30 Best Anime School Girls of All Time

It is another time for us to talk about one of the most beloved topics in the anime community: anime girl aka “wife” but in Japanese. And this time is a huge one because we literally can find them in a lot of anime. Too many of them in fact, that it puts me quite in a dilemma which I will explain later. 

So today's article is about 30 best anime school girls of all time. I initially only want to put only like 20 or 25 characters on this list. But then I realized it will do no justice to them because there are so many school girls in anime. 

Thus I decided to put 30 of them on this list. It is perhaps still not enough, but at least it can cover a wider variety of anime school girls. To spice it up this list, I only pick one character from each anime. These are the best girls in respective anime and you can trust my opinion on this. 

For this list, I ranked them based on how well they can adapt in their school life. And if it is impossible to judge, I will grade them based on how well they are as a waifu material. Because that is the most important thing for this kind of list. Nothing else matters.

So, we got quite a long list here, let us started from our number 30:

Best Anime School Girls of All Time

30. Shiina Mashiro (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) 

Anime School Girls: Shiina Mashiro

I have an experience seeing a talented person at a specific subject who is terrible at other stuff. To think that this topic becomes an anime adaptation. Apart from her drawing skills and possibly her cuteness, there is nothing to brag about Mashiro, whether it is her social skill or learning capability. It is totally safe to say that she is not the kind of student you want to be if you seek a proper education.

29. Jabami Yumeko (Kakegurui) 

Anime School Girls: Jabami Yumeko

If the school curriculum is based on gambling, then Yumeko will easily get a higher rank on the list. But no, we live in a society where the school has a normal studying method. And Yumeko's personality is a bit peculiar for it. But hey, at least fans love seeing her doing some crazy things during the show and I do not think they will get tired that quickly with her antics.

28. Hirasawa Yui (K-On!) 

Anime School Girls: Hirasawa Yui

Honestly Yui is not your role model in terms of seriousness in studying. But does it really matter when she actually always tries her best about literally anything (Anime fans are really easy to please lmao)? So rather than follow her bad example, we should appreciate her for existing because without her appearance, K-On! would be a rather boring show with Ritsu being the sole clown of the music club.

27. Takanashi Rikka (Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions) 

Anime School Girls: Takanashi Rikka

I initially did not think that she would do well in school. With that Chuunibyou personality, it would be quite difficult for her to blend in and absorb her study. And that was quite correct until the 2nd season, where I saw her talking to her peers and teachers rather easily. Yes she is not the brightest student, but she is surrounded by a really kind circle, especially Yuuta who always helps her in a pinch.

26. Suzumiya Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

Anime School Girls: Suzumiya Haruhi

Haruhi is not the smartest student in the class, nor the most sociable, nor the prettiest. Yet somehow she is able to attract some people to get closer to her. I have mentioned it in one article that I do not really like her as a character, but the fact that she is able to do so despite having such a personality is staggering. Or maybe this is just her Godly power. Who knows.

25. Nagatoro Hayase (Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro) 

Anime School Girls: Nagatoro Hayase

Okay, what else to say about Nagatoro? Arguably one of the most popular female anime characters in 2021, you have heard tons of opinions related to her. So much in fact that I truly have nothing more to say except perhaps get excited for the 2nd season. I also talked about her in one of my articles. So yeah, you should have heard what I would write here. There is no further explanation needed.

24. Komi Shouko (Komi Wants to Communicate) 

Anime School Girls: Komi Shouko

Her studying ability might be okay, but her social skills… Is another case. But Komi is extremely lucky that she is surrounded by her friends who are willing to help her overcome her anxiety. And she also does not want to stay to be a silent doll most of the time. Whenever she tries to say a word or two, it is considered as the words of gold that can give a mental boost.

23. Takagi (Teasing Master Takagi-san) 

Anime School Girls: Takagi

Most of Takagi's time at school was spent on teasing Nishikata about literally anything. Not your ideal role student because you will not get anything only by teasing other people. Or is it? Well as long as it does not disturb your study, I think it is fine. And the most important thing here is that it is really cute when Takagi does it. And that is what matters the most rather than school stuff. 

22. Miyazono Kaori (Your Lie in April) 

Anime School Girls: Miyazono Kaori

(I held myself to not make any stupid joke here) I have no idea whether or not Kaori has a good grade or not. Her attendance might not be a good one because of her sickness that makes her need to check up regularly to the hospital. But boy her violin skills are amazing. That has nothing to do with school but it is worth mentioning because it really is that good.

21. Furukawa Nagisa (Clannad) 

Anime School Girls: Furukawa Nagisa

Another example of a girl who has an illness and even needs to repeat her final year. I am not going to compare a sick character, and the reason why I put her up here is because of something called “Sentimental Value“. And with a hint of subjectivity. Still, Nagisa is a good girl who is literally too pure for this world. Like seriously she would not survive in this deceptive society with that kind of personality.

20. Aisaka Taiga (Toradora)

Anime School Girls: Aisaka Taiga

Taiga is wild. And I believe I have mentioned it a couple of times (you can read it here and here if you want). And by the time this article came out, I had very little to none to talk about her. I guess that is the curse of being the best girl. But either way, there is nothing that has not been said about Taiga that has not been written.

19. Nakano Nino (The Quintessential Quintuplets) 

Anime School Girls: Nakano Nino

I will not back off when I said Nino is literally the best girl from all of the quintuplets. She might not be the smartest, but not anymore because she proved to us that everyone can be a good student if they try hard enough. I solemnly swear to protect her existence and those who disagree with my opinion can have a brawl with me and let me knock some sense to you all.

18. Midorikawa Hana (Prison School) 

Anime School Girls: Midorikawa Hana

At the first glance, she looks like your bubbly, cheerful female character who means no harm. And that changed rather quickly after we learned how dangerous she is because of her temperament. Combined with her Karate skill, Hana is as dangerous as the other girls and we, the watcher, were foolish to think that she will be your cute waifu. Instead you get another demonic, sadistic one.

17. Yoshioka Futaba (Blue Spring Ride) 

Anime School Girls: Yoshioka Futaba

Have you ever tried to do your best changing your persona in your new school because you did not really like your past? Well the same happened to Futaba. Trying her best to find a friend in high school, she abandoned her true self and tried to blend in with someone who does not even care about her. Thankfully it changed after she met the right peers for her. Lesson: do not pick the wrong circle in school.

16. Kuronuma Sawako (From Me to You) 

Anime School Girls: Kuronuma Sawako

It is easy to judge a person in school, especially if you are not too familiar with this person. Sawako experienced the same, and even got bullied by it. But just like Futaba, she eventually met friends who will accept her regardless. So for real, if you are in school, it is okay to be picky about your friends, so that you will feel comfortable there, thus being able to do school activities normally. 

15. Nakamura Rio (Assassination Classroom) 

Anime School Girls: Nakamura Rio

I do not think we can progress to our next entries without talking about girls from a literal school anime. And for me personally, Rio stands out the most from other girls. She is a smart girl who got transferred into Class E after she became a troublemaker, so that she can have some fun. Thanks to Koro Sensei, she can study while having fun at the same time. 

14. Onodera Kosaki (Nisekoi)

Anime School Girls: Onodera Kosaki

Wait, is Kirisaki supposed to be the best girl in Nisekoi? Wrong, it is Kosaki. If I have to pick between a powerful gorilla female high schooler and a kind, soft hearted girl, I will definitely 100% pick the latter. She is nice, she is cute, she is always willing to help others. Yup, I am not going to regret picking her as the best girl. And always have been.

13. Hori Kyoko (Horimiya) 

Anime School Girls: Hori Kyouko

Since Horimiya rarely talks about school activity, it is best to rate her from being a waifu material. And she is literally among the best. I mean, if Hori is real, whoever got her as his girlfriend would be considered as the luckiest guy on earth. You have seen her clinging to Miyamura and being so protective towards him. Those reasons are more than enough to set herself as your waifu material.

12. Senjougahara Hitagi (Monogatari Series) 

Anime School Girls: Senjougahara Hitagi

As a student… Well I honestly have no idea how well she studies at school. But hey, at least when it comes to being a waifu material, there is no denying that Hitagi is definitely an SSS tier. And this is not my personal opinion. A lot of public figures have said it. Garnt (the autocorrect changed it into Grant lol) for example, who seemingly loves Hitagi more than anyone else. 

11. Sakurajima Mai (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai) 

Anime School Girls: Sakurajima Mai

If you have become an actress, I believe there is a chance for you to dropout from school and pursue your acting career. But no, Mai did not do that. I really appreciate the fact that she still attends school even though she is quite busy outside. That is a sign of a really good student right there. And oh yeah, she is also a brilliant waifu. Veteran anime fans should know that already.

10. Uraraka Ochako (My Hero Academia) 

Anime School Girls: Uraraka Ochako

Ochako's existence can cause stage one diabetes because of her cuteness and her warm personality that always makes you squeal. But what about her performance in school? She is quite decent. Not the smartest, but she definitely has the great. Otherwise Ochako would not be able to become a great hero and make money to help her parents. A seemingly basic goal but pretty realistic considering a lot of people in real life have the same motivation like Ochako. 

9. Kugisaki Nobara (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Anime School Girls: Kugisaki Nobara

I put Nobara on the list quite reluctantly because she is technically a school girl (well she learns in Jujutsu High after all). But her demeanor is far from being a high schooler and more of an adult who has anger issues. And that is exactly what makes the fans love her so much. Nobara is independent, cheeky, and actually quite resourceful. No wonder she got a recommendation to become an A-Grade Sorcerer.

8. Tadokoro Megumi (Food Wars) 

Anime School Girls: Tadokoro Megumi

Almost got expelled in her first year in high school, Megumi was saved by Souma at the very last second. Slowly but surely, she metamorphosed into a brilliant chef and proved that she deserves to continue studying in Totsuki Academy. Frankly there is not anything that has not been said about Megumi in this article. Literally the best girl in Food Wars and probably among the best girls here on the list.

7. Furuhashi Fumino (We Never Learn) 

Anime School Girls: Furuhashi Fumino

The language expert who has an interest towards mathematics and physics. Fumino tried her best to defy her fate (dear Lord that was so poetic lmao) and wants to enter mathematics majors in the university despite her natural talent in language. And that is really nice because Fumino can set an example to work hard, chase your dream, and live the way you want to live. Do not let others dictate you.

6. Komai Hasuki (Boarding School Juliet) 

Anime School Girls: Komai Hasuki

Those who have not watched or read the series, need to know that Hasuki is a brilliant student who always stays in the top of her dormitory. Combined with her bright personality and kindness, and there you have it, a perfect high schooler that we always dream to see in real life. I wish she is more popular because real talk she is a really underrated waifu who desperately needs more recognition. 

5. Tomori Nao (Charlotte) 

Anime School Girls: Tomori Nao

Remember Charlotte? Remember this girl? Well yes you should because otherwise I would not dare put her on a high list. At this point we are going to have all of the characters who fit to be a role model student. And Nao certainly falls into that criteria. Except for her temperament, she is a brilliant student (and waifu obviously) who has everything you want from a female high schooler. 

4. Yukinoshita Yukino (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) 

Anime School Girls: Yukino Yukinoshita

Just how many times have I talked about Yukino again? Well it does not really matter because we all know how great Yukino is as a student and character. Her development and story are easily one of the most stand out of all of these characters. Starting as an Ice Queen, she became one of the warmest characters in the series. But there are few others who, in my opinion, surpass her character.

3. Ayuzawa Misaki (Maid Sama) 

Anime School Girls: Ayuzawa Misaki

I always have a soft spot towards girls who are independent and strong minded. Misaki is exactly that, apart from the fact she is actually more stubborn than we ever thought. The fact that she is able to make her school a better place for women and even became the President of Student Council. And she does that while also doing a part time job. What a brilliant girl Misaki. 

2. Shinomiya Kaguya (Kaguya-sama: Love is War) 

Anime School Girls: Shinomiya Kaguya

The Vice President of Student Council,the member of the archery club, but also the 2nd smartest student in Shuuchin Academy. Normally when you follow a lot of organizations in school, it is really difficult to maintain your grade. But not for Kaguya. She is somehow able to balance her grade, school activities, and still have time for an 8 hours sleep. An impossible feat for your standard human being.

1. Rias Gremory (High School DxD) 

Anime School Girls: Rias Gremory

Well when it comes to a perfect student, I think it is safe to say that Rias is the right embodiment for this. Beautiful, kind, smart, charismatic, loyal. You can find almost any positive adjective and slap it into her and it will somehow fit her personality. I once said this but the perverted Issei is so lucky to have her as his girlfriend because she is almost impossible to find in real life.