Apple TV+’s Luck Teaches Important Lessons to Families

Is luck real? Is there good luck, bad luck, or no such thing as luck at all? That is what Apple TV+’s new movie Luck explores. This film teaches families important lessons about confidence, creating your own “luck”, and being a good person.

In this film, Sam Greenfield is the unluckiest girl in the world. If something bad can happen, it happens to her. One day she accidentally discovers the magical Land of Luck after following a black cat named Bob through a portal while trying to help a friend. Here she learns how luck is created — and not just the good kind of luck.

Luck is a welcome surprise, with an interesting plot that is easy to follow for children, but enjoyable enough for adults as well. There is a lot of laugh-out-loud humor that will have viewers of all ages cackling in their seats.

Simon Pegg voices Bob and it is very clear just how much fun he is having with the role. While Sam is relatable and fun, Bob is absolutely hilarious. He is subtly funny sometimes, especially when he is trying to be serious. This makes him the best character in the movie, although it is packed with many relatable ones.

Sam is voiced by Eva Noblezada and is a young girl who knows that she isn’t lucky at all but still goes through life as best as she can. She doesn’t expect much, but still wishes the best of luck for her friends. Yup, she is very selfless which helps to solidify the lesson about being a good person to all who watch this movie. Perhaps if you put others ahead of yourself, in the end, you will create your own good luck.

The animation team behind Luck, Skydance Animation, does a stellar job with the visuals. All of the details are there, including the way the fur on Bob moves as he runs, jumps, and walks. The Land of Luck is gorgeous, simply put, and a place that anyone would be eager to visit after watching this film. There is even a big giant dragon who runs it all, Babe voiced by Jane Fonda, who is truly a site to see. She can sense bad luck.

Luck Be a Laddy

Probably the biggest issue with Luck is that there isn’t really a bad guy because the villain is bad luck itself. Don’t get us wrong, we know that there are many films that don’t have a physical antagonist, but they still work. This doesn’t ruin the movie, but it does feel like there is something missing. There are creatures that live in the land of bad luck, but they aren’t villainous enough to feel like there are some real stakes in the movie.

In the end, however, this all makes sense for the plot as it wraps up nicely with wonderful lessons for everyone. The issue comes in the fact that for most of the movie it feels like something is missing, which would have been solved by having a big bad for Sam and Bob to go up against. It messes with the pacing a little bit and even will cause some viewers to be taken out of the story at times.

All of that being said, Luck really is a whole lot of fun. Bob steals the show because who doesn’t love a talking cat? There are lessons about being yourself and creating your own luck rather than sitting around and waiting for good things to happen to you.

This is something we think that everyone in the world could use a reminder of, especially with the way the world is right now. Enjoy life, embrace your family and friends, and don’t dwell on the bad things, it will only get you down.

Apple TV+’s Luck will be streaming on the service on August 5th and while you can’t see it on the big screen, it is the perfect family movie to cuddle up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy together.

Rating: 7/10 SPECS

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