Top 50 Best Anime Dogs: Most Popular of All Time

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Most Popular of All Time

When we see a dog, our first reaction is probably “aww”. We as human beings are easily falling in love with this cute little animal that is very loyal and usually stands with its owner everywhere they go. The dog also loves a belly rub and gives a lot of love to humans with their cuteness, furry belly, and cutie smile.

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In this article, we compile The Top 50 Best Anime Dogs listicle for you to play with, pat, pet, and adore. Dogs and cats are truly a blessing, too pure for this world, and dare we say something we do not deserve. Without further due, let’s perform a nice big doggy jump into this list, shall we?

Best Anime Dogs: Most Popular of All Time

50. Sadaharu From Gintama

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Sadaharu

 Fans of anime are used to learning that pets in this genre are often more than they seem. Take Sadaharu who, despite looking like the cutest dog ever, was originally an Inugami, or Dog God. He stood for attack and destruction and was watched over by Ane and Mone, aka the Priestess Sisters. Guarding the Dragon’s Pulse, this doggo later found himself without a job when the Amanto came on the scene.

This big white-furred red-collared doggy soon became too expensive for the sisters to take care of. He was soon after given to the Yorozuya, with whom he has stayed ever since. As you can imagine, there are a lot of serious events unraveling in the Gintama anime, and this dog plays an invaluable part in the narrative. From funny moments to all the times he came in a different disguise, Sadaharu has certainly earned his place on this list. That head-biting habit, though! Now, who wants a dog-god to be your pet?

49. Alexander From Fullmetal Alchemist

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Alexander

The Tucker family pet, Alexander the dog, brings a jolt of warmth to the show. The white-furred Great Pyrenees is Nina’s best buddy. The little girl was prone to drawing pictures of herself with Alexander. The two of them grew closer after her dad scolded her for keeping Alex tied up. It was a natural transition, one that wasn’t put there intentionally. 

The hardest part of all is realizing that Nina and Alexander were fated to get even closer. However, while the Elrics are away, Nina's father Shou Tucker fuses Alexander and Nina together to create a talking Chimera that is subsequently murdered by a serial killer named Scar. The heart-breaking and mind-numbing scene that viewers witnessed in the 2003 series of Fullmetal Alchemist still haunts them to this day. Here are a lovable dog and an innocent girl whose bond will truly never be forgotten.

48. Akamaru From Naruto

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Akamaru

The nin-dog hailing from Konohagakure’s Inuzuka clan, Akamaru is a constant companion to Kiba Inuzuka and a bundle of joy in the series itself. Originally, this cute doggy was bonded to Kiba back when the boy was in university, and the pet was given to him by his mother. This dog can sense chakras using nothing but his nose.

 This lets him judge the strength of an enemy, which has been of great use to Kiba. As devoted as he is active, Akamaru and Kiba inspire some of the most unforgettable dog-person sentiments in anime. In a short story within this show, we saw the rather funny thought processes that go on inside Akamura’s canine mind.

This brown-nosed squint-eyed doggo is certainly one for this list. And who can forget that cute Mohawk-ish fur-stand on the back of his head? Akamaru is no stranger to battle, in fact, he even went up against Naruto and came out in one piece. In the epilog, Akamaru had grown old and took delight in just napping most of the day and playing with his offspring. When prompted by Kiba to back him up, he mocked Kiba's notion that he turned down the Seventh Hokage seat, giving a sly smirk.

47. Wanta From Elfen Lied

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Wanta

Ever by Mayu’s side, this super-cute doggy is smart to a fault and twice as loyal. Fans saw a rather emotional side of this dog when he tried wading into the ocean after escaping his former owners, who were known for being abusive. Tugging on everyone’s heartstrings, the relationship between Wanta and Mayu is memorable and progressive. The very character of Lucy is redeemed through this dog’s eyes.

His time at Maple House makes for worthy viewing. This little canine may appear adorable but he is fiercely protective of his loved ones. Mayu also makes sure to take care of Wanta, aided by Nana, who feeds him and sometimes overfeeds him. All at Maple House are fond of Wanta, and even when Lucy is dominant over Nyu. It seems that Wanta is simply from a small breed of dog, as his size never seems to change throughout the series.

46. Heen From Howl’s Moving Castle

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Heen

This white and brown doggo is actually more ancient than he looks. Though he tries his best to fulfill the role of spy for Madame Suliman, he ends up proving that he is better off simply being an errand-runner. Plenty of misunderstandings finds this canine, making his role in the anime movie Howl’s Moving Castle complex and crucial. 

Heen is a lazy, shaggy, floppy-eared dog, who only communicates through wheezing and gasping, jumping, and scraping. While never officially indicated, Heen's breed is a Petit Basset Griffon Bandane, a hunting dog native to France. Judging by the looks, Heen's gasping noise sounds like a person with asthma

He has been part of a good share of magical disguises and breath-taking adventures, making Heen a must-have dog on this list. There’s a well-written story-arc just for this doggo, one that has Suliman calling him ‘little traitor’ at the end of the film. But fans will know that Heen is as loyal as canines come, just not to Madame.  

45. Tetsuya #2 From Kuroko’s Basketball

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Tetsuya #2

He is referred to as ‘2’ because he comes a close second to the show’s main character, Tetsuya Kuroko. Along with the Seirin team, Kuroko takes responsibility for Tetsuya #2, making him something of a team mascot. And what a cute mascot! A black upper coat and white underfur add to the distinct look of this next canine on our list, who is technically still a pup. 

The two white spots above his blue eyes are actually his eyebrows. As if he couldn’t get any cuter! He’s a typical dog in several regards and is blessed with sharp intelligence. And here’s the best part, he can dribble a basketball. Tetsuya #2 has been part of some of the most game-changing moments in Kuroko’s Basketball anime. 

Tetsuya #2 acts like a typical dog. He pees everywhere and barks a lot. He also seems to be a very intelligent dog, able to read the mood of the Seirin team and bark when appropriate. He becomes attached to Kuroko instantly and constantly hangs around him. It is unknown whether or not it was intentional, but he also pooped on Kagami's sneakers. Later Kagami notices there's a gash in his sneakers and if he kept practicing with it, he would have gotten hurt.  

44. Zeke From Highschool of the Dead

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Zeke

When Alice Maresato first found Zeke, she couldn’t have known that this dog would protect her in every way he knew. But Them play the role of antagonists in this series. It is both realistic and amusing to see the way Zeke uses his doggo senses to detect these villains and therefore help the Takashi Komuro group that took him in. throughout the series, Zeke has shown to have acute senses, and is often the first to detect the presence of them before the other survivors

This white dog has black ear flaps, making him stand out in his own right. His red collar with hanging bone ornament deserves special mention. Outbreaks feature prominently in the narrative of Highschool of the Dead, a story-point that new viewers will appreciate given the ongoing Wuhan virus pandemic. Zeke, the dog, does an excellent job of protecting and warning the ones he loves, which makes him a star in our book. 

43. Pakkun From Naruto

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Pakkun

Part of Kakashi’s team of hounds in the Naruto anime, Pakkun belongs to the Animal Summoning class of pets, a system that prevails in the show’s narrative. A major distinction between this dog and others on this list is that Pakkun is more elderly and wise than he is adorable and naughty. Grouchy, instructive, and guiding, this dog brings little humor to the show. But he makes up for that by being on point and earnest when it comes to the tasks he has to do with Kakashi.

In fact, he takes pride in his work and brings plenty of determination to it. This gruff-voiced pug ninken is the smallest one on the team, but fiercely loyal and ready to do more. Despite his lazy demeanor, Pakkun is shown to be fiercely proud and determined. When offered by Sai to deliver a message with one of his ink creatures, Pakkun insisted that he deliver it, not wanting to look inferior. He is very loyal to his allies and at times curses his inability to get more directly involved in the battle

42. Ein From Cowboy Bebop

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Ein

If this next doggy on our list looks like a familiar breed, that’s because it is. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi, made famous by his resemblance to the British Queen’s own pets, Ein plays a powerful role in the Cowboy Bebop anime. Through keen research, his intelligence has been enhanced to the extent that he is considered a data dog. Perhaps his name took a few letters from Einstein? The fact that Ein cannot speak makes it that much worthwhile to watch him interact with the main characters. 

Close to Edward, this doggo has contributed much to the Bebop gang. He helped figure out some of the most important game-changing mysteries in the show, like the time he found out what the sunstone did, and when he knew beforehand the true nature of Vincent Volaju. This doggy is a valuable addition to our list. Not only can he drive a vehicle, answer the phone, and actually watch TV, he also plays Shogi quite proficiently, can communicate with other animals, and hack a system using nothing but his mind. Cowboy Bebop is reportedly getting a live-action so we may see our doggy in a different look.

41. Makkachin From Yuri!!! On Ice

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Makkachin

Poodles are exceptionally cute dogs, and this one appears in the Yuri!!! On Ice anime as a constant companion to Victor Nikiforov. Makkachin has been with him for a long time. This curly-haired silver-beige poodle sometimes looks like an adorable bear, but he is every bit representative of his breed. Makkachin loves the water and enjoys drooling over unguarded food. His loyalty to Victor is outstanding.

A major heart-warming moment in the series is when Victor takes a break from competitive skating, all so he could be with his beloved pet in what fans have come to understand were the doggo’s last years. Like most poodles, Makkachin is lively outdoors, lazy indoors, and rarely barks. Makkachin is well-trained, capable of following Victor or Yuuri Katsuki unleashed. Makkachin also enjoys playing with water. Makaachin also likes to sleep a lot due to Makkachin's old age, or a result of being pampered, or maybe an entirely different reason altogether

40. Potato From Air

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Potato

This cutest of all stray dogs in anime has a tendency to follow Kano around wherever he went. In the anime Air, he speaks just one-word Piko, which sounds extremely adorable. Potato and Kano came to bond through Yukito, whose puppet this little doggy stole one day. Suffice to say Yukito does not like this canine. What’s not to like about this floofy black-eyed dog!  

It’s interesting to see the dynamic between the main character and this adorable anime dog. Potato often finds Kano when she enters one of her states, which sees her wandering town at night in some sort of a daze. Potato looks like a fluffy little dog with black eyes and white fur. He is cheeky and aggravates Yukito often. 

39. Taromaru from Gakkou Gurashi! 

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Taromaru

During one of Yuki Takeya’s explorations, he came across a Shiba Inu puppy that changed his life for the better. Though this dog made an appearance only in one chapter of the Gakkou Gurashi! manga, he must have left an indelible mark on fans, enough to earn him an extended character arc in this zombie anime. In the show, Kurumi finds him at the mall and they soon grow a bond. Before long, he is adopted by the School Life Club, to whom he becomes a mascot.

A full-fledged supporting character, this light-brown doggo is tolerant, clever, and observant. She seemed to be a very kind and polite woman, as she was a very loving owner to Taromaru, usually having him in a pet stroller. She didn't mind when people would play with Taromaru. Those parts of the story where he was infected proved quite heart-breaking but made the anime what it is. Even then, his love for Yuki proved itself when he defended her from other zombies.

38. Chouchou From One Piece

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Chouchou

This dog calls to mind some of those tear-jerking stories of pets doing what they still do even after their owners have passed away, and they do it as if their owners are still around. The white-furred Chouchou seems to be no exception, as he constantly stands guard outside the pet shop that belonged to Hocker, his owner. This small and friendly Type B doggo resides in Orange Town, which the Straw Hat Pirates visit in the One Piece anime. One thing leads to another, and Chouchou becomes their ally, even helping them escape the wrath of some townspeople. 

No matter the danger, this dog’s loyalty is never in question. We can see from how he protects his master's pet shop with his own life and refuses to move from the spot despite the danger. He also assisted the Straw Hat Pirates in escaping from the townspeople who misunderstood their intentions, as being grateful for helping him. Fans got a good glimpse of this canine’s steadfastness and bravery when he went up against a large lion called Richie. 

37. Antoinette From Ouran High School Host Club

Top 50 Best Anime Dogs, Antoinette

Born from the Golden Retriever Anne-Sophie de Grantaine, who was in France at the time, the gorgeous Retriever Antoinette soon came into the life of Tamaki Suoh. The two have been inseparable since he bought this doggo at the mall in episode 17 of the Ouran High School Host Club anime. When fans look back at the moment Bisco Hatori selected a Golden Retriever to be Tamaki’s spirit animal, they saw the character connection that much clearer.

These dogs are loyal, sociable, lovely, and intelligent, all qualities that fans have observed in the Princely Host. But overall we know, the pet and the owner eventually will gain more and more relationships towards the time. And we also don’t need to worry about this couple. They will gain their trust in each other

36. Pedro Martínez From Kimi NI Todoke

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Pedro Martinez

One of the most memorable characters that are guaranteed to make you smile in the Kimi ni Todoke anime is a dog named Pedro. He’s a stray, and one that both Sawako and Shouta spotted on their way to school. Shouta was first to take him in, making Pedro part of his family. It is so cute knowing that his name comes from both the main characters. The doggo’s nickname Maru came from Sawako, and Pedro from Pin.

The white-furred smiley-eyed Pedro is a true bundle of joy in this series. Even his lolling tongue is cute itself. With a white furry, complete with fluffy ears, Pedro looks like everybody’s dream pet that they want to snuggle with at night together. So Pedro is one of the most good looking dogs in this listicle

35. Tadakichi-San From Azumanga Daioh

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Tadakichi-San

Chiyo’s pet, this doggo is important to the Azumanga Daioh anime, because he plays a potent emotional part in the lives of several of its characters. Also called Mr. Tadakichi, this Great Pyrenees breed is prone to letting Chiyo ride on his back. This large and gentle canine gave fans beautiful interactions with the character Sakaki. The story arc where Maya finds Sakaki led several viewers to question the future of Tadakichi-san. But all is well between dog and owner.

Chiyo takes him for a walk every evening and after Sakaki and Chiyo become friends, Sakaki often joins them. In fact, even when Chiyo goes to America for his studies, gentleman Tadakichi-san travels with him and finds a home there among family friends. What a cute and very caring dog 

34. Iggy From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Iggy

When the main characters of the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure plan to head over to Cairo, Egypt, to face off against DIO, fans were amused and glad to see New York urban mutt Iggy allying with them to further their cause. Though he begrudgingly accepts to go with them on this final expedition, the fact that this doggo is a ‘Stand’ user and can wield ‘The Fool’ adds to his significance in this anime’s narrative. This adorable but powerful Boston Terrier-ish canine looks almost like a cartoon human.

Despite being anti-social, he does have his own set of fans, owing in large part to how his character transitions from rude and revengeful to one who would defend a child and later would sacrifice himself. Iggy is a small, black and white dog whose original appearance is modeled after that of a Boston Terrier. His paws, stomach, chest, and neck are white, as is the area around his mouth and forehead. His eyes bulge slightly, and he has loose jowls. It makes him look more expressive 

33. Guts From Kill la Kill

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Guts

This teeny-weeny doggo is a pug and belongs to the Mankanshoku family in the Kill La Kill anime. He is every bit a typical pug dog, except for that cool-blue hoodie. An ever-lolling tongue and an almost unlimited stock of energy have made this canine a fan favorite. If there is ever a foodie doggo, Guts will be top of his game. He adores eating, in fact, his name came from the idea that he enjoys eating with gusto. In the show, he is seen standing on his hind legs, like people.

The humor element comes in when Guts shows an unnatural attraction to Ryuko Matoi. Guts fit the overall description of a pug, being a pale cream in color with large eyes and a dark face. He is seen wearing a small light blue hoodie that covers his ears and his tongue is often seen outside of his mouth. We all love Guts

32. Tobimaru From Sword of the Stranger

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Tobimaru

The anime movie Sword of the Stranger gave fans some fine moments indeed, not least among which is the dog Tobimaru. The orphan boy Kotaro calls him a companion. This canine has proven his loyalty to the boy ten times over. The heroics and wisdom that this dog brings to the movie have to be seen to be fully appreciated. His interactions with the ronin Nanashi are exceptionally written.

More than once has Tobimaru put himself between danger and the ones he loves. It starts when Tobimaru starts quickly liking the ronin, even giving him one of the cooked fish Kotaro had prepared just for himself and Tobimaru. He's also very protective of both Kotaro and Nanashi, killing one of the soldiers threatening Kotaro, and catching one of the knives thrown at Nanashi, getting himself poisoned. This more than anything else has earned this goodest boy a place on our list.  

31. Bee From Dragon Ball GT

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Bee

The characters Good Buu and Mr. Satan own a dog called Bee in the Dragon Ball GT anime who is every bit as lovable as he seems. This gray Labrador Retriever breed infuses each of his scenes with energy and delight. From the time he was wounded to all the brilliant story arcs he has been part of in this franchise, Bee is definitely a superb anime dog for this list.

Bee makes his first appearance as a wounded puppy that Majin Buu encounters. Buu heals the dog, wanting Bee to run away from him, but instead, it prompts the beginning of a friendship between the two. Soon after, even Mr. Satan befriends the pup and gives him the name Bee. While playing catch with Buu. The narrative involving Van Zant inspired fans to love this doggo even more, especially considering how much he brought to Buu and Mr. Satan’s lives. 

30. Kazuhito Harumi From Inu to Hasami WA Tsukaiyo

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Kazuhito Harumi

On this list, we at Entoin are attempting to detail anime dogs, and strictly so. Logically, that entails no shape-shifting characters.  However, we found it necessary to make an exception for the main character in the anime Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyo. Kazuhito Harumi was a bookish third-year middle school student who met his end when he saved a woman during an armed robbery at a café. He was reborn into a dachshund doggy, which technically makes him a permanent dog, and therefore a good addition to this list. 

As a canine, he not only experienced significant story arc changes, he actually influenced several of them. Remember the ruthless Kirihime Natsuno and those awful scissors? Her interactions with him are anime gold, more so considering that she becomes his owner. Only later does Kazuhito even realize that Kirihime was the woman he saved. From the way his ahoge moves left-right to the manner in which he howls, there is more going on with this dog than meets the eye. 

29. Puppy From Elfen Lied

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Puppy

When young Lucy found a little stray pup one day, her story arc in the Elfen Lied anime was that much better for it. This anime contains realistic and emotionally intense narratives that play beautifully around the main characters and their pet companions. Fans found it wonderful watching how Lucy sacrificed so much to ensure that Puppy remained secure and comfortable.

This dog is considered by some to be a Yorkie Poo breed, not that it takes anything away from its adorability. In the story, the pup grew up and its needs and appetite increased, to the point where Lucy gave up half of her meals to feed it. Seemingly befriended by another young girl, Lucy, at last, confided in her about the pup's existence, at least in part to secure more food for it. Expect some unforgettable heart-breaking moments in this show that are totally worth watching. 

28. Beck From Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Beck

Though not exactly the show’s main character, Beck’s name was applied to the name of the band that plays a potent role in this series. The character Ryusuke considers Beck to be his dog, but it was Chiba who coined the band’s name BECK. Ever since Yukio Koyuki Tanaka saved Beck from a gang of delinquent kids, they forged a bond that fans of the BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad anime have come to admire. 

Beck at the time already belonged to another. His name is Ryuusuke Ray Minami, an up-and-coming guitarist who had recently left a popular rock band. When Yukio and Ryuusuke meet, the show’s narrative picks up in earnest, taking viewers through a beautiful friendship that grows along the lanes of western rock culture. Observing Beck, anyone will see that he appears odd, almost like a patchwork doll. 

27. Enek From Spice & Wolf

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Enek

Companion to Nora Arendt, this black shaggy-furred sheepdog in the Spice & Wolf anime is focused and loyal to a keen degree. His intricate bond with the girl is one of the reasons fans have come to love Enek. He is always there for her, complimenting her, and making her work guarding sheep that much easier. In the anime, Nora adopted Enek after finding him wounded or so she says.

Enek is a loyal and level-headed dog. He instantly obeys her every command from her shepherd's crook. When not directly working with the sheep or guarding them at that moment, Enek is always at Nora's side, whether walking, sitting, or napping during long conversations. He takes guard when she sleeps in the evening and sleeps with her as she guards the sheep at night. When she attends services, he will sleep outside while he waits for her. Nevertheless, the scene made for a heartbreaking introduction to one of the most memorable dogs in anime.  

26. Owner From Blend-S

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Owner

From his signature yellow bandana to that cute look on his face, this brown and white mixed Husky breed has made itself a staple in the Blend-S anime. He is happiest around Maika Sakuranomiya, adores walks, and gives occasional licks to Dino. Every scene in which he pretends to be innocent is canine cuteness. If this entry reads like an adoption write-up, we ask you who wouldn’t want to own a doggo as sweet as this. 

Huskies are known to be temperamental, and Owner is no exception to that fact. The moments when he threatens Dino with breaking his action figures to the times he nips the boy, it looks like Owner will do anything to get his outdoor walks. But a quick fact, Owner was found by Maika but adopted by Dino who was pressured into doing so by the staff.

25. Inu From Blood-C

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Inu

This is one of the most mysterious dogs on our list, and much the same can be said of his role in the anime Blood-C. Inu’s companionship with, and fondness for, Saya aside this brown-furred doggy with three strange forehead stripes is always serious, showing a quality of level-headedness that is almost human. This dog can communicate, which adds to his credibility in the eyes of fans. Inu is actually a small dog with brown fur and 3 red markings on his forehead and eyes. Inu actually looks like a cat rather than a dog

As Saya gradually starts to recover her memories, Inu supports her and shares his own thoughts with her, especially about his existence to fulfill someone’s wish. This wish centers solely around waking Saya up by helping her recover all her memories. Whatever Fumihito did to Saya seems much less mysterious than what Inu brings to the series. 

24. Fuzzy From Fukigen NA Mononokean

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Fuzzy

To Hanae, Fuzzy is the first-ever Yokai he’d ever seen. In the Fukigen na Mononokea anime, this round white dog looks more like a hairball than a proper canine, in fact, him being a yokai means he is not technically a dog at all. From his purple eyes to all the times he blushes when he is happy during playtime with Haruitsuki and Hanae, this dog is nonetheless worthy of adding to this list. He attempts to communicate any opinions he may have and has proven dependable and intelligent to an admirable degree. 

Working for the Mononokean, Fuzzy has proven all sorts of dog-like qualities: loyalty, bravery, protectiveness. This anime contains scenes where Fuzzy defended Hanae from other yokai even though he was outmatched. He nuzzles Ashiya while sitting atop his back or shoulder. And when Hanae says something to upset him, he goes to a corner and pouts in the gloom. It is absolutely adorable watching this yokai-dog just be itself. His gender is yet to be known, but that takes nothing away from his warmth and cuteness. 

23. Puppy From Code: Breaker

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Puppy

This dog’s name alone makes a case for cuteness. Pet to Sakura Sakurakouji, Puppy brings a strong dose of emotional value to the Code: Breaker anime’s narrative. Born to Dog, the canine parent character, this cute little doggo soon enters Sakura’s life and becomes an integral part of it. Its doggy-parent belonged to a homeless man who was killed by G-Falcon in the series, resulting in Dog later following suit. Ogami finds Puppy and hands him over to Sakura.

Puppy actually looks like a dog that is always sad and never being feed. But we all know that this canine became a fan favorite soon after that. Even after growing up and having puppies of his own, Then it becomes an adorable story for the otaku. Puppy never quite notices the presence of Code: Breakers.

22. Cherry From Lucky Star

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Cherry

The Iwasaki family in the Lucky Star anime are proud owners of this darling dog. The story arc centering around the Tokyo Metropolitan home is memorable for several reasons. This gentle white-furred doggo is an important part of the series, especially considering those funny moments when he tends to bark, growl, and even slap Hiyori. The first portion of the OVA focuses quite deeply on Cherry-chan, as this doggo is also called. He has been part of several valuable scenes and narratives in this anime.

Fans of this series are sure to recall and remember almost everything about Cherry the doggy. His interactions with the character Minami make for fun-filled viewing. One of Cherry's acts in the OVA is to try to force her head between Miyuki's legs since this is normal for dogs to do with people they like. They try to smell said human, they sometimes pick this place as it has a strong pheromone smell, as does another dog´s butt. The number of tries may vary between dogs as each dog has its own nature. Fans will certainly pity Iwasaki’s yard, though. 

21. Kedama From Given

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Kedama

Living with the main character Mafuyu Sato is a Pomeranian breed called Kedama. In the anime Given, we see this super-adorable white pom give viewers some of the most heart-warming dog moments in the show. Kedama is as energetic as he is prone to swirling in circles. His innocence is palpable, especially during moments when fans see him warming up to strangers. His turn-on-the-spot routine usually unravels when he sees Mafuyu preparing to leave for school. His appearance has made some fans question whether Kedama is a pure-bred pom.

Kedama, whether by weight or genetics, is quite rounded in appearance with small upright triangular ears. He has large blue eyes with a large nose on the end of a small snout. He is a white-colored pom with a small pink tongue. Genes or weight may have a telling role to play in this pudgy pom’s physical appearance, but it also seems to have enhanced his cuteness quotient from a nine-month-old dog.

20. Hakubi From Kekkaishi

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Hakubi

Technically, this one is a wolf, but one that behaves so dog-like that we simply had to add him to this list. Having served the Yukimura family for several centuries, this demon wolf's partnership with Tokine Yukimura is splendid. The way Hakubi serves her is proof that he is more domesticated, and canine in nature than some might believe. The insults he flings at Yoshimori and Madarao are an absolute laugh-fest. A lime-green beaded collar and light blue wisps of cloud following his dark-furred form are as intimidating as they are artistic.

He’s relatively much more at ease than Madarao, as seen in the Kekkaishi anime. This demon-wolf-dog packs some interesting powers as well, which include regeneration and an extreme sense of smell. Hakubi is far more easygoing than Madarao, which is reflected in his more comfortable working relationship with Tokine. He is both fond of Tokine and eager to assist her, especially if it means making Madarao and Yoshimori look bad

19. Repede From Tales of Vesperia

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Repede

As loyal sidekicks go, Yuri Lowell seems to have found the good boy in anime. In the show Tales of Vesperia, we see just how beautifully the bond between boy and dog blooms. Repede is a canine who’s definitely earned his place among the other doggos on this list. The dog’s father, Lambert, was once possessed by a monster, and Yuri was forced to kill him. It becomes exquisitely interesting to observe the changes in the narrative that prevail in this anime around all its characters, including Repede.

The manner in which this dog carries objects in his mouth is rather curious. He is one of a handful of doggies on this list who can speak. Repede is a dog with dark blue and gray fur. He has green eyes, light blue fur extending behind his head, pointed ears, and a sickle tail. As a puppy, he is very small. Fur above his paws resembles rings. Some of the furs stick out from his chest. Repede is friendly around those he trusts and children who like dogs but dislikes it when approached by people he does not know. Repede’s weapon of choice is a dagger that he carries on his canine person. 

18. Holy From One Piece

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Holy

The character Ohm tends to ride this big yellow dog around to either fights or sundry destinations. Not only does this doggy in the One Piece anime know a good deal of martial arts, but he is also extremely loyal to Ohm. He is oversized, not fat, and some fans like it when he has his tongue lolling out as opposed to when he turns vicious. Such duality beautifully complements this canine, making him an important addition to the anime, and our list. He comes trained to obey orders without question, making him more soldier than a spy.

His intelligence is not that high, in fact, there was one time when this doggy even knocked himself out; in the narrative involving Zoro. Powerful jaws and impressive strength and agility have made Holy a fan favorite. Holy is very obedient and can be a vicious animal, following commands to hunt and bite his masters' enemies. Don’t mess around with Holy because Holy is very strong, being able to pick up and swing around a fully-grown person in his jaws

17. Cerberos From Eyeshield 21

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Cerberos

As ruthless as he is famished, this doggo certainly fits the bill of canine from hell. Hiruma calls him his own in the Eyeshield 21 anime and relies on him for practically everything: tracking, training, disguise, and more. This dog has proven to have a powerful intelligence. Cerberos has even shown that he can walk on hind legs like a person. Some fans have accepted that the dog is basically wild and that he only follows Hiruma because he’s an easy food source.

But another set of fans believes the dog willingly follows him, because of all the times he takes orders from Hiruma. The main character often uses food to trick or reward Cerberos into fulfilling various tasks for him. Now whether Cerberos is following because of foods or other reasons, we know that all fans love Cerberos

16. Friender From Casshan

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Friender

Closest companion to Casshern and the only robotic dog on our list, Friender is a robotic canine with all four limbs, bright yellow eyes, a long tail, and no signs of Ruin. He is mostly black plated but on each leg, there is a gray patch where the limb connects to Friender's torso. Friender's mouth is also a tan color and his ears are white and red, resembling Casshern's battle helmet ears. Friender brings with him an intricate backstory, one that further enriches the Casshan anime. Before she succumbed to The Ruin, Root was Friender’s owner. 

Casshern came under fire for this, with Friender blaming him for Root’s loss. But one thing led to another and the two of them bonded. This black-plated dog with intense yellow eyes has become a fan favorite, in large part due to his intelligence and intimidating appearance. He has helped Jin and the gang in key ways. This Robo dog’s protective tendencies are quite high. 

15. Romero From Zombieland Saga

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Romero

What was once a toy poodle became an undead toy poodle in the anime Zombieland Saga. Belonging to Kotaro Tatsumi, this undead doggo serves as Franchouchou’s mascot in the show. Despite venturing out in public with Kotaro and the girls, this dog seems the least bit interested in hiding the fact that he is a zombie. Bandages and stitches practically adorn this doggo’s body, along with bloody fangs and a doll eye. 

He can adopt a monster form, which renders his Saga-shaped scar more prominent. The appeal of this dog rests in how he behaves like a typical canine despite looking anything but. His fondness for the Franchouchou idols is cute, much like his tendency to eat all sorts of things, like baseballs and grasshoppers. As abilities go, he is immortal, has detachable limbs, and there’s, of course, his scary monster form to consider. 

14. Chalk From Dr Stone

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Chalk

Hailing from Ishigami Village, this adorable little white doggy belonging to Suika has enriched the Dr. Stone anime to no end. From his floppy ears to a rope collar signifying his connection to the village, Chalk is renowned for his playfulness. This doggo rarely barks at anything out of fright or nervousness, but rather from excitement. His role in the show seems to be relegated to dramatically pulling the cover off important scene-changing moments, exposing something hidden that progresses the plot.

Chalk is a small dog with perfectly white fur and no markings. His ears flop over a little and his nose is fully black. His fur is quite short, the only exception being his tail which is slightly bushy. When Chalk gets older, he gains darker markings across his back, upper head, and on the outside of his legs similar to a Shiba in. Fans of this series love Chalk as much as he loves sniffing out truffles. He is present during several important moments in the series: the Grand Bout, the trip to a sunflower field, a hidden path left by Gen, aiding Homura, and more. 

13. Tanuki From Super Lovers

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Tanuki

A so-called raccoon dog, Tanuki is deeply bonded to the Kaidou brothers in the Super Lovers anime series. It has not been confirmed precisely what breed this doggo is. His fondness for Ren Kaidō is admirable. Ren was tasked with taking care of Tanuki when Onodera was hospitalized following a foot injury. That’s how this fluffy doggy came to live with the Kaidou brothers in the first place. 

He’s a rather quiet dog, a trait that is presumed to have been passed on to the dog from his former owner, an old man who was quiet and probably died peacefully.  It is still questionable what breed of dog Tanuki is. The Kaidou brothers considered Tanuki to be a Pomeranian, but arguably how Tanuki also looks a lot like a Spitz. Another interesting thing about Tanuki is that when clipped, Tanuki looks exactly like a Raccoon Dog. Tanuki is what you call a Japanese Raccoon Dog

12. Mike From Hunter X Hunter

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Mike

A frightening giant hound with Tyrian purple fur now terrorizes our list. In truth, he is actually quite misunderstood. In the Hunter x Hunter anime, this wolfish doggy gives us a performance unto himself. With paws that look more like clawed hands, anyone will be forgiven for trying to run at first sight of Mike. In the series, his behavior is more machine than canine. 

Almost impossible to control and with the ability to memorize a person’s appearance and scent, Mike is certainly not a pushover among anime dogs. He answers solely to members of the Zoldyck family. This is, paws down, the scariest dog on our list, mainly because he is so darn unpredictable. 

11. Pochi From How To Keep a Mummy

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Pochi

Those eerie white-circle eyes and a black form may at first unnerve some viewers as to the real purpose of this dog in the How To Keep A Mummy anime. Despite being an unnatural fifty years old, Pochi is just like any other dog. She adores affection from her owners and does not behave in any strange way.

From her yellow collar to a good spectrum of expressions, there are plenty of reasons for fans of this anime to like Pochi. From the moment she smacked her head on a door in episode one, fans have been enamored with this cutie. At the end, who doesn't love an elderly dog, hey?

10. Detective Kunkun From Rozen Maiden

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Detective Kunkun

More than a fictional anime dog, Detective Kunkun is a fictional doll. He seems to be the star of his own show, one that is a parody of a more serious detective story. In the Rozen Maiden anime, we see this blond dog puppet give fans some fun moments. His appearance is also one of the most unique in all anime.

KunKun is a light blonde colored dog puppet with dark brown, baggy shaped eyes, long ears that reach down to the height of his muzzle, and a brown nose. Around his left eye, there is a brown patch, while the tip of his tail is dyed in the same shade. He is normally seen sticking his pink tongue out like a panting dog and wears a red bow tie around his neck at all times

The Rozen Maiden dolls, Shinku and Souseiseki, play main roles in this series. They are sitting watching a show starring a puppet, in this case, Detective Kunkun. The character Jun finds the whole thing ridiculous and says as much. The way Shinku tries to warn Kunkun when a bad guy sneaks upon him is reminiscent of early British puppet comedies where kids yell He’s behind you! during a show where the good puppet was going to be waylaid by the bad guy. 

9. Genta From Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Genta

Belonging to Mimi and Rin, this large white sheepdog is an integral element in the Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne anime. All the three characters just mentioned are immortal in the series, making for some interesting moments indeed. This dog has been with Mimi in some of the most narrative-altering scenes in the show, especially the time when Mimi disguised herself as a Buddhist nun to find Rin. 

The use of a Time Fruit has proven to be a wonderful story. Mimi adores Genta more than Rin does. This further enhances the trio’s dynamics, especially from the point of view of fans. We have a few spoilers in mind but feel it is best not to share them because they are pretty powerful spoilers. Let’s just say there is a deadly scene involving the characters Mimi and Apos. 

8. Hiroyuki From Kemono Michi

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Hiroyuki

Coming into Genzo Shibata’s life, and going everywhere with him, is a pet doggy called Hiroyuki. There are moments in the middle of ring fights when this dog performs moves along with his master. The story arcs in the Kemono Michi anime are memorable for varied reasons. The Hiroyuki species was unknown there and he was considered a rare species, so people wanted to steal and sell him.

That one time when Genzo and Hiroyuki were transported to an alternate world, the doggy ended up being a never-before-seen species there. This in turn put a target on the dog’s back, causing people to attempt to steal him. This anime really brings out the bond between canine and human, and how both will do anything for each other. 

7. Tatsumaki From Dog Days

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Tatsumaki

 Part of the Biscotti Republic, Tatsumaki is one of the hardest working dogs on this list. He is tasked with seeking out the Hero in another world and bringing him back to Flognarde. His competence and worth are established by the fact that he is part of the Secret Squad, an affiliation of the Knights of Biscotti. In addition to being accomplished and loyal, Tatsumaki has one of the biggest responsibilities where anime dogs are concerned. 

In the Dog Days anime, he is entrusted with the Summoning Sword, which belongs to Biscotti. Tatsumaki also brought Cinque to Flonyard, another noteworthy achievement. Tatsumaki was very loyal and also known with his orange scarf around his neck. He also looks like a scary dog but actually, he is actually a sweetheart

6. Belka & Strelka From Little Busters!

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Belka and Strelka

This entry is not just about one dog. Because to talk about Belka is to also mention Strelka. Both dogs belong to Kudryavka Noumi in the anime Little Busters! We wish to detail as much about the large black and white Siberian Husky Strelka as the petite black Schipperke Belka. If their names sound familiar, that’s because they were inspired by the Russian canines launched into Space after Laika. 

Both these dogs are like family to Kudryavka. They are her sisters, and when her real mother is out as often as she is the dogs are almost like her mothers. Their protective natures are second to a few other dogs on this list. They love to play Frisbee with Kudryavka. When she moves to Japan to attend school, the dogs are allowed to stay just as long as they serve on patrols for the disciplinary committee. 

5. Weed From Ginga Densetsu Weed

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Weed

There are variations out there on the Ginga anime, but in Ginga Densetsu Weed the doggy is the protagonist and his name is, well, Weed. Currently a retired 3rd supreme commander of Ou, there is much to this doggo than meets the eye. He is an Akita-Kishu mix with blue eyes and silver fur. His growth within this anime’s narrative has been well-written. Compassion and bravery aside, this doggy has a strong sense of justice.

He is also one of the most supportive and persistent dogs on our list. Fans will still remember Weed’s harrowing encounter with Kaibutsu, to say nothing of the brilliance of the Hogen story-arc. Weed is a brindle Akita-Kishu mix with the fur color silver and with blue eyes

4. Rabi From Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Rabi

If you haven't watched this anime, you may not completely understand what's written below. But it will help you watch this anime from a different perspective. Becoming Frey’s automaton must have been confusing for this dog, but Rabi beautifully took to his new Bandol state. While he avoids Loki and detests Bronson, Rabi shows an exceptional fondness for Frey.

From his black wolfish fur to what some fans assume is a Husky breed appearance, the yellow-eyed Rabi has shown to transform into a red-eyed beast in the anime Unbreakable Machine-Doll.  In this new form, he is bigger, more aggressive, and completely out of Frey’s control. Being a machine means Rabi can wield certain powers. He can release sound wave blasts and use in-built sensors to detect even invisible threats. 

3. Shiro From Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Shiro

This next dog on our list lives in the Kotobuki Manor, but in truth, he calls the afterlife his real home. Shiro is a ghost dog and is ever-close to Kuri in the Elegant Yokai Apartment Life anime. This white Shiba Inu breed is a sweetheart, but one whose heart was tested when he met Kuri. Fans know that both these characters are no longer alive in the show. That’s because Kuri died at the hands of his abusive mother. Shiro protected him however he could, but he wasn’t there when the mother took her own son’s life. 

Shiro delivered karma to the woman, ripping her throat open, an act that had him beaten to death by neighbors.  Such a heart-wrenching story. Shiro is most definitely the most tragic dog on our list. The story of Shiro and Kuri does not end in the afterlife, in fact, it gets more captivating. Together in life, together in death, these two make a wonderful case for the bond between person and dog.  

2. Inui From Aggretsuko

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Inui

As Netflix’s original series go, season 3 of the Aggretsuko anime gave fans an anthropomorphic extravaganza. Illustrated with simplicity and well-written, this show has many nice characters, but a certain dog stands out from the crowd. Her name is Inui, and she walks on two legs like a person. Serving as admin at the Carrier Man Trading Co., Ltd. This Borzoi breed-based doggo has creamy white-brown fur and the sweetest smile. 

As demure as she is mannered, bring up talk of her relationship with Haida and you’re going to see another side to this dog. Her respectful nature leads her to accept his final choice, and we aren’t going to throw any spoiler-bones for you here. All in all, this is a curious ‘dog character’ in anime and well-deserving of this list.  

1. Cezar from Castlevania 

Top 50 best Anime Dogs, Cezar

One of the best Netflix anime series you will ever find is Castlevania. And one of the best undead or reanimated dogs you will find on this list is Cezar who appears in season 2 of the show. He belongs to the inimitable Hector. A bright blue eye and another that’s entirely missing? One look at this cute little zombie doggy and any fan will admit that this canine did not meet the kind end of life’s hand. 

In Hector, he finds an amazing owner and companion. The way Cezar behaves does in no way make him look and feel any less than the goodest boy ever. So, Go watch and enjoy how this wonderful creature has made this series more beautiful. This black zombie pug breed doggo is the last entry in our illustrious doggy line-up, and we’re happy to say that each canine has earned its mention. 

So that is our Top 50 Best Anime Dogs: Most Popular of All Time. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section

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