turns out she is actually a cat that can transform into a human. She loves to flirt with Soul in her human form to see Maka's reaction to it. Things sometimes get a bit extreme as she sometimes appears without any clothes just to seduce him. But still, Blair is a good person who can understand her friends rather well.

7. Momomiya Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Momomiya Ichigo

Myanimelist Members: 565

She is a cat girl whose alter ego is Mew Mew Strawberry. She is the leader of a unique group whose members are girls whose DNA was mixed with endangered species. They call the team Tokyo Mew Mew, and they protect the city from any kind of danger. Since she is the main character, her personality is pretty much the same as other main characters.

6. Himari Noihara (Omamori Himari)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Himari Noihara

Myanimelist Members: 660

She is a cat demon who used to play with the main character, Yuuto Amakawa, when he was still little. This means that Himari can turn herself into a cat whenever she likes to. She also has the ability skill to kill demons and is nicknamed “The Crimson Blade.” Later on, it is revealed that she has had a crush on Yuuto since they were kids.

5. Vanilla (Nekopara)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Vanilla

Myanimelist Members: 825

The total opposite of Chocola, despite being her twin, Vanilla is a calm, stoic, but kind-hearted cat girl. She falls under the kuudere character tropes. She also loves her twin, willing to follow her wherever she goes. Just like Chocola, she is responsible for handling the bakery in Nekopara cafe.

4. Leone (Akame ga Kill)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Leone

Myanimelist Members: 1834

A reliable onee-san-like character from the assassins group, Night Raid. Even though this cat girl has a relaxed nature and acts however she wants, the other members can depend on her when it comes to gathering information and exercising calm judgment even in the most stressful situations. Leone also dislikes injustice and is willing to act cruelly if she finds anyone who is unjust. 

3. Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Yoruichi Shihouin

Myanimelist Members: 3465

Ex Soul Reaper Captain from the Bleach series who excels in data gathering and intel. Being able to transform into a cat also benefits her. Yoruichi often flirts with Ichigo, a common cat-girl trait at this point, and seduces him whenever she gets a chance. She is idolized by her so-called pupil, Soi Fon, who is angry because Yoruichi left her without warning.

2. Koneko Toujou (High School DxD)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Koneko Toujou

Myanimelist Members: 4158

She's another nekomata, this time from High School DxD. She resembles a Kuudere, being silent most of the time and not saying anything if needed. But like most Kuudere, Koneko deeply cares about her friends but does not show that often. She is also incredibly tough to crack, having quite a high endurance and physical prowess despite her small body. 

1. Hanekawa Tsubasa (Monogatari Series)

Best Anime Cat Girl of All Time: Hanekawa Tsubasa

Myanimelist Members: 9635

A cat girl who was “made” because of stress. Hanekawa's cat girl form only appears when she accumulates so much stress that she cannot handle it anymore. This cat girl also has the ability to electrocute people. Hanekawa's cat girl deeply cares about her other self and is willing to sacrifice herself so that she does not get hurt, and hopes that she will eventually find happiness. 

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