Top 14 Best Anime Fox Girls of All Time

Sharp and pointed ears, furry tail in the back and mimic the human form, That’s the life of anime fox girl or known as girl anime kitsune. Kitsune or Japanese foxes are some of the most popular animals that are believed to have spiritual abilities. Ancient Japanese believe that kitsune are intelligent creatures from spirit or demon that will transform into human form. So fox girl can be kind and evil at the same time

Regardless of their history, anime fox girls are one of the cutest waifu that you can pick. They usually transform into the best-looking human and no wonder they have such amazing faces and bodies. And don’t forget they can rub you with their tails hehe. So, here is a list of the top 14 best anime fox girls that you crave!

Best Anime Fox Girls

14. Shiro from Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Anime Fox Girls: Shiro

Shiro is one of the most obvious kitsune with long white-silver hair, ears, and tails. She also has red eyes that often symbolize foxes. In her adorable cheeks, there are also two red stripes that look like whiskers. Her dress looks like a crescent moon that adds to her mysterious and spiritual creature. But her personality is actually a bit arrogant and energetic. But in the series, she is a bit rude to Kuroto, her human friend. What a Kitsune!

13.  Koto from YuYu Hakusho

Anime Fox Girls: Koto

Koto is actually one of the demon girls that work as a referee in the Dark tournament. Her appearance is similar to a sporty anime girl but she is also an anime fox girl. With emerald green eyes and brown short hair, Koto is the bright and cheerful woman that admires her job as a referee. Despite being a side character, she is also a hard-working person with energetic commentaries during the tournament. But her form is sometimes misunderstood as cat girl rather than fox girl.

12. So Dakki from Senkaiden Houshin Engi

Anime Fox Girls: So Dakki

So Dakki is the main antagonist in this anime. Dakki is the wife of Chuu Ou and holds the position of empress. She looks very beautiful with long pink-orange hair followed by red eyes and a blue-greenish mark on her forehead. She is actually an anime fox girl with a human form. Her ability and her ambition to have more power makes her the villain in this story

11. Kuugen Tenko From Wagaya no Oinari-sama

Anime Fox Girls: Kuugen Tenko

Kuugen is one of the guardian gods in the form of a demon or youkai fox. Even she has a young appearance, she actually a thousand years old anime fox girl. She is a loyal guardian from her past family, Mitsuji. But Kuugen also likes to play pranks and sort of things until the Mitsuji family seals her up. Eventually, when she was released, she didn't grow to hate the Mitsuji family and simply just quit. Later Kuugen served Takagami family. Kuugen is a smart fox girl and guards the Takagami family at all cost 

10. Chizuru Minamoto from Kanokon 

Anime Fox Girls: Chizuru Minamoto

Chizuru is our 400-years anime fox girl that transforms into a high-schooler. She is currently in Kouta high school and falling in love with Kouta, the main protagonist. Chizuru doesn’t really care if her relationship will turn into a relationship of sin. In school, she looks like a normal human with long black hair, but when she transforms, she changes her appearance with tail, ears, and blonde hair. She is sometimes a bit masochistic towards her friends, but Chizuru really fights for what she wants.

9.Bonbori and Hozuki From Otome Youkai Zakuro

Anime Fox Girls: Bonbori and Hozuki

Bonbori and Hozuki are our twin anime fox girls! They both have similar looks with blonde ears, hair shaped in twin tails, and also green eyes. With pink accessories and pink yukata-outfit, they really look like Japanese ladies. Their abilities are track where people are and this skill is activated when they are singing. They both are fun, cheerful, and loving twins. They also enjoy games and tend to act like kids. They are also very clingy

8. Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari from Hyper Police

Anime Fox Girls: Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari

Just wish to have the ability of kitsune! Sakura is also a 191 years old anime fox girl who looks 19 years old. Sakura’s main goal is to complete her 8 and a half tails to 9 tails. To achieve that, she needs to spend many years hunting and consuming more power. Sakura is also proficient in using guns etc. That is a result when Sakura joined the police company. She has really long lavender hair and purple eyes. Don’t forget her beautiful ears tho! A little spoiler, she successfully grows her 9 tails!

7.Yukikaze Panettone From Dog Days

Anime Fox Girls: Yukikaze Panettone

Yukikaze or Yukki is a vanguard of Biscotti Knights Secret Squad upon the death of her parents, the earth god. Yukki was adopted or getting taken care of by Brioche, or Yukki called her as my lady, her true savior. Yukki later learns to use weapons and can move very fast to protect herself, Brioche, and the people she cherishes the most. Not only weapons, but she is also good at fighting with bare hands. Do you want to challenge her? Yukki has light green eyes with blonde-whitish hair and tail color. She also rocking in her purple suit

6 Kiri from Konohana Kitan

Anime Fox Girls: Kiri

Kiri is such a perfect anime fox girl with her style! She rocked with her blonde hair, ears, and tails with the purple and embedded golden flower on her kimono. Not only that, her golden-yellow eyes really sparkling through the screen. Kiri is the head attendant of Konohanatei. Judging by her attitude, she enjoyed most of her time pranking her juniors. Her character is intelligent and reliable to take charge of all five of her juniors. 

5. Tamamo no Mae from Omamori Himari

Anime Fox Girls: Tamamo no Mae

Tama is also the main antagonist on our list. Her sharp eyes with devilish smiles really suit her title as three great demons of Japan. Don’t be fooled by her look, she took the appearance of a 10 years old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. But she looks mature by wearing a purple yukata. Her unique ability is to eat a lot of akayashi to regain her power. But she also loves to chew some human dessert and crunchy stuff. With such a small body, she can throw people around. What a fox girl!

4. Tamamo from Fate Grand Order

Anime Fox Girls: Tamamo

Another Tamamo appears on this list. She is our next anime fox girl that not only emphasizes the feminine and cute stuff but also a mature emotion. Using her beauty, she usually seduces her customers when she can. She achieves that by blending with humans in her black yukata. Sometimes she appears in the hot spring hotel business, especially in the mountains. Her whole aura basically represent the lightning of the moon and can very clear that she knows her strength

3. Zakuro from Otome no Youkai Zakuro

Anime Fox Girls: Zakuro

Zakuro is a half-demon anime fox girl. Zakuro has the characteristic to protect what she cherishes the most, especially her friends. Her fighting skill can be argued because it’s so impressive. In anime, she needs to seal the powers because it’s currently out of control. So basically, she fights just with her fighting skills. Zakuro uses a pink kimono that matches the red ribbon in her hair. She has greyish-purple ears and hair that is put in twin tails. She also falls in love with Kei

2. Senko From Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Anime Fox Girls: Senko

  Who can resist Senko’s adorableness? Senko is a chibi anime fox girl who is actually a demi-god. She looks like an 8 years old kid wandering on the earth while actually, her age is 800 years. Her hair, ears, and tail are mostly covered in ombre-orange color. She likes to wear traditional Miko kimono with red-white-and yellow color fusion. Senko radiants are such energetic and fun personalities. But she loves to take the “mother” role despite her young appearance. She loves to describe herself as a young wife that cooks, cleans, and cares for her husband. She is also a humble fox girl.

1. Yuzu from Konohana Kitan

Anime Fox Girls: Yuzu

Yuzu also gave us such positive vibes. Her innocent and hardworking character makes us want to hug her. Despite being an anime fox girl, she was raised by a Buddhist monk. From there, she shared a lot of knowledge. Yuzu has calf-length blonde hair and her ears sticking up in her head. Her ears really resemble her current emotions. Yuzu is also a loving girl that everyone loves. She learns how to read and write in the human language thanks to the Buddhist monk. Later she can appreciate and be compassionate to a lot of various cultures and societies.

Here are our top 14 anime fox girls. They all have their own characteristics and personalities. But, who can’t resist being friends with one of them?