20 Breathtaking Anime Girls with Red Hair

Ah yes, my favorite topic, waifu (or anime girls, it is the same). It has been a while since the last time I talked about this specific topic. Well it is only about a week or so but come on, a week takes a really long time when you have nothing to do.

So, we are going to talk about 20 breathtaking anime girls with red hair. A topic that is supposed to be easy. I mean, we got ourselves a lot of red haired girls right? And that is where I was completely wrong. Because I found something interesting while researching these girls. 

Red hair is not a common thing in anime. Yup, you got to believe me. It was quite difficult finding girls with legit red hair. I mean, there are others who have another shade of red like pink for example. But here I do not want to cheat and try my best to find all of these red hair characters. 

Besides, I do not want to be protested by somebody saying that it is not red (even though pink is technically a shade of a really light red). So I rather waste my time looking for girls who actually have red hair rather than being criticized over such trivial matters. 

So yeah, these all are the best characters I could find. And I promise you I have checked whether or not she has red hair. Without further ado, we are going to start from number 22:

Breathtaking Anime Girls with Red Hair

20. Shana (Shakugan no Shana) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Shana

And I cheated already. By technicality, Shana's hair is supposed to be black. It only turns red when she uses her power. But you know, that is the essence of the show. We often see Shana's hair being red rather than black. So I would not want to accept any kind of criticism here. 

And just like that I have wasted an entire paragraph explaining why she deserves to be on the list. So rather than wasting another one, I may have to suggest you all to watch the show to see Shana's redeeming qualities. It is seriously one of the most underrated shows (that has not made it into this list. Bruh moment). 

19. Edward Wong (Cowboy Bebop) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Edward Wong

If you have no idea that Ed is actually a girl… Same. Well actually I did find that she was after someone actually told me that Ed was a girl. But that does not matter because what is important now is all about Ed, a goofy, laid back and eccentric character in Cowboy Bebop. 

Her appearances always enlighten the mood of the group. Yes Ed can be really annoying sometimes. But that is her just trying to have fun. We could see that Spike and Jet were quite saddened after knowing Ed left them to live with her parents. But I guess that is what life is, space cowboy. 

18. Kobayashi (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Kobayashi

Can we all just agree that Kobayashi is a really great mother of 3 or 4 despite not having experience as a real mother? Technically she only babysits Kanna as the youngest dragon. But knowing how some dragons like Tooru, Elma, and Ilulu will sometimes act like children, Kobayashi will also need to make them behave a bit. 

And it is done after hard days of work almost everyday. Not even real moms are able to do so. The patience of this girl is really amazing. And that is a sign of a real adult, when you accept everything without even questioning it. What a girl Kobayashi.

17. Shirayuki (Akagami no Shirayukihime) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Shirayuki

I have heard that Japan has their own Snow White anime. However, I do think that Shirayuki fits more as Snow White rather than the Snow White from real Snow White (that is a lot of Snow White in a sentence lmao). Not going to diss the original Japanese Snow White, but I stand with my opinion. 

I do not want to get into the details, but the story is pretty good if you like the Shoujo genre. Shirayuki's character is also really compelling to see. She still has that princess-like figure, but she is quite capable on her own. Unlike the real Snow White who is… I do not want to talk about it. 

16. Yona (Akatsuki no Yona) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Yona

And now we have the twins of Shirayuki. Just look at their face, body stature, background and the fact that they are targeted by many men. You cannot tell me that they are sisters from another mother. Jokes aside, even though they look almost identical, they have something that differs them one another. 

While Shirayuki lives in an easier universe, Yona has an arguably harsher environment. You can simply look at it by the story they are in. For me personally, Yona is slightly more complete as a character than Shirayuki because of that reason. So, Shirayuki fan, could you please lower your pitchforks and torches? 

15. Miu Amano (Blend S) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Miu Amano

If you are looking for a big sister, then Miu will gladly be one for you. It does not matter if she does not exist because it never will. On a serious note, behind that sisterly act, Miu is quite notorious for stalking whenever she gets a chance.

For those who have not watched the show, let me explain. Since Miu is actually a doujin writer, she tends to look for inspiration for her writing. The reason why she worked part time at that maid cafe is so that she can observe the girls' act. Thankfully she plays her role as a big sister rather well. So all is good.

14. Red Blood Cell (Cells at Work) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Red Blood Cell

(She has her own code but I prefer to call her that way) Anime is the only medium that is able to make a mere red blood cell attractive. Well of course it served the purpose for making biology exciting to learn. But the fact that it literally becomes your waifu is simply outstanding. 

Not only that, this Red Blood Cell has a clumsy and awkward personality. Can you imagine in your body there is this one blood cell that instead going to your brain, it went to somewhere like your cheeks. That is embarrassing but somehow adorable to see. It will make you blush by thinking about it. 

13. Karin (Naruto) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Karin

Oh look, Sarada's mom. I guess the resemblance is there but I think it is just hilarious that it is not really impossible either. Well at least at first. Joke aside, Karin was one of Sasuke's greatest allies. Even though she cannot really fight, her knowledge about chakra and healing ability is valuable. 

And yeah we also cannot forget the forbidden love between Sasuke and Karin. Technically Karin was the only one who made the move. But Sasuke did not refuse either. I have no idea whether to call it a Gigachad move or a shitty dude move. At least the past is the past. 

12. Rindo Kobayashi (Food Wars) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Rindo Kobayashi

Despite being in the opposition team, Rindo is a really fun character to see. She has an eccentric personality and is full of surprises. One prime example is when she allowed Takumi and Megumi to pass the final exam. Not to mention her specialty using exotic ingredients totally fits her character. 

Rindo is also really warm and hospitable towards her enemy. She simply likes to have fun and will not allow anyone to interrupt her fun. Of course that includes the headmaster. Even though they have an “important” mission on their belt and supposedly doing everything as smoothly as possible, Rindo will always be Rindo no matter where and when. 

11. Chelsea (Akame ga Kill) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Chelsea

Yup… I have no idea where to start about Chelsea. If you have watched the series, you should have a gist on why it is so hard for me to talk about her. Like your daily cold looking anime girls, Chelsea has a deep compassion towards other members and actually cares for them. 

Which is why it is so hard seeing her death with her body being displayed like that… Oh wow I was truly lost for words. I know that was a spoiler, and I dislike spoiling things, but I need to break it once in a while so my readers are prepared for what will happen to this red-haired girl. 

10. Itsuka Kotori (Date a Live) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Itsuka Kotori

A loli female character who has red hair. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing actually. No really, nothing. Kotori is pretty much your cute anime girl with 3 personalities depending on which form she currently takes. And each of them are quite distinctive from each other so you can take a look for the difference. 

You got your vanilla little sister who is delicate and cute, or you may want your strong little sister who is very dependable. And one more personality is her sadistic one who will mercilessly kill anyone. So yes, very very very normal loli we got here. Nothing seems wrong. 

9. Stephanie Dola (No Game No Life) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Stephanie Dola

Stephanie is an unfortunate immanity (it is a weird way to pronounce humanity but it is what it is) who met 2 other super geniuses whose intelligence are unfathomable. As the results, she was said to be stupid and unable to have a great thinking process compared to those 2.

In reality Steph is a smart immanity. But if you compared her to those 2 intellectuals, of course they would look much smarter. It is like comparing a dog with a dolphin when it comes to swimming. Hopefully we will soon see how great Steph is as an immanity. I have no idea when but let us just hope.

8. Chise Hatori (The Ancient Magus Bride) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Chise Hatori

Well when we talk about Chise, we cannot leave out her background when no one literally wants her. When I said literally, I mean it. Heck she even almost committed suicide and sold herself out to some auction with the hope that she can find someone who truly needs her. 

Thankfully, that man, Elias Ainsworth, came. Yes he is a bit scary (who would not get scared seeing a man with a satanic skull face), but he really shows that he wants Chise to be on his side. And eventually she managed to show her old self, a cheerful girl who is also really observant and intelligent.

7. Uzumaki Kushina (Naruto) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Uzumaki Kushina

We all can imagine what would happen if Kushina was still alive. Naruto would still become a brat, but he was under his mother's check because Kushina would be a strict and easily enraged mother if she saw her son doing something stupid. Especially since he is the son of the 4th Hokage.

Sadly that day never happened. Kushina can only watch Naruto from above. We all know that she sacrificed herself to ensure Naruto's safety. Her not being able to be on Naruto's side during his difficult time is a pity, but that does not dismiss the fact that she is a really great mother for Naruto.

6. Emi Yusa (The Devil Is a Part-Timer!) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Emi Yusa

A strong and stubborn woman who is a bit scary because of her temperament. Technically Emi will only get mad towards Maou and his companions. In front of her close friends or someone neutral, she can act normally and is not going to burst in anger that easily. 

Frankly there is not much to talk about related to Emi. That is because I have explained about her character in this article. Overall, despite her rough character, it is not that easy to hate Emi because there is nothing to hate about her. Try to find it and you will realize that it is utterly useless to hate someone like her. 

5. Nakano Itsuki (The Quintessential Quintuplets) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Nakano Itsuki

Frankly I would love to put the other quintuplets here. Sadly the only one who has red hair is Itsuki. But that is completely fine because she has her own charm that made her amongst the best waifu here. She is perhaps the most diligent character to achieve her dreams. 

Compared to her siblings, Itsuki is the one who is the most eager to learn new things. Yes she did not accept Fuutarou's offer when he wanted to teach him, but that was because he was being a douchebag. As it is right now, Itsuki will gladly accept any offer to make her a better learner. 

4. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail is really lucky to have one of the greatest wizards on their side. I already explained Erza's attributes in the charismatic waifu article (another shameless plug and I do not care lol), so now I think I am simply going to summarize what I have explained there. 

At least that was the plan. Until I realize that there is nothing to elaborate further related to why Erza has made it into the list. Even non-anime fans could deduct her personality simply by looking at that picture above. And seasoned anime fans can tell you a bit more about her despite having not watched the series. That is how great Erza is.

3. Yoko Littner (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Yoko Littner

At this point everything about the next girl will be pretty similar with one another. It will definitely sound repetitive and boring, but there is a reason why they are so loved by their fans. And that of course includes our best girl from the classic Gurren Lagann series, Yoko. 

Apart from Kamina whom she was hostile with, Yoko is your typical cheerful gung ho girl with a hint of calmness and reservation, which makes her a really good partner for Simon. She eventually has sort of fixed her attitude towards Kamina after learning more about him. With that kind of high specs, no wonder people love her so much.

2. Rias Gremory (High School DxD) 

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Rias Gremory

Rias has been everyone's waifu since the earliest day of High School DxD. If you are veteran anime fans but have not watched High School DXD, you can tell immediately what makes her so loved not only by the fandom, but also by the anime community in general.

Apart from her obvious beauty (if you cannot tell, you should check your eyes), Rias is a really nice, caring, and intelligent girl. Not to mention her loyalty to someone she loves. Grabs her heart and she will be yours, like forever. And that comes from a useless pervert like Issei. What is not to love about Rias?

1. Makise Kurisu (Steins Gate)

Anime Girls with Red Hair: Makise Kurisu

I am going to be honest with you guys. Kurisu has been my waifu since my earliest days of watching anime. So I am not afraid to admit that her being number one on the list is pretty much based on personal opinion. But, even if we are looking objectively, she does deserve this place. 

I mean there is a reason why she became the most popular woman in Myanimelist (you may not believe it so I link out the proof). She is smart, beautiful, funny, kind, and charismatic. There is no way you can skip that and put her not in the number one spot. Like, who else can actually replace her?