25 Most Gorgeous Anime Girls with Green Hair

As it is right now, our team has done a variety of female characters with different kinds of hair colors. We have done the red hair, blue hair, and black hair. And I do not think we are going to stop until we cover all kinds of shades of colors because it is so fun to write this list. 

So as you may have seen in the title, today's theme is about 25 most gorgeous anime girls with green hair. Honestly I was surprised when I found that I could collect this many green haired female characters. Because real talk, green is a weird color for hair and it is quite uncommon (at least for me). 

So to think that I was able to find all of these characters having green hair. Here I thought red is a more common color for hair (I think it does, but only applies mostly on main characters). And the best part is that literally everyone already made their name in the anime community, so I do believe you all know every single one of them. 

Lastly I would like to mention that yes, these girls have green hair. If you see them having some sort of blue-ish, black-ish or another shade of color for their hair, I promise you that is perhaps the shading in the coloring. I did my research, and I am certain that they are all green. 

Okay, enough talking. I believe we can start the list from number 25:

Most Gorgeous Anime Girls with Green Hair

25. Shiozaki Ibara (My Hero Academia)

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Shiozaki Ibara

This list will not be completed without My Hero Academia characters. Opening up the list we got ourselves the holiest character in the series. Fans believe that Ibara is a religious Christian fellow who hates sinners. I know that her religion is not stated, but it is funny to think that it might be actually true. But do not let her appearance fool you. Because Ibara is certainly strong and she knows how to make use of her quirk to reach the maximum output.

24. Mutsuki Tooru (Tokyo Ghoul :Re) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Mutsuki Tooru

Yes, I know that some of you will ask whether or not Mutsuki is a female. And the answer is yes. Check out this link if you do not believe me. I too, am confused when realizing that Mutsuki is actually a she. I guess that is what we called a reverse trap. It is said she also feels uncomfortable with her gender, thus she lives her life as a male instead. But I think that only brings her to become more chaotic and lunatic rather than brings her peace.

23. Typhon (Re:ZERO Starting Life in Another World)

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Typhon

Anime is a weird medium where you can have a loli being a hundred years old witch. This annoying brat is one among hundreds of cases in anime. Picture this. Typhon as a child was blessed by this powerful magic where she is able to kill her opponents rather easily. It does not sound cute at all. Could you imagine what would happen if she used her power wrongly? Well it already happened on the series. Because of it I personally do not find Typhon cute.

22. Sonozaki Shion (Higurashi: When They Cry) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Sonozaki Shion

And here we got our first twins in my personal article in this platform, and also for this list (yup, I found more twins to talk about) Shion looks like a calm and reserved girl at the first glance, but it turns out she is a manipulative and cunning woman who normally acts behind the scene. For some anime fans, Shion might be the reason why a lot of them have trust issues when it comes to anime girls. You simply cannot trust what you see.

21. Sonozaki Mion (Higurashi: When They Cry) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Sonozaki Mion

Since Mion is Shion's twin, I will not put her far from her. And the reason why I put Mion above Mion is well… None to be honest. If you ask me if I like Mion's personality more than Shion, then the answer is no. They have similar characters and I kind of dislike both of them. In fact, I hate most of When They Cry's characters because they are all weird. And that is the main reason why I put them down here. 

20. Bulma (Dragon Ball)

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Bulma

Probably the most controversial character on the list. Not because she did something that caused outrage to many people, but more of her hairstyle… If you follow the Dragon Ball series, you should probably realize that Bulma's hair color keeps changing over time. It could be green, blue, long, short, straight, curly. Man, what a fashionista she is. That is why I am kind of reluctant to put her on the list. And here, I do not put her high on the list, so we can have “real” green haired girls. 

19. High Elf Archer (Goblin Slayer) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: High Elf Archer

You know, it is funny seeing her lashing out toward Goblin Slayer and thinking lowly about him even though at that point his reputation is already quite well spread. And the fact that she still has a lot to learn about this cruel world and still has the audacity to do those things is… Well, audacious. But I am sure most fans can forgive her antics because you know… Plots (not that plots, but the other “plots”). Male anime fans are way too easy to be pleased with. 

18. Mallow (Pokemon) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Mallow

Mallow is that kind of girl you would expect when you come to Hawaii. She has a bright personality and is really easy going. And of course, as one of the trial captains in Alola, specifically in Akala Island's Lush Jungle, she is also a really talented trainer too. Both the anime and the game did a brilliant job depicting her as a great trainer. For me personally, Mallow in the game did create some trauma because of her unbelievably tough to crack Totem Lurantis.

17. Tomoko Shiretoko (My Hero Academia) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Tomoko Shiretoko

It is sad that Ragdoll lost her quirk because All For One. Considering how useful it is, she could assist her Wild Wild Pussycat colleagues even more. But hey, that was in the past. As it is right now, we can surely say that Ragdoll has turned into her normal self. And honestly I have already done a deep dive explanation regarding Ragdoll in this article. So I have no idea what to say anymore about her. Will you kindly help this dude by reading that? Pretty please? 

16. Monet (One Piece) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Monet

Her brief appearance has gained her a lot of fans (yes including those G2 Soldiers and Sanji). Monet does have a nice Devil Fruit, being able to manipulate snow. It was even Logia type. Sadly she found the worst matchup possible, being the Vice Captain of Straw Hats Pirates. But I do not think it does not really matter, because what we will consider the most is her beauty and cuteness. No one will bat an eye to her powers as long as she has those things. 

15. Yoshimura Eto (Tokyo Ghoul) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Yoshimura Eto

Tokyo Ghoul does have a lot of chaotic characters huh… We got a gay cannibal, a lunatic centipede, tons of madmen and women, and Eto. Behind her calm demeanor, she is a crazy ghoul who seeks for destruction. Even worse, she inherits the power of her dad, making her able to bring more chaos as a half human and half ghoul. I guess green haired females are known for their craziness huh… And honestly I have no idea what to say except do not be fooled easily by a certain character.

14. Emi Fukukado (My Hero Academia) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Emi Fukukado

Some of you may think that she is an annoying person (just like Aizawa did). But for real, I have a feeling that life with Ms. Joke will never get boring. There are a lot of things you could probably expect towards her, and she will break your expectations just like that. I mean, her students can handle her antics. Maybe because they get used to it, or maybe because her act is not actually that bad. Again, do not judge the book by the cover people!

13. Koyanagi Hanako (Wotaku: Love is Hard for Otaku) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Koyanagi Hanako

As a weebs (I do not dare call myself an Otaku), I know some female friends who are fujoshi who are also cosplayers. They can be annoying sometimes, but they are quite fun to hang out with. Well as long as they do not force their belief on fujoshi. That story explains a lot about Hanako's character. The only difference is that while my friends are all still in college, Hanako already works at an office and has a more stable income

12. Crusch Karsten (Re:ZERO Starting Life in Another World) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Crusch Karsten

(Shameless plug but click here for the exact same explanation about her) Crusch got a really great first impression. She is exactly what we have been expecting as a leader. Charismatic, strategic, and bold, those were great personalities for a leader. Sadly her memories were wiped out by Lye Batenkaitos. She forgot literally everything about herself, and even has lost her leadership personality that defines her character. Hopefully we can see her back in action and being the amazing Crusch that we used to know.

11. Kusakabe Yuki (Interviews With Monster Girls) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Kusakabe Yuki

Some of you might already know how emotional I am when it comes to bullies. When I first saw Yuki get bullied by some girls, I cursed them because well… Who actually likes seeing people get bullied. Luckily after that boiling event, Yuki's life as a demi in that school slowly gets better. She made new friends, guided by kind teachers, and so on. It is not always that easy in real life, but it shows that life will get better even after you get bullied. 

10. Neliel Tu Oderschvank (Bleach) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Neliel Tu Oderschvank

My first impression when I saw Nel was like who the hell is this brat and what the hell is she doing here? Turns out she was an ex Espada. Even more special that she was the 3rd rank. But honestly I do not think that anyone really cares about her past nor her strength anymore after looking at those bodies (I know how sinful you guys are). And by the way, Nel kind of reminds me of Yoruichi, starting as a mascot like characters, and the rest is history. 

9. Kayano Kaede (Assassination Classroom)

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Kayano Kaede

Let us be honest, for those who have watched the show, who here felt extremely shocked by Kayano's true revelation? I know that it is revealed that she is an actress, but that kind of twist at the latest part of the series was quite huge. At least for me. To think that the sweet, caring, cute Kayano would turn into something like that. Thankfully it turned out that she was kind of controlled by the tentacles. In the end, Kayano is still the Kayano that we knew.

8. Makino (One Piece) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Makino

If there is a list of the best mother figures, I would probably include Makino and perhaps Dadan. But I think Makino is more fitting here. While Dadan acts mostly like a dad instead of a mom, Makino truly resembles the mother's kindness. She took care of the trio Ace, Sabo, and Luffy like they are all her children. Buying them clothes, bringing them food, and so on. It was thanks to her that Ace learned a bit of mannerisms and acted like a decent human being.

7. Zenin Mai (Jujutsu Kaisen) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Zenin Mai

Here we got another twin on this list (what is with green hair and twins). Compared to her older sister, Mai is more pessimistic and often takes a realistic approach when it comes to battle. She realizes that her curse techniques are nothing special, hence she keeps it low and is opportunistic. But her problems are more complex than this (and I cannot tell because, you guessed it. Spoiler). Despite that, Mai is still quite a notable Jujutsu Sorcerer and at least can finish her jobs quite well. 

6. Zenin Maki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Zenin Maki

As you may expect, Maki will also be here on the list. Some of you may disagree with me putting the older sister above. But I simply follow the fact that Maki is the best girl in the series (alongside with Nobara, I guess). She is strong and bold, not afraid to oppose the higher ups when she needs to. Even though she does not have any curse energy, she has incredible physical prowess, just like Yuji. No wonder she is relied on by her peers and underclassmen. 

5.  Ononoki Yotsugi (Monogatari Series) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Ononoki Yotsugi

(Do not worry. Her hair is green I promise) Being a doll who barely has any emotions, Yotsugi never realized that her antics are actually hilarious. Prime example is her saying “saying with a posed look” or doing a peace gesture with a flat tone. She can also sometimes feel annoyed by Araragi and knows that what he is doing is perverted or inappropriate. Who would have thought that the most monotonous character turns out to be the one who makes the series even more colorful.

4. C.C. (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

Anime Girls with Green Hair: C.C.

Of course our pizza girl would have made it into the list. I do believe that what people love about C.C. is most definitely her Kuudere traits. It does not seem like she cares a lot toward her surroundings, but hey, you will never know what she is thinking. C.C.'s personality came from being an immortal who has lived more than enough to care about a lot of things. I guess immortality never brings any kind of happiness to people huh…

3. Asui Tsuyu (My Hero Academia) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Tsuyu Asui

Having Asui on the list simply shows how colorful the My Hero Academia casts actually are (metaphorically and literally). Four green haired characters in a series are a lot, and here I thought I would not get a decent amount of entries because green is a weird pick for hair color. But back to the Asui topic, well… She is cute, she is strong, she is reliable, and she is friendly. What more do you want from your neighborhood rainy day hero? Asui literally has it all. 

2. Fubuki (One Punch Man) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Fubuki

(If you see her you should probably know the pattern) Despite being overshadowed by her sister Tatsumaki, for me, Fubuki has her own charm too. Well apart from her body figure and look, she is also really determined to be a great hero. Fubuki is also really caring towards her subordinates. Her first impression may not be the best, since she forced the most powerful guy on the planet to be her underling, but she already made that up. So it is totally fine.

1. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man) 

Anime Girls with Green Hair: Tatsumaki

We got way too many siblings today huh… And since I am a nice guy I do not want to seperate them, so I always put them near each other. Some of you may think that this will affect my judgment, but real talk putting Tatsumaki and Fubuki in the first and second place is definitely worth it, because they are all the best girls in the series and there is nothing to say anymore about them. All you need to do is watch the series and observe them closely.