25 Best Anime Traps Characters

Anime traps are something that can only be talked about if you are veteran enough. If you are a new anime fan who is completely clueless about the world of anime, I might have to warn you that this is where weird things started in anime. Viewers discretion is advised. 

Best Anime Traps Characters

In this article, we are going to talk about 25 best anime traps characters. And here when I said best, it could also be portrayed as “the worst”, since I personally do not believe that traps should exist anywhere and that certainly includes anime. 

There are 2 types of people's opinions about traps. Others support and embrace their existence, and another one hates them. Just like me. And upon reading the list, you will understand my views about traps and why they should be banned once and for all. 

But that does not mean I encourage you to hate traps. Not at all. If you enjoy their existence, well, good for you. I just do not see why you take a liking towards them. It only matters of difference in opinion and it does not necessarily mean that we should hate each other. We still can be friends while having different arguments, right? 

And fair warning I might get too emotional here and look like a lunatic because of it. With that in mind, we can start by number 25:

25. Magatsuchi Shouta (Kobayashi Maid Dragon) 

Best Anime Traps Characters: Shouta Magatsuchi

Starting off easy with a young boy from Kobayashi Maid Dragon. Shouta is actually more known as a lucky boy who lived with a lovely sister figure named Lucoa. But there is a bit of lowlight where he is considered to be a trap. 

Since it was only for an episode that he became a trap, I could not put him higher on the list. And he is also still really young. Bless his poor soul. Leave him alone people, and do not think anything stupid about him being a trap. 

24. Fiore Mare Bello (Overlord) 

Best Anime Traps Characters: Fiore Mare Bello

Thanks to his eccentric twin sister, they are currently swapping their clothes for… Reasons. Yes, it is confusing considering he has a hairstyle and even a voice just like a girl (you shall get used to this). But no, Mare is actually a male and often gets mistaken by fans as a female. 

And honestly I do not know what to say anymore about this trap. I am not the Light Novel reader, so are we eventually going to see him dress like a true male? Well you can go ahead and ask your local Overlord LN reader to make sure. 

23. Oshino Ougi (Monogatari Series)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Oshino Ougi

The infamous aberration from Monogatari Series has confused many fans whether or not to call him a boy or a girl. Even the Monogatari characters are as disoriented as we do when it comes to Ougi's gender. It kind of fits “his” lore due to being an aberration, but still, it is confusing. 

By technicality he is considered to be genderless. Ougi can become either a boy or girl depending on the situation, thus it is actually unknown his (or her, up to you) true gender. But I think it is still safe to put Ougi on the list. 

22. Rimuru Tempest (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Rimuru Tempest

Just like Ougi, Rimuru is considered to be genderless. Well, “it” is a slime after all, and slime should not have any specific gender. At least that is what I learned from the basic logic. But still, a lot of fans considered it as a male due to its amazing power. 

Some others however, regarded Rimuru as a female because of its voice and design. And it is even harder to understand because there is one episode where Rimuru transformed into a woman. As it is right now, I do not mind putting it on the list because it is fun. 

21. Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter) 

Best Anime Traps Characters: Kurapika

Among these characters on the list, Kurapika is perhaps the manliest of them all. If you have watched the series, you know how badass Kurapika actually is. But judging from the design, it is easy to see why some mistake him as a girl. 

With that long hair and soft voice, newer fans may think that he is a woman. There is even one episode when he went undercover as a woman, and got mistaken by the enemy. Still, at least Kurapika does not embrace this thing, unlike some characters who like this kind of stuff. 

20. Takanashi Souta (Working!!!) 

Best Anime Traps Characters: Takanashi Souta

The main character of Working!!! He only has one specific moment where he became a trap. And that is when he dresses like a woman. It sounds obvious when I put it that way, but that is simply the truth. And it happens more often than we thought. 

Even worse, he looks really pretty that way. He can truly deceive you by his looks. Thankfully most of the time Souta acts like a real man, so his ranks could not be higher than this. But yes, just like Kurapika, a trap is a trap no matter what. 

19. Sohma Yuki (Fruits Basket)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Sohma Yuki

Being nicknamed as “the prince”, Yuki is surprisingly more feminine from the appearance-wise. He is often teased by Kyo as “princess” which anger him. Sadly Kyo's teasing has a bit of truth behind it. 

There are some episodes where he dressed as a princess or woman in general. So we cannot say that Kyo is not right about Yuki being a princess. The worst part is that even some boys love seeing Yuki in female dress. Apart from his look, Yuki can still be considered as a man with his acts and martial arts skills. 

18. Ren Kouha (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Ren Kouha

The lower part of the list is usually filled by characters who are considered to be a trap because of their looks instead of their personality. And I think that the one who applies the most by that statement is Ren Kouha.

I personally do not see anything about Kouha that makes him like a female except for his looks and stature. At the first glance he looks pretty feminine and just like previous entries, often gets mistaken for a female. Fortunately that stops right there because if it does not, I might have to put him higher. 

17. Tet (No Game No Life)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Tet

Does Tet count as a trap? For me, yes. If there are people who mistake characters from male into female, I would probably just put him on the list. And I did remember that Tet was considered a female character for a few reasons. 

For a male character he is (for me at least) a bit too feminine. And since the voice actress is a female, no wonder his voice is too soft (and by no means I blame her for Tet's voice). He might still be a young boy, but keep in mind that he is actually over thousands of years old.

16. Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Juuzou Suzuya

(Challenge: Find similarities between him and Tet) This “used to be” psychopathic ghoul investigator has a soft voice, thus fans thought him as a girl. But again, like most characters on the list, he is a boy. A manly boy, to be specific. 

Considering how Suzuya minds actually work, I do not think that he would be mad if someone thought about his gender wrongly. I mean, he even used this to create havoc and kill some ghouls. We are at the point where I am not really sure what to feel about this. 

15. Tetora (Log Horizon) 

Best Anime Traps Characters: Tetora

Those who have watched Log Horizon definitely know this trap character. If you ever played a certain RPG game and found a man disguised as a woman in the game, that is what Tetora is in the Log Horizon. And most of them use this opportunity to fool stupid men. 

Tetora does exactly that, even though he does not pillage money or artefacts and stuff. He did, however, fool the dense Naotsugu. That poor man did have some interest towards Tetora. He does not anymore, but he still does not know Tetora's true gender. 

14.Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka and Test – Summon the Beast)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Starting from this point, the entries are becoming more “extreme” for traps. You will understand after diving into some characters. And for me personally, there is no better way to start from one of the main characters of Baka and Test, Kinoshita. 

You cannot tell me that you will simply believe that Kinoshita is a man (I mean you can, but I will call you a liar). From any angle, I really cannot see why the author made him as “him” instead of “her”. That makes the story more interesting I guess? Who knows. 

13. Gasper Vladi (High School DxD)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Gasper Vladi

Looks like a girl, even sounds like a girl, but actually a boy. Yes, that is a good summary for almost the rest of the list. And for Gasper's case, I think this is a rare occasion where we can empathize with his trap situation. 

He barely had confidence back when he was a child, and claimed that he loves to wear female clothing because it is cute. Thankfully Gasper started to become more and more confident throughout the series. So, hooray for him, I guess? Let us hope it keeps that way. 

12. Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Armin Arlert

Nowadays in AoT, Armin looks very mature and gained even more popularity because of his looks. But back in the day, Armin used to be a short guy who was not so athletic and considerably weak. No wonder newer anime fans thought he was actually a female. 

And this was even utilized by the corps, using him to become Historia's decoy. That scene was a bit traumatic for him and some of the viewers, especially when you all realized that at the end of the undercover, the kidnapper seems not minding that he is actually a male. 

11. Sohma Ritsu (Fruits Basket)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Sohma Ritsu

Just like other characters here, when I first saw Ritsu's first appearance, I had no idea that I would be fooled by another trap. I even needed to look at his wikia site to make sure that he is actually a man. And I am still pissed knowing that we got another trap in Fruits Basket

But yeah, I do not think that I am the only one who got pranked though. Any other new Fruits Basket watcher would probably experience the same like mine. And we can only accept our fate seeing Ritsu's appearance in the series. His character is hilarious though. 

10. Shiota Nagisa (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Shiota Nagisa

In the top 10, the main character of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is actually quite known for being a boy. However, with his feminine appearance (coming from his sad past that may happen in real life so I would not joke about it), it is understandable why his peers constantly tease him for being a trap. 

If you have watched the anime, there is a running gag of Nagisa being dressed as a girl. Some of them even asked him to do more than act like a girl and do “dirty” stuff for the sake of the mission (yes that is cruel but understandable). 

9. Sohma Momiji (Fruits Basket)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Sohma Momiji

Before Ritsu got introduced, Momiji was the one who is known as the sole trap in the series. With that bubbly and cheerful appearance, and of course that cutesy voice, I do not think people will recognize him as a boy at the first glance. 

As the series goes on however, we can eventually see his manly side. Even at the end of the series, Momiji does look like a real man instead of a short toddler-like high schooler. But he still keeps his happy on going personality despite looking more mature than before. 

8. Kamatari Honjo (Rurouni Kenshin)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Kamatari Honjou

Perhaps the oldest trap we could ever get. Before this phrase became popular, we already got ourselves a ladyman who is debatably more beautiful than the canon women. And back in the day we had no idea how to react about Honjo's gender. 

And Honjo made it even weirder by doing some flirtatious things towards real men. I mean, for some children, romance itself was already a weird and somewhat cringe topic to talk about. And then we got this on TV, 2 males flirting with each other. It was really weird, man… 

7. Haku (Naruto)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Haku

Just like the previous entry, Haku is considered as an OG trap. I remembered as a kid I was shocked knowing he is actually a she. And Naruto is absolutely correct. In some aspects, he is certainly more gorgeous than Sakura. 

Just look at Haku. He has a slim body with that kind of face, he could easily bewitch any kind of man (including the younger me). Learning Haku is actually a male was perhaps the biggest disappointment that children ever had, and probably still is among the biggest one up until this day. 

6. Gowther (Nanatsu no Taizai)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Gowther

Frankly I am not comfortable speaking about Gowther being a trap. He has a potential to look manlier than this despite his long hair. But no, he decided to just embrace his feminine style, and sometimes even act like one. He is not even afraid to wear women's clothes. 

But I guess it is what it is. They said that the manliest man of them all is the one who is not afraid to accept his flaws. I guess that is the silver lining here if we talk about Gowther only specifically in that context. 

5. Hideri Kanzaki (Blend S) 

Best Anime Traps Characters: Hideri Kanzaki

Entering the top 5, we have another male who also has a potential to look masculine. Only this time, I even need to admit that I appreciate that Hideri will go that far only to almost abandon his masculinity and devoting himself to cosplay as a girl. 

Yes, he might be only cosplaying, but that is some serious determination right there. I am not even mad anymore just like I did in Gowther's. Hideri's resolve to act like a female is the sole reason why he got that “surprise” moniker in Blend S's opening sequence. 

4. Urushibara Ruka (Steins Gate)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Urushibara Ruka

Everyone on the list is pretty much infamous for causing confusion to our gender orientation. But Ruka is arguably the most notorious one because there is literally no way that a man would look as beautiful and cute just like him.

Not only the fans who were mad, the male characters from the show were also pretty confused and angry with the fact that Ruka is being a male. Sure there is an alternate timeline where he actually became a female. But the real timeline has Ruka as a man instead of a woman. 

3. Astolfo (Fate Series)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Astolfo

In the top 3, everyone here are perhaps the characters who elevated this “It's a trap” meme into another whole new level. You may think this as a joke, but there are some people who will defend these traps because they love them. And Astolfo is one of few whom the fans defend the most. 

If you do not follow Fate Series, Astolfo has quite a long story on why he is a “he” instead of being a “she”. But no matter the reason is, he certainly did cause a massive disorientation due to his gender. It occurs the most to newer anime fans. 

2. Felix Argyle (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Felix Argyle

Imagine your favorite cat girl is actually a man. Yup, every male Re:Zero fan has experienced this tragedy. I mean, it is okay to have a cat boy in the series. But are we going to expect a boy like Felix who looks this cute? I personally think there is no way we can think like that. 

But anime is anime. Our real life logic does not apply in their own fantasy world. So yes, after saying those words, I have no clue what to say anymore about Felix. So let us just move on to our number 1 spot. 

1. Totsuka Saika (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru)

Best Anime Traps Characters: Totsuka Saika

Compared to our previous number 2 and number 3, Totsuka seems a bit more vanilla and has no redeeming quality as a trap. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think that either Astolfo or Felix could make the main character fall for them. 

And not only the main character though, but some of the side characters have also taken an interest towards him. Normally I would say it is disgusting, but seeing Totsuka's design, I cannot blame them if somehow they ended up on the Totsuka route. Truly the best trap on the list.