Are You Still Riding the Trump Train?

Thanks to a Twitter post that has gone viral, many Americans are openly declaring their support for Donald Trump as he begins his early stages of a 2024 presidential campaign.

The tweet, posted by a noted pro-Trump fan account, posed a simple instruction: “If you're still on the Trump Train drop a comment.” Naturally, this caused an avalanche of responses from Trump supporters and detractors alike.

With rumblings across the political spectrum that Trump is losing all-important support to contemporaries like fellow Republican Ron DeSantis, the informal show of hands couldn't have come at a better time.

While it's clear that there are still millions of people who would support a Trump GOP nomination for the 2024 election, will all the same Americans who voted for him in 2020 do the same next year?

There Are Plenty Still Aboard the Trump Train

The most die-hard fans of Donald Trump frequently cite their unwavering support for the former President. Twitter user KennethFCrowe1 is no exception:

Many conservatives share this user's views, as mcgarner_garner declares Trump “the greatest President in my lifetime.” He does go on, however, to give Trump a piece of advice as he embarks on his upcoming election campaign:

Infighting between the GOP has increased in recent months with the emergence of Ron DeSantis as a potential roadblock to Trump's 2024 nomination. This particular user warns “DeSatan” to get on the Trump train before he is run over by it:

This user says he's unsure of his standing, using “i'm at the station” as an apt metaphor. He admits that he needs to know Donald Trump's plan to “get us out of this mess” before making a decision on whether or not he will ride the Trump train.

Others Will Not Be Going Along For the Ride

This particular user posted a photo of a derailed locomotive to give his followers a clue about where he stands on the Trump train debate:

The Twitter account that coined the phrase “Trump train” is accused by user aleshadalin for attempting to “hijack Black History Month.” The user goes on to argue that MAGA hats are symbols of hate, which is not an uncommon line of thinking with left-leaning Americans.

Former supporters of Donald Trump have revealed that they no longer back the former President, declaring that they “got off the train a long time ago.”

Twitter user Dune_Moon_ declares that the train “went off the rails and over a cliff,” and thinks that it's sad that many people cannot accept it. There have been rumblings lately that Trump's popularity may have peaked with the 2020 election.

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