17 Best Anime Like Farming Life In Another World

Have you watched Farming Life in Another World anime and left yearning for more heartwarming anime with a similar theme? Well, look no further, here is the list of best anime like farming life in another world.

This anime provides a refreshing escape from the chaos of daily life, taking you to a new world where the protagonist has the opportunity to start fresh in a peaceful environment.

You're sure to have a good time and feel at ease with these shows, which showcase lovable characters, jaw-dropping landscapes, and a leisurely lifestyle that will brighten your day.

So, let's dive in!

Best Anime Like Farming Life In Another World

Our team has put in the effort to compile a comprehensive list of anime like farming life in another world.

Our list has been curated on the basis of plot progression, storyline, protagonist characteristics, world theme, and other factors to ensure that we bring you the very best options.

Without further ado, let's get started!

1. Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)

Silver Spoon Anime, anime like farming in another world

Yuugo Hachiken is a student who attends the prestigious Ooezo Agricultural High School to escape his parents' stress. Unfortunately, he is quickly proven wrong when he is confronted with his talented classmates who have grown up on farms. When it comes to the harsh agricultural life, Hachiken is a complete novice who quickly finds himself struggling to keep up.

Gin no Saji is a comedy about a young student attempting to adjust to his new surroundings. Hachiken hopes to discover his goals with the assistance of his peers and educators. Silver Spoon and Farming Life in Another World have several similarities.


  • Both “Farming Life in Another World” and “Silver Spoon” revolve around farming as a central theme.
  • Both anime feature interesting casts of characters with unique personalities and interactions.

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I've somehow gotten stronger anime

Al Wayne had a single goal in life: to be the best farmer he could be. With a determined attitude, he dedicated himself to mastering the art of agriculture and honing his farming skills. He reached the pinnacle of his farming abilities after years of hard work and earned the title of first-rate cultivator

Al's stats were significantly improved as a result of this outstanding achievement. His newfound strength and knowledge of farm management enabled him to take on tasks that had previously been far beyond his abilities. 

The royal family, who were in desperate need of assistance due to the increasing number of disasters, learned of his abilities. Al, as a man dedicated to protecting the fields he adored, couldn't ignore their pleas. 


  • MC builds nation, trades goods, forms alliances.
  • Transported to another world, builds town, forges new relationships.

Here's the official trailer of the anime that you can watch right now:

3. In Another World With My Smartphone

In Another World With My Smartphone anime

Touya Mochizuki, the series' protagonist, finds himself in an unusual situation when God strikes him down with a stray bolt of lightning. To make amends for his error, God grants Touya one wish and the opportunity to live again in a magical fantasy world.

Touya's one wish is to keep his smartphone with him, so he can stay in touch with his friends on Earth.

Touya finds himself surrounded by magic and cute girls in this new world. Yumina Urnea Belfast, Leen, Yae Kokonoe, Linze Silhoueska, and Elze Silhoueska become fast friends with him. Together, they embark on a fantasy and drama-filled adventure to find a way to return Touya home.


  • Both anime are Isekai with a protagonist from another world.
  • Presence of multiple female characters in the storyline.

4. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω

Best Anime Like Farming Life In Another World, Demon Lord anime

The plot revolves around Lumachina's adventures and her belief that Diablo is God. She assigns him the task of tracking down the Church's corrupt head paladin, Batutta. 

Diablo must decide whether to protect Lumachina and fulfill her wish along the way. Will the Demon Lord from Another World be able to play God? Join Diablo and his party on their quest to find out!


  • MC is overpowered and lacks common sense in new world.
  • Both protagonists come from another world and excel in all fields.

5. Knight's & Magic

Knight's & Magic anime

Tsubasa Kurata, the main protagonist of Knight's & Magic, is reincarnated in the Fremmevilla Kingdom, a historical world where formidable mechs known as Silhouette Knights are used to eliminate demons. Ernesti Echevarria is born into a wealthy family and is endowed with extraordinary magical abilities. 

Ernesti attends Royal Laihaila Academy, a magical school that trains young men and women to become Silhouette Knight pilots. 

Ernesti sets out with the twins Adeltrud and Archid Olter with the goal of one day creating his own Silhouette Knight, a feat unheard of for several centuries.


  • Male MC reborn in a fantasy world.
  • Building guild/family/town while taking a laid-back approach.
  • Similar plot progression in building their own world in a relaxed manner.

6. Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody

anime similar to farming life in another world

Ichirou Suzuki, a programmer in his thirties, awakens in a fantasy RPG world as a younger version of himself with a new name, Satou. When an army of lizard men attacks Satou, he casts a powerful spell in retaliation, raising his level to 310! 

Satou is now a high-leveled adventurer with no way back to reality, so he sets out to explore the new world and survive using his knowledge and skills. 

He quickly realizes that the world is full of danger and adventure, and he must use all of his resources and strength to survive in this strange new world.


  • Both anime feature Isekai themes with OP main characters.
  • Harem-building elements in the story, with allies forming relationships.

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7. Kenja no Mago (Wise Man's Grandchild)

Wise Man's Grandchild anime

Merlin Wolford is a national hero in the kingdom of Earlshide who prefers to live a quiet life by raising an orphan. Shin, the orphan, is a regular salary man from present-day Japan who was reincarnated into Merlin's world and retains his past memories. 

Shin is an exceptional talent in magic and martial arts, however, by his 15th birthday he had only acquired battle skills. Unfortunately, this has resulted in him being socially awkward, lacking common sense, and having a mediocre sense of responsibility.

Shin joins the Magic Academy to improve his skills, make friends, and defeat various enemies while adapting to high school in the city. This anime is ideal for fans who enjoy anime about farming life in another world.


  • MC has powerful magic, and focuses on harem building in both anime.
  • Comedy elements, poor social skills of main character.

8. Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi

Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi

The anime revolves around the story of Louise de la Vallière and Saito Hiraga, two main characters who defended Tristain from the invading forces of Albion. Queen Henrietta now faces a political battle on the horizon as a new villain plots against the Crown.

As Louise and Saito grow closer, Louise discovers a newfound talent for Void magic, which grants her the power to wipe out an entire village in a single blow. 

As Louise struggles to keep her newfound powers in check and use them for good, the concept of honoring oneself is called into question. She must decide what is truly best for her and her beloved kingdom as she questions her loyalty to her homeland and her relationship with Saito.


  • MCs are female, powerful, and inheritors of a role.
  • Possessing special powers, MCs build their nation while facing challenges and forming alliances.

9. More than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers

anime like farming life in another world

Jirou Yakuin has feelings for Shiori Sakurazaka, a childhood friend and classmate. At the annual “marriage practical” at their school, Akari Watanabe wishes to be paired with her crush, Minami Tenjin. Shiori and Minami, as well as Jirou and Akari, are paired together. 

The top ten pairs, however, earn the right to switch partners as long as both couples agree. Jirou and Akari must decide whether to stay together or switch with Shiori and Minami.


  • Emphasis on living together in the new world.
  • Love polygon involving multiple characters in romantic relationships.

10. Isekai Cheat Magician: Yoiboshi no Matsuri to Majutsushi

Taichi and Rin are ordinary high school students who find themselves transported to a world of swords and magic. They are surprised to be attacked by monsters, only to discover that they possess incredibly powerful magic.

The regular high school students transform into the strongest cheats, capable of taking on any challenge that comes their way, thanks to their newfound abilities.


  • Both are isekai with overpowered, mature MC.
  • MCs build nation/town, form alliances without perverted behavior.

11. Kuro no Shoukanshi (Black Summoner)

Black summoner, manga like farming life in another world

Kelvin exchanges his memories for incredible abilities, skill points, and the S-class summoner title. Melfina offers him the choice of selecting any companion to start as a summoner. He opts for Melfina herself, certain that his strong emotions will return, even without his memories.

Kelvin must acquire significant amounts of mana points by fighting strong enemies and making contracts with even stronger companions in order to summon Melfina's physical form. With these mechanics, Black Summoner, like Farming Life In Another World, is an excellent anime.


  • Main character acts as a farmer in another world.
  • Fantasy anime with nation-building and trading elements.

12. Parallel World Pharmacy

Parallel World Pharmacy anime

Kanji Yakutani lost his small sister to cancer due to inadequate treatment and has dedicated his life to the discovery of new drugs. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 31. 

Kanji was reborn as Falma de Médicis, the son of a well-known medical family in the Sain Fleuve Empire, and given a second chance. Through a unique divine talent, he can generate and deplete any material by utilizing its chemical properties. 

Medicine is a nobility-only luxury, with commoners denied adequate medical care.As a result, Falma promises to provide medicine to anyone in need.


  • Isekai anime with MCs pursuing their passion using unique magic for business.
  • No focus on fighting, but rather on characters building businesses with specific magic in another world.

13. Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo

Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo anime

Michio Kaga tries to start a strange online game only to be transported to a rural village in its world, armed with special abilities and an overpowered sword.

Trapped and unable to log out, Michio decides to embrace his fate, embarking on a journey filled with conquering dungeons, earning cash, and building a harem all while enjoying his new life. If you're looking for an anime like farming life in another world, Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo is a must-see.


  • Both are set in fantasy worlds with adventurous elements.
  • MC creates their own harem while exploring and building their nation/town.

14. Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Best Anime Like Farming Life In Another World

Makoto is sent to another world after a mysterious contract is agreed upon by a goddess and his parents. 

To Makoto's surprise, the goddess deemed him “hideous” and revoked his heroic title, instead bestowing upon him the ability to understand all languages except human. 

He meets various demihumans and mythical beings who join him in establishing a new community as a result of his newly discovered physical and magical abilities. Though his desire to meet other humans remains elusive, Makoto and his companions work hard to reform society and fulfill his wish.


  • MC sent to another world by a god, builds a town and learns to govern.
  • Creating a family with diverse beings, while building a town and governing in another world.

15. Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Campfire Cooking in Another World anime

Salaryman Tsuyoshi Mukouda is summoned as a hero to the Kingdom of Reijseger in another world, but he talks himself out of it due to his non-combat skill “Online Supermarket.” 

With this ability, he can afford to buy food and utensils from Japan, which are considered luxuries in this world. His cooking catches the attention of the fearsome mythical wolf Fenrir, who quickly agrees to become Mukouda's familiar. 

Mukouda earns his keep as an adventurer and merchant as they travel the world, while enjoying delectable campfire meals.


  • MC possesses cheat power/skill and forms alliances with other beings.
  • MC's culinary skills impress allies in a new fantasy world.

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16. Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp, farming life in another world

Rin Shima prefers to spend her free time camping alone at the foothills of Mount Fuji. However, one day, Nadeshiko Kagamihara joins Rin on a camping trip. The two girls spend the cold night together, eating ramen and talking around the campfire. 

Later that night, when Nadeshiko's sister finally picks her up, both girls silently consider the idea of another camping trip together.


  • Eye-pleasing graphics and natural adventures with interesting characters.
  • Focus on young women bonding through outdoor activities in picturesque settings.

17. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

best anime like farming life in another world

If you enjoy anime like farming life in another world, then again you can watch Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero. Akatsuki is a panty-snatching perv, and Miu is the daughter of the defeated Demon King, and they are both forced to attend a magic school.

Hijinks ensue as Akatsuki can't keep his hands off the girls and Miu's measurements keep ballooning.

Someone is always plotting against them, but the show is never dull because it is packed with extreme action and comedy. Before watching, make sure to lock your door and close the blinds.


  • Focus on physical hobbies and bonding among young women with beautiful aesthetics and soothing soundtracks.
  • Comfy portrayal of hobbies, friendships, and stunning visuals with calming music.

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