Are Auction Hunters still together?

Are Auction Hunters still together?

Despite their split during Auction Hunters’ run on television, it seems that Allen Haff and Clinton “Ton” Jones have maintained their friendship following the show’s cancellation.

Auction Hunters is a memorable antique and artefacts restoration reality show from the 2010s, which never transitioned into the 2020s as it was cancelled five seasons into its natural television run. “Antique dealers” Allen Haff and Clinton “Ton” Jones fronted the show.

However, during their fourth season, the two had split, resulting in suggestions of animosity. These suggestions were further fuelled by the cancellation of their show one season later.

However, whatever the cause of their split was, it seems that the two personalities have mended their friendship as they have subsequently shared videos of and with each other on social media.

Why was Auction Hunters cancelled?

Auction Hunters premiered in 2010 on Spike TV and it was part of the channel’s programming until 2014. After 2014, which was when the fifth season of the show aired, Spike TV announced that the series was not renewed for a new season.

In announcing the cancellation of the show, the channel did not go into details about the reason for cancelling Auction Hunters.

This resulted in fans of the show speculating about why it ended. One of the biggest suggestions is the split of the two main personalities on the show.

Are Auction Hunters still together?

This is a question that can be answered with a yes and a no. Allen Haff and Clinton “Ton” Jones were the main cast members of the show.

Together, they travelled across the US bidding on unclaimed storage units in the hopes to unearth antiques and artefacts which had high value due to their historical significance.

Further advancing their brands as antique dealers, the two opened an antique shop together. But when season five rolled around, it seemed that they had split up.

This is as the show teased that Allen was in search of a new partner and Ton was nowhere to be seen. Therefore, when the show was cancelled after this season, it was safe to assume that the “bad blood” between the two was the cause.

On the other hand, if there was a split between the two that arose from the pressures of the show at the time, it seems that they have mended their friendship. This is as they follow each other on Instagram.

Moreover, since their split on Spike TV, they have returned to collaborating and working together on some of their recent YouTube video content. This affirms that whatever tension they may have had is a thing of the past.

When last were the Auction Hunters together?

Following his stint on Auction Hunters, Allen Haff does not have any new television and film credits under his name.

A similar career trajectory can be said for Clinton Jones, but Haff did start a YouTube channel called “Haff-Time Productions.” The channel shows clips from Haff’s previous television work and new podcast-like inspired content.

One of his most recent videos happened to feature Ton, and was released in March 2021 and touted as a spoof video using various knives to cut through a bottle to test out the sharpness of each blade.

What is Auction Hunters’ legacy together?

Despite the fact that Auction Hunters was cancelled, the show made and continues to make an impact. This is as fans have highlighted how the show has inspired them to go into the antique dealing industry.

This is despite the fact that one of the biggest speculations about Auction Hunters is that it was staged and that it was entirely fake.

Allegedly, the producers “salted” the storage units with the high-value items that were “found” by Haff and Jones for the purpose of serving “reality” content.

Will we ever see the Auction Hunters together on screen?

Given the fact that Auction Hunters was cancelled over eight years ago, it does seem unlikely that the show will get a reboot in the future.

Especially considering the amount of competition that the show would have with the likes of Storage Wars, Storage Hunters, and Salvage Hunters and its many spin-offs, which are already popular shows which are still airing new seasons.

Moreover, since the credibility of Haff and Ton are still in question in terms of their expertise, it seems really unlikely that the show will return when considering that the aforementioned shows have trusted experts with supported track records to prove their expertise in the field.