Ask Trim vs Clarity Money: Who Saves You More Money

There are several money apps that strive to help you save money. Two of them are Ask Trim and Clarity Money. Both of these apps are free. In this article, I tackle the looming Ask Trim vs Clarity Money comparison to see which app can help you save more money.

While both apps appear the same on paper, you will soon see that we're comparing green apples to red apples, instead of two apples of the same color.

Ask Trim

Ask Trim is a couple years older than Clarity Money which means it has a larger online presence. I've been using Trim since 2017. You can use Ask Trim for the following money-saving activities:

  • Track Spending
  • Receive Spending, Income, and Low Account Balance Alerts
  • Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions
  • Negotiate a lower cable, internet, or phone bill
  • Debt Payoff coaching

Trim has also recently launched a Trim Concierge service where you can talk with a financial professional to draft a financial game plan. While they won't hold your hand, you might need some personal advice beyond Trim's standard suite of services to save you money. If you want to get out of debt, you might like this service.

Two other initiatives Trim is also rolling out include saving money on energy bills and car insurance.

What I Use Ask Trim For

I use Trim for the following tools:

  • Monitor spending and send low account balance alerts (to avoid overdraft fees)
  • Lower monthly subscriptions

So far, Trim has helped save us $10 a month on our home internet bill. They were able to apply a loyalty bonus to our internet provider after our initial promotional rate ended.

We don't have cable tv or a post-paid cell phone plan (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) with contracts, so you might save more than us.

How Much Does Ask Trim Cost?

Ask Trim is 100% free to join and use.

However, they do make money in several other ways:

  • 25% “success fee” if they negotiate a lower bill (On my $10 internet savings, Trim kept $2.50).
  • Must pay to use the Personal Concierge consulting (You name the price)
  • Trim earns commissions if you apply for one of the credit card or bank account recommendations

You won't have to pay Trim to cancel any of your subscriptions. And, you will never pay anything if you only use Trim to monitor your bank account balances.
2112131Although I primary access Trim from my computer, you can also send a text message or use Facebook Messenger to receive notifications or ask Trim a question. For example, you can ask what your current subscriptions are or your account balance. In a matter of seconds, you can get the information you're seeking.

How to Join Ask Trim

You can join Ask Trim by visiting their website. You will need a Facebook account or an email address to complete the signup process.   img 634eb9f69bc05

Clarity Money

Clarity Money launched in 2017 and is still growing. With that said, they don't offer as many services as Ask Trim, but the Clarity team asks us to “stay tuned.” They have also been recently acquired by Goldman Sachs online banking arm Marcus, which will make future service rollouts interesting.

Clarity claims to offer the following services:

  • Track bank account activity
  • Cancel unwanted subscriptions
  • Create savings goals
  • Deliver insights to you (Additional services you might not know about plus spending analysis)
  • Deposit cash into a high-yield Marcus by Goldman Sachs savings account

To me, Clarity has a more user-friendly platform. If you only want to track spending and cancel unwanted subscriptions, Clarity has a better feel than Ask Trim.

Ask Trim vs Clarity Money
One of the weekly spending recap emails that Clarity Money recently sent me.

How Much Money Have I Saved With Clarity Money?

I haven't saved anything with Clarity yet. This is mostly because I've already canceled any subscriptions my wife and I no longer need or use. Right now, Clarity doesn't renegotiate your more expensive subscriptions like cell phones, cable tv, and internet.

In my case, Trim wins the money-saving battle because they will apply the most current promotions available to new customers for your current subscription plans.

How Much Does Clarity Money Cost?

Clarity Money is completely free. Since they're owned by Marcus by Goldman Sachs, I'm interested to see if Marcus customers will enjoy exclusive perks.

Like Mint and other free financial apps, Clarity does make money if you sign up for any recommendations including credit cards or the Acorns micro-investing app.

How to Join Clarity Money?

You can join Clarity Money by visiting their website or download the app.

If you're an “app person,” Ask Trim is technically a bot. If you don't want to communicate via text message or Facebook Messenger, Clarity Money is the better option.

When Ask Trim Is a Better Option

To me, Ask Trim is almost always going to be a better option. This is because they are the “big fish in the pond.” But, Clarity Money is a solid option too (keep reading to find out why).

You should use Trim when you want a bot with these features:

  • Want to automatically apply discounts for your monthly subscriptions and insurance policies
  • Need personal advice from a financial professional
  • Like text message and Facebook messenger capability

When Clarity Money Is a Better Option

Clarity is the better choice for these situations:

  • You primarily want an automated program that tracks and analyzes your spending
  • Want the more user-friendly platform
  • Prefer an app to a “bot” that you must text or Facebook message (if you don't use the website)

By far, Clarity offers fewer features than Trim, but if you want a basic money tracking app, it fits the bill.


Ask Trim and Clarity Money both do an excellent job at analying and tracking your spending. If you want a free app to monitor your spending and create a spending plan, pick the one with the interface you prefer. But if you need advanced features like 1:1 advice or help lowering your bills, Ask Trim is the better option.

Which app do you think is better? Ask Trim or Clarity Money?

Link: Join Ask Trim

Link: Join Clarity Money








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