Are the judges on Couples Court real judges?

Are the judges on Couples Court real judges?

The judges on Couples Court with the Cutlers, Keith and Dana Cutler, are judges and award-winning attorneys in real life and they have been married since 1989.

Daytime court shows have been a staple for many years, but they continue to be one of the most popular television show genres.

Couples Court with the Cutlers is one of the shows in this genre that has managed to stand out, because the two judges on the show are real judges and they have been married for almost 30 years.

Why are court shows so popular?

Daytime television has no shortage of drama, but court shows in particular have not only been able to last through the years, but they have also managed to introduce new takes on the same format over and over again.

The success of these court-based reality television programs lies in the oh-so intriguing dramas that unfold as both sides of the case tell their story.

In addition to that, the fact that the bite-sized format of most of these court shows mean that viewers can enjoy all of the backstories, the build-up, and the eventual sentencing of a case all in one sitting.

Are the judges on Couples Court real judges?

Couples Court with the Cutlers started airing in 2017 and it is one of the daytime courtroom shows that has managed to bring a fresh approach to this popular genre.

This show combines the drama and intrigue that you would expect from a court show, but it also adds several more layers, with infidelity allegations and expert testimonies.

An aspect of the show that really sets it apart from other shows is the real-life couple who act as judges on the show.

While it is true that not all of the judges that you may see on television are actually qualified judges in real life, the judges on Couples Court are.

This gives the show a real edge on its competition, because not only is it rare to see two judges listening to a single case, but it is even rarer to see two people, who are both full-time litigation attorneys in real life and have been married for over 30 years on that same show judging together.

Although Keith and Dana Cutler have a natural chemistry that shines through on the show, what really makes them qualified to judge these cases is that they are real judges and award-winning trial attorneys that work for the James W. Tippin & Associates law firm in Kansas City, Missouri.

This also gives the show such a unique point of view and keeps viewers interested in how their cases are going to play out.

Keith and Dana Cutler’s relationship before Couples Court

Many of the couples on Couples Court with the Cutlers end up before judges Keith and Dana Cutler because of fidelity issues in their relationships.

However, this is not the case for the judges themselves. Keith and Dana have spent almost three decades practicing law together after they met as freshmen in Atlanta.

Their relationship started out as a friendship while he was attending Morehouse College and she was attending Spelman College, but this did not last for long, and their relationship eventually grew serious.

They were even referred to as “Spellhouse” by their friends. They eventually got married in 1989 and had three sons.

Keith and Dana have both said that their experiences throughout their own relationship has helped them with some of the wisdom that they try to impart in the couples who appear on Couples Court.

How successful have their careers as attorneys really been?

Since not all judges on television court shows are judges in real life, many people have wondered about the legitimacy of Keith and Dana Cutler’s attorney credentials.

Fortunately, they have both been very successful in their legal careers as attorneys even before Couples Court started airing.

Dana was elected as President of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar in 2016 and has also received numerous other awards and honours.

Keith was elected as President of the CMB’s Young Lawyer’s Section and has first-chaired over 75 civil trials in addition to his other awards and positions.

What makes Couples Court different from other daytime court shows?

The fact that Keith and Dana Cutler have the legal knowledge necessary to preside over the cases on their show is not necessarily unique to the show.

But their experience in the litigation space, paired with their marriage experience from having been married for almost 30 years is something that no other show on television has.

This is what really informs a lot of their questioning, verdicts, and the advice that they give to the couples on their show.