16 Apps that Will Make Your Life More Efficient and Help You Save Money

16 apps that will help you save money

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you’ve got a smart phone in your pocket or purse at all times.

Here are 16 apps you can use to put that phone to work for you, making life more efficient and helping you save money…

1. MySupermarket Mobile

Input your shopping list and let the app tell you which supermarket can give you the entire list for the least amount of money.

2. ShopSavvy

Use the included barcode scanner to scan a product while you’re in a store to see prices for that item at local retailers and online.

3. SavingStar

Store e-coupons to your SavingStar account and they’ll automatically get added to your grocery store savings cards. When you’ve saved at least $5, you’ll get paid with a PayPal transfer, bank transfer or with an Amazon.com gift card.

4. Grocery IQ

Use the scanner or type or speak your grocery list into the app, and then click coupons that go with your items to save money. You can separate your grocery lists by individual stores. Coupons can be printed to a wi-fi enabled printer directly from the app, or emailed to you to print from a home computer.

5. Ziplist

Stop buying things you already have at home, or that your partner just picked up on their way home. Ziplist lets you keep track of what you have at home and creates a shared shopping list for the whole family to see from their own phones. You’ll save money by avoiding duplicate purchases.

6. Ibotta

Before grocery shopping, use Ibotta to choose offers to participate in. Each offer provides a cash reward which you can deposit earnings to your PayPal account. Go shopping and then take a photo of your receipt to allow Ibotta to verify purchase and credit your account.

7. BestParking

Use this app to view rates for nearby parking in cities and airports. You can choose the least expensive option. The app will also give you special discounts sometimes to further increase your savings.

8. MyGas

Tired of fueling up only to see a lower gas price three miles down the road? Use MyGas to see which station has the cheapest rates before getting gas to save money.

9. Gas Buddy

A satellite locater will find the cheapest gas prices at the closest gas station. You also earn points if you report a gas price to the app.

10. Viggle

Turn your television watching time into money-earning time. With the Viggle app, you check in and register whenever you watch tv, and the app “listens” to the show. You earn points for every minute you’re checked in and watching tv, bonus points for watching featured programs and for playing games. Your points can be redeemed for gift cards or prizes.

11. FastCustomer

Tired of losing valuable time while waiting on hold with customer service? Use the FastCustomer app to indicate the company you want to call, and the app will have a customer service agent call you when they’re available. You can avoid frustrating navigation menus when you call to try to speak to a customer service representative, and won’t be stuck on hold.

12. Retail Me Not

This coupon app not only pulls up coupons or promotional codes that can be used online or in retail stores, but it also provides hot deals each day for further savings.

13. Award Wallet

Save money by keeping track of all the savings apps and clubs you belong to! Track frequent flyer miles, credit card rewards programs and hotel points all in one app.

14. Jingit

Use the Jingit app to “check in” when you go shopping and earn cash rewards. You can earn up to $15 per week while shopping at participating stores (Walmart is one of the participating stores) and receive your earnings on a Jingit Visa Debit Card.

15. Shopkick

The app that rewards you with “kicks” (points) when you visit participating retailers. Bonus kicks can be earned when you scan items in the participating stores. Connect your debit card to your Shopkick account and earn points whenever you shop at a participating store using your debit card. Points can be redeemed for retailer gift cards and restaurant gift cards.

16. JoAnns Coupon App

Another coupon app designed for craft-lovers who shop at JoAnn’s stores! This app provides coupons you won’t find anywhere else and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons, competitor coupons, paper and online coupons for steep savings.


I know that I must not know about some great money and time-saving apps so spill it… what are your faves? 🙂